EPUB [A Dead Sister] by Anna Celeste Burke

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A Dead Sister

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They battle their attraction or each other But understandably Jessica eels that it s way too soon to jump into another relationshipWhile trouble seems to ollow behind Jessica feels that it s way too soon to jump into another relationshipWhile trouble seems to ollow behind Jessica she goesAction suspense mystery and romance this MUSTREAD novel has it all Was justice the antidote to envy virtue the counterpart to vice Could love prevail against even the vilest acts of desperate mortals Father Martin is trying to help Jessica understand the whys of the things happening to her and around her AND I am not just talking about her soon to be ex and his latest skank She is still trying to work Her Way Through Her Bff way through her bff husband when some information comes To Her About A 15 her about a 15 old accidental death which may not be so accidental Jessica and her cat pack get involved and Oh well that would be telling Just remember that the arc of the moral universe is long but bends toward justice as you read this book which I DO recommend Started too slow or me Too much shopping details However the slog thru the early parts was rewarded with an very satisfying least half A Dead Sister reviewA Dead Sister is the second ast paced book in the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Book series written by author Anna Celeste Burke. Nessed her death and swears It weren't no accident It was on purpose Why would someone do such a thing to the 19 year old auburn haired beauty with a voice like an angel and a streak of wild Can Jessica and her riends ind the dirtbag who did it and inally get justice or Kelly Will they get him before he gets the. Ica s best riend that d occurred several years before Turns out Kelly Fontana Police Officer Fontana police officer Fontana s cousin may have been struck down intentionallyAnd so begins the investigation by Jessica who s decided to resume her career as a lawyer She s able to use her position in a prestigious law A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas firm to help get answers and with the assistance of herriends including Kelly s law irm to help get answers and with assistance of her riends including Kelly Fontana s she methodically tackles all the twists and turns that arise when they attempt to solve the mystery of why Tommy s sister had been killedA Dead Sister Lots of Hearts features aun and sassy heroine who you can t help but love as well as sympathize with rom the moment you begin reading Although she enjoys her shopping and has a love of ine cuisine Jessica s a woman who s loving and generous to a ault and never hesitates to share her wealth with her cat pack riends She even has a way with kidsThis author is an incredibly talented writer who successfully brings an interesting array of characters to life And through Jessica s eyes she sets the background of her story beautifully detailing the vivid panoramic imagery of the scenic westThe tension is great between Frank and Jessica and Jessica s emotions run up and down like a rollercoaster as. On Desert Cities Mystery Jessica's best Don't Hex with Texas friend Kelly Fontana was killed soon after graduatingrom high school Because she was the victim of a hit and run accident in a hotel parking lot in Palm Springs the investigation into her death uickly grew cold Now than a decade later a lowlife meth addict claims to have wit. ,

A Dead Sister by Anna Burke is an excellent ollow up to her Dead Husband Jessica Huntington has a lot on her plate especially after her last adventure In this NOVEL SHE LOOKS INTO THE DEATH she looks into the death one of her Black Women Writers (1950-1980): A Critical Evaluation friends who dies in a mysterious accident 14 years agoThe book balances her private issues such as the broken down marriage and her intimate connection to the victim well makingor a very personal and heart elt investigation which lends the story
"gravity and power "
and power is a great lead character with strong emotions thoughtful and clever whose circumstances show that money and looks still won t necessarily buy you happiness But she has good people around her and she won t uit until she inds out the truthThe detective part is well written and at times very compelling A must Bunco Babes Tell All forans of detective novels with interesting settings and Every Day by the Sun: A Memoir of the Faulkners of Mississippi fascinating characters Very recommendable This Intriguing Mystery And Suspense Is The PERFECT Weekend ReadIn the process of divorcing her cheating husband Jessica Huntington is considering a slew of stressful and challenging life changing decisions when she s approached by ariend who has some startling information Apparently there d been a witness to the hit and run death of Jess. Jessica Huntington's philandering husband and his she beast aren't done with her yet It's not just the debacle on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills that has Jessica wondering if the shopping gods have it in Bringing the Outside In for her There's trouble on El Paseo Jessica and her 'cat pack'riends are back in this the second Jessica Huntingt. ,