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Toxic Game (A GhostWalker Novel) oHave loved an even in depth story The photographs are wonderful Until her recent retirement Komomo san was a favorite Geikof mine She was uite successful in her career and reading this account f her journey richened her story for me in her career and reading this account f her journey richened her story for me am sad that she has left Miyagawa cho Teen age girl decides to begin geisha training Photography ensuesI didn t realize this would be a coffee table picture book I thought it was be a coffee table picture book I thought it was to be a nonfiction MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA Unsurprisingly this book was devoid f any real drama r story The girl decides to be a geisha trains to be a geisha becomes a geisha Sorry spoilerThe writing didn t draw me in and I wasn t blown away by the photos Oh well What a beautiful journey through a young woman s life as a geiko I really admire Komomo for knowing what she wanted at such a young age The pictures are gorgeous This is definitely a book that will stay Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, on my coffee table A Geisha s Journey is the storyf a young girl who dreams f becoming a maiko Starting in China we meet a Japanese girl named Ruriko who travels to Miyagawa Cho One Of The Five one f the five hanamachi districts in Kyoto Ruriko is given the name What You Owe Me of Komomo as she starts her journey as a maiko Learning how to wear kimono speak the hamamachi dialect correctly and immersing herself in historical dance and music Komomo s story gives us a beautiful insight into a disappearing worldFullf gorgeous photographs taken throughout a 7 year time period this hardcover is a purchase I am glad that I made Wh. Heir art He began following and documenting the life Buffalo Woman Comes Singing of teenager Komomo as she studied and grew into her roleNaoyuki Oginos photographs follow Komomos entire journey from her first tentative visits after finding the geisha housen the internet through her commitment to the hard schedule Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant of an apprentice learning arts that go back centuries all the way to the ceremony where shefficially became a geiko as Kyotos geisha are known. Ere Komomo describes her life and feelings Naoyuki Ogino translates that story into some f the beautiful photos that I have seen From seeing Komomo has the young girl Ruriko story into some f the beautiful photos that I have seen From seeing Komomo has the young girl Ruriko China to candid photos f her shopping with ther maiko in Kyoto to capturing a vision in dance I can Blind Spots only stare at the beauty captured in colorUnfortunately it appears that this book may be currentlyut A Boy and A Bear in a Boat of print but if you can find a copynline SOS or even borrowne from your library it is a wonderful glimpse into the hanamachi and the people living the traditions today I definitely bought this book for the photography than the text Komomo s brief narrative does not give any further insight into the world St. Johns Wort of the Kyoto geiko than could be found in Iwasaki Mineko s autobiographyr Liza Dalby s ethnography However it is worth picking up this book just to look at Naoyuki Ogino s stunning photography The "Subject Matter Is Already Gorgeous " matter is already gorgeous I cannot think The Roman Family of another such complete examplef a series Hirvenmetsästäjä of photosf Hollywood Walk of Fame: 2000 Sensational Stars, Star Makers and Legends one girl s transition from shikomi to geiko Stunning I saw this listedn someone else s blog and since I had never seen it before I though I would check it A Christmas Miscellany out It is mostly a photographic depictionf her life as an apprentice The photos are beautiful but for the most part there is not a ton Too Bad to Die of infon her day to day life The tone OXENBOXEN of the book is breezy and not scholarly Nevertheless I still enjoyed it and wished there was I liked the Fiction version betterthis book kindf dragged Resist (Wicked Ways Book 1) out Slow read. And beyond From the cobbled streets where she walks in her elaborate dress to the inner sanctumsf her dressing room these pages Beautiful Ghosts (Inspector Shan, offer a rare look at a uniue living artThe photographs are accompanied by autobiographical text and captions by Komomo as she shares her thoughts and emotions and describes the day to day existencef a Kyoto apprentice It is an illuminating view Oh! Calcutta of seven years in the lifef a very special young woma. A Geisha's JourneyMy Life as a Kyoto Apprentice

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