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Read this very nlightening book and take ven a few steps toward minimizing their footprint The photos in this book are gorgeous The ideas are your common ideas I didn t learn any new ideas from reading the book but the pictures alone made it worth the read Technically this is a coffee table book It features a tip a day with xplanation of why it s #Important And A Short How To Of How To Implement #and a short how to of how to implement On the opposite page is a stunning photograph featuring geographic locations around the world animals up close shots of rocks or leaves or grasses The Lady in Pink etcI bought this book probably 10 or 11 years ago off an Earth Day table display at Barnes and Noble There are a few things I dislike about it This is a heavy book and the spine is short The pages pull on the spi. C consciousness and now play a significant role in ourveryday lives Because our understanding of the steps we need to take to make a positive impact have volved rapidly Abrams is updating its successful title 365 Ways to Save the Earth In this book ach spread includes a breathtaking to Save the Earth In this book ach spread includes a breathtaking of nature paired with an action the reader can take. Wow this book made me realize how vampiric I was Toward The Environment I Drink Three Water Bottles A Day the nvironment I drink three water bottles a day I learned that just one of those bottles takes 450 years to decompose My library copy of this is tabbed all the way through because I can t wait to implement its ideas I learned which soaps and sunblock I can buy which are biodegradable how company s dupe people with the phrases Sinner's Heart eco friendly and all natural that I should learn parent companies so I know who I am supporting and so much I have a different perspective of holidays pollution on the Fourth of July and the waste via packaging during Christmas The photography was a beautiful reminder of the animals and landscapes we should sacrifice our own convenience and greed to save Every one should.  “365 Ways to Save the Earth and savor its fragile beauty in this stunning photo guide”                                   Time “A book of high art that’sducational Thought Provoking” The Standard In Recent Years Concerns About The provoking” The Standard In recent years concerns about the and global warming have moved to the forefront of publi. ,
Ne when stored upright If stored open or closed flat like on a coffee table all is well Additionally I would have loved to see this

Book Printed On Eco Friendly 
printed on co friendly perhaps recycled although I know that would detract from the artistic beauty and depth of the photographs which in and of themselves deserve to b Everyone should own this Loved it Lots of good tips in the book I bought it for the outstanding photography There were many fantastic images although I thought some were a bit over processed Certainly a lot of useful tips but as someone uite immersed in the attempt at a green lifestyle much of it was not new to me Also Ooh this book is beautiful and pretty helpful I got it as a party favor at Lucy and Rosemary S Birthday Party A Couple Years Ag. birthday party a couple years ag. To help save the arth It tackles subjects ranging from automobile use and recycling to shopping and leisure and health and the workplace With 145 previously unseen images by Bourseiller and an Spirit of the Wolf entirely new text based on up to the minutenvironmental research this book is an indispensable tool for anyone hoping to take part in preserving the plane.

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365 Ways to Save the Earth New and Updated Edition