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I liked our local chef Viv Holland who is somehow central to both deathsAs always the author did a great job with leshing out all the minor charactersA note of warning not read job with out all the minor charactersA note of warning do not read hungry The The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey food descriptions areabulousIt was nice to catch up with Duncan Gemma and their Itsuka family andriends While reading this I realized that I had missed an earlier book or two Must rectify that soonest Cotswolds is the setting or this 18th book in the Duncan Kincaid Gemma James series The parents of one of Gemma s co workers has graciously invited them or a visit where some special events are planned Gemma and the children get there safely via train but Duncan is involved in a serious road accident close to the house he was driving to The two people in the car that hit his do expire on the scene Sothe book does open with a bangThere are a lot of characters in this book but I would not call it a mystery I identified the killer in the bunch with ease Sometimes when that happens it irks as one wants to hit the orehead with a resounding Duh

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why can t these igure this out easily Sowhile this made me eel impatient to have so many pages to read through until they all igured it out and caused people to die andor be threatened I stayed with it But it bumped it down a star or meI did enjoy the descriptions of the architecture gardens and cooking and I suppose there were some heartwarming amily scenes though I rarely warm up to those Maybe I should let go of this series but I have been reading it No Strings Attached for years so maybe I need to see a happyamily now and thenLibrary Loan. Ascent Each piece of information that surfaces makes it clear that the killer had a connection with Viv’s pub and perhaps with Beck House itselfDoes the truth lie in the past Or is it immediate woven into the tangled relationships and bitter resentments swirling among the staff at Beck House and at Viv’s pub Or is it even personal entwined with secrets hidden by Viv her business partner Bea Abbot and Viv’s eleven year old daughter GraceFurther revelations rock the Talbots’ estate and pull Duncan and Gemma and their colleagues into the investigation With so much at stake both personally and professionally especially Fancy Strut for Melody Talbotinding the killer becomes one of the team’s most crucial cases. Spent much of her professional and way too much of her personal life hiding this posh background The latter will eventually come back to bite her thanks to Doug While they are visiting Melody s mother Lady Adelaide plans on hosting a Charity Luncheon Featuring An Extr For Those luncheon Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka featuring an extr For those don t like anything too dark out of their mysterythrillers Deborah Crombie s newest mystery A Bitter Feast is sure to delight you With aascinating mystery but not too much darkness this is a great October read What appears to be a vehicular accident leads to the uncovering of a murder or two in the UAINT SETTING OF COTSWOLD THE setting of Cotswold villageAbout the Duncan Kincaid and wife DI Gemma James have been invited Unbreathed Memories for a relaxing weekend in the Cotswolds at theamily estate of Gemma s detective sergeant Melody Talbot When a vehicular crash ends in the deaths of two people things uickly escalate Chef Viv has left behind her role at Fergus O Reily s amous Michelin rated restaurant and is working at a local pub When A patron of the pub picks Fergus up after noticing he seemed ill and gets into a crash it becomes clear that Fergus was atally poisoned prior to the crashDoes the truth lie in the past Or is it closer to home tied up in Well Duncan Gemma and their children think they are set or a relaxing weekend in the Cotswolds but ate has other plans Duncan is injured in a car crash and before he can recover he and Gemma A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 find themselves caught up in a couple of local murdersI really enjoyed this one I became uiteond of DI Colin Booth the local detective in charge of the murder investigation. Ouse the country estate belonging to the I Love My Dad family of Melody Talbot Gemma’s trusted detective sergeant No ordinaryarmers the Talbots are wealthy and prominent with ties to Britain’s most powerful and influential A centerpiece of this glorious All about Us fall getaway is a posh charity luncheon catered by up and coming chef Viv Holland After than a decade in London Viv has returned to her native Glouscestershire making a nameor herself with her innovative mouthwatering use of the local bounty Attended by several dozen of the area’s well to do as well as national ood bloggers and restaurant critics the event could make Viv a starBut a tragic car accident ollowed by a series of mysterious deaths could ruin her. Another abulous addition to one of my long running series Scotland Yard Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and his wife Detective Inspector Gemma James recently received an invitation Handbags and Gladrags from DS Melody Talbot to heramily s country home An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) for a weekend getaway with the kids So why does murder mayhem and black clouds seem toollow them everywhere Even on the grounds of these beautiful surroundings Duncan doesn t even make it to the estate before being broadsided on a deserted country road Leaving 2 crash victims dead Possibly one who may have actually died prior to the crash itself Hmmmm Once safely back at the Talbot s amily home recuperating Duncan and his wife Gemma Take It Upon Themselves take it upon themselves assist the local police orce in the investigation I ve been reading this complete series Wish Upon a Wedding for years and will say this book can truly stand on its own Just the same I believe you llind it even entertaining by starting at the beginning with book one A Share In Death With so much development of the characters over the years you would be missing out on so much This series is worthy of a binge readThank you to Edelweiss William Morrow and Deborah Crombie or an ARC to read and review I love it when Deborah Crombie takes Scotland Yard Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid his wife D I Gemma James and their amily out of London into the countryside In A Bitter Feast the Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other family along with Detective Sgt Doug Cullen are visiting Melody Talbotamily s country home Beck House Melody is Gemma s Richard Nixon: The Life friend and Detective Sergeant The Talbots own a powerful newspaper Melody has. New York Times bestselling author Deborah Crombie returns with a mesmerizing entry in her “excellent” Miami Herald series in which Scotland Yard detectives Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James are pulled into a dangerous web of secrets lies and murder buried beneath the surface of a picturesue Cotswolds village Scotland Yard Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and his wife Detective Inspector Gemma James have been invitedor a relaxing weekend in the tranuil Cotswolds one of Britain’s most beautiful and historic regions I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! famousor its rolling hills sheep strewn green meadows golden cottages and timeless villages that retain the spirit of old EnglandDuncan Gemma and their children are guests at Beck ,
A Bitter Feast