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Information for patients and families about prostate Cancer Like Most Of The Other Reviewers Like most of the other reviewers got this book when my husband got the news that he had prostate cancer It is a definitive explanation of the disease It was very informative and helpful It answered all the uestions I had in a way that I would have asked about them This is an the uestions I had in a way that I would have asked about them This is an to read book that is well organized You don t actually have to read the entire book as it is organized very logically general information and diagnoses of prostate cancer treatments the aftermath Additionally it is written in a A format which allows you to focus on particular aspects of prospects of prostate cancer that might concern the reader I found it to be very helpful as it not only answered many uestions I had but also helped generate new ones Re. Receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis is a difficult experience and leaves patients AND THEIR CAREGIVERS FEELING ANXIOUS AND OVERWHELMED WHAT IS their caregivers feeling anxious and overwhelmed What is cancer What are the treatment options What are the sources of support The only text to provide

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100 uestions Answers about Prostate CancerAnd yet only about 200 pages the text this book gives a
*lot of information *
of information of the information was hard to understand but for the most part it is written for the patient andor interested family member I read this older edition 2003 when someone gave me a copy I am scheduled for a prostate biopsy I found a wealth of info most of which is still probably relevant although you should read the current edition The material was organized around uestions with answers that were as straight forward as possible given this is a complicated medical situation With this book as an intro you should be able to go on to speak intellige I don t know yet what to think My doctor gave me this book today along with the news I was expecting But Did Not Really Want To Hear did not really want to hear s life It is what it ISMICHAE. XPECT POST DIAGNOSIS ALONG WITH PATIENT COMMENTARY Xpect post diagnosis along with patient commentary give you a real life understanding of what these steps might mean for your day to day life This book is an invaluable resource for anyone coping with the uncertainty of a prostate cancer diagnosis. EdIII uick Review Fifth Edition read in 2019 Excellent comprehensive up to Date Information Presented In information presented in clear A style Easy to find and read specific areas of concern Patients and supporters with this information make the best decisions and the most of all Doctor s meetings When my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer the doctor gave us this bookIt gives somewhat explanations of some concerns Others I felt when combined with information from the doctor seemed perhaps contradictoryHappily the treatments hormone therapy and radiation were successful and my loved one moved into watch status Unfortunately after a few months we discovered he had another cancer not related to the prostate cancer and this new one had already metastasized I hope I don t have to read any of these Comprehensive. Oth the doctor's and patient's point of view 100 uestions Answers About Prostate Cancer Fifth Edition provides authoritative practical answers to these uestions and many This updated Fifth Edition provides a comprehensive discussion of what you can ,