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Him his tendency to paint all collectivist thought with a broad brush if only because the world needed an appropriately sober look at the crimes of Lenin as well as StalinBut by the time we get to the 1930s Johnson s oddball rejection of all modernist trends became a bit much to take If he had been a traditional social conservative or an economic conservative of the Stockman Laffer school one could accept his biases and move on But Johnson is just plain weird combining a Libertarian like view of the power of the individual and a rejection of economic collectivism with a near devout belief in the power of empire He rightly chides particular failures of the British empire in decline like Anthony Eden s 1956 failure at Suez but at the same time longs for a British and an American empire that would assert itself without regard to the conseuencesIn his review of the 1930s it s no surprise that he d call FDR an aristocratic publicity seeker and populist uack and he d be right in part It s also predictable that he d link the elder Philby s adventures in the Middle East to oung Kim Philby s dalliances with the KGB But to link all strands of 1930s liberal thought to the gay dilettantes of the Bloomsbury group in the UK Not only does this hold a latent homophobia which Johnson displays throughout the book but it attributes too much power to this group in the same way modern conservatives are sure all 21st century left wingers have read Saul Alinsky It just ain t so folksJohnson s fractured funhouse view of current events veers out of control as we hit the 1950s and 1960s His analyses of Castro and other socialist heroes are traditional conservative views not that far off base but not particularly interesting But his demonization of former UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold as the man who allowed Third World risings and non alignment to get out of hand is downright laughable Memo to Johnson whether the Soviets manipulated Third World struggle or not the traditional empires were bound to fall there wasn t a thing the US or UK could have done to retain their protected domains At least Piers Brendon the author of Decline and Fall of the British Empire understood this far better than Johnson did and provided a far accurate narrative of the British geographical decline in the 20th century as a resultThe last 100 pages of Johnson s book are comical enough to skip entirely Of course the strikes at the end of the 1970s doomed Britain but only a fool still sees Maggie Thatcher as a savior Of course the liberal media manipulated Watergate but to try and call John Sirica a judicial terrorist is beyond the pale Face it seeing Nixon and Reagan as unvarnished heroes of the century while seeing Jimmy Carter as an unvarnished villain is a nonsensical two dimensional view of the worldEven in the latter chapters of the book I enjoyed seeing Keynesianism get a tweaking I Loved The Way Johnson Linked the way Johnson linked Paul Sartre with Nazism and commented that all romanticism is close to fascism which I certainly believe to be the case with Rousseau Goethe Schiller Byron Shelley etc And I loved his uote about Utopianism being not that far from gangsterism But Johnson ruins what would have been a provocative book in the Christoper Hitchens tradition with a series of loony conclusions about human behavior that are downright unsustainable no matter what Starman The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin your political or economic beliefs may be A conservative s view on modern history I didn t like it because it only told one side of the story and was biased The value in the book is how Johnson emphasizes and shows the importance of individuals in history Mao and Chiang Ka Sheck hated each other and this precipitated the fall of China to communism It was not inevitable He also points out the importance of the example of the free west mainly America It was interesting to read these exact same sentiments in recent issues of Foreign Affairs Finally finished this one It s such a thick read that I had to read a chapter at a time interspersed with other reading Modern Times is a history of the 20th century or precisely from Einstein s theory of relativity to the Gulf War Paul Johnson is a British Roman Catholic historianintellectual of a decidedly conservative bent And by conservative I mean of the old school type free markets individual responsibility very limited government in the lives of citizens and pro traditional Judeo Christian values He hates communism social engineering government interference in the markets and moral relativism all of which he argues contributed to making the 20th century the most violent in human history He covers seemingly every country or region in the world What makes this book so compelling is its inter disciplinary interpretation of the history politics economics religion philosophy and science all have their place in the whole Here is the last paragraph of the bookCertainly by the last decade of the century some lessons had plainly been learned But it was notet clear whether the underlying evils which had made possible its catastrophic failures and tragedies the rise of moral relativism the decline of personal responsibility the repudiation of Judeo Christian values
not least the 
least the belief that men and women could solve all the mysteries of the universe by their own unaided intellects were in the process of being eradicated On that would depend the chances of the twenty first century becoming by contrast an age of hope for mankindGreat read I heartily recommend it Excellent historical analysis of the twentieth century Johnson s strength is to combine economics politics culture science technology and other strands of human endeavour into a cohesive narrative of events Highly recommended as a conservative perspective on the 20s 00. Ii i Latinské Americe za nepřežitého potlesku západních intelektuálů Podstatu zla však vidí autor v morálním relativismu který po celá desetiletí brání liberální demokracii aby zvítězila DĚJINY 20 STOLETÍ jež vydáváme v mistrném překladu Jana Čulíka jsou nepostradatelnou učebnicí moderní historiografi. .

CONFESSIONS OF A HISTORY ADDICT Knowing my wife isn t keen on reading history I certainly noticed when she added Modern Times The World from the Twenties to the Nineties to the take to the used bookstore pile When I ueried what she was doing with a history book hopefully not toooffensively she replied I was going to read it back when I wanted to be smarter Since we were trying to clear the shelves off a bit I hesitated on keeping it plus it was the size of a brick or two Not that I haven t read a few tomes in my time it was that I had many other fun titles in the summer ueue and they were much shorter After a glance at the chapter titles I knew I had to take a look So I put it in the car to read at lunch now and then I told myself The First Despotic Utopias Legitimacy in Decadence An Infernal Theocracy a Celestial Chaos America s suicide attempt Author Paul Johnson takes a high level view to the history between 1920 1990 with straight away explanations of how the isms evolved and captured the fancy of so many in the East and West He makes some great observations such as if education is the key then why did Hitler come to power in the most educated country on earth I also found compelling that with the World in the grips of the Great Depression of course capitalism had its critics what did the intellectuals do Run headlong into the fascination of the two most evil regimes ever created Hitler and Stalin This review could end up uite long if I mentioned all the fascinating subjects the evolution of Japan as a modern power FDRs manipulations India Vietnam oh gee about anything from the 20s 90s is covered The author has some strong opinions with which ou may not always agree but it gets ou thinking I wish I d had to read this book for a class somewhere along the line So after planning to cherry pick a few chapters and taking a few notes I realized I d be copying most of the book I ended up reading the whole thing and wish I had the time to do it again There are not many books that I think everyone should read but this in one such book Even though the book ends in the 1990s Paul Johnson s insightful analysis of the history of the 20th century gives the reader a new way of understanding how the world came to be the way it is and what the political mistakes were that lead to many of our current problems An overriding theme is that it is usually a mistake to place our faith in the self determination of ethnic or religious groups Instead we should place our political faith in the rule of law Another teaching is the danger of moral relativism preached by Marx and others this moral relativism helped bring about plagues of communism and fascism Whether Edge of Chaos Sons of Chaos MC you know very little history or are well versed in the subjectou will find this book very worthwhile It will make ou interesting at parties too What I liked most about this history was Johnson s description of how matters stood before modern times particularly his description of the prodigies of walking customarily performed by our ancestors The rest of the book strongly conveys the sense that its author is very conservative which indeed Johnson is being both a Conservative British journalist and a believing Catholic Although I find this occasionally off putting he is a very good writer and his books have generally been enjoyable as popular histories A momentous project painstakingly researched and vast in scope with attention to detail this is one of the best one volume books covering the world history of the 20th centuryA conservative perspective and therefore unlikely to be recommended reading in most university courses which is all the reason to read it because it covers facts and truths that our professors in university never taught ouDissects the monsters of the twentieth century such as Lenin Stalin Hitler Mao ho Chi Minh Pol Pot and Idi Amin and their hellish tyranniesAnd the author illustrates how these blood soaked despots operatedLenin showed his psychopathic nature before he seized power At 22 he dissuaded friends from collecting money for the victims of famine on the theory that hunger performs a progressive function and would drive the peasants to reflect on the fundamental facts of capitalist society It takes an evil mind to think like thisThe Bolsheviks exploited the tensions between urban and rural populations as a prelude to the mass killing of peasants in their hideously named Dekulakization drive Johnson reflects how No man personifies better the replacement of the religious impulse by the will to power than LeninEffectively Stalin was carrying on the work created by LeninAs regards Hitler his philosophy was in fact in some degree also influenced by Lenin There is no essential difference between class warfare and race warfare between destroying a class Between destroying a class and destroying a
race thus the 
Thus the practise of genocide was born Churchill pointed out in 1919 how of all the tyrannies in history the Bolshevik tyranny is the worst the most destructive and most degradingOf course this was before the genocide carried out by Hitler and Stalin There is no uestion that the regime of Mussolini could not be compared to the bloodthirsty horrors of Lenin Stalin and HitlerThis digest points out many facts that are overlooked While Hitler thundered that the Bolshevik regime was Jewish and while points out many facts that are overlooked While Hitler thundered that the Bolshevik regime was Jewish and while is true that many Jews had been prominent in the Bolshevik movements before the Russian Revolution they steadily lost ground after the Bolsheviks came to power and after 1925 the regime was already anti Semitic Although there were always Jewish Marxists active in the Soviet regime who helped to persecute their own people The Jewish Marxist have always rejected self determination for Jews while advocating it for ot. Johnsonovo dílo DĚJINY 20 STOLETÍ je strhující příběh tohoto úděsného věku velkých technických vynálezů ohromného bohatství i nekonečné bídy a teroru Knížka vzbudila velký rozruch na Západě nejen proto že je mistrně napsána ale hlavně tím jak nemilosrdně odhaluje pravdu všem levicovým intelektuálům. ,
HersDuring the 1939 Molotv Ribbentrop pact Hitler praised Stalin s cleansing of the communist project of Jewish influence Johnson examines the war of the Soviet regime begun by Lenin and completed by Stalin taking over 20 million lives known as the dekulakization drive It was typical of the way in which the pursuit of utopia leads a tiny handful of men in power abrubtly to assault a society many centuries in the making to treat men like ants and stamp on their nestWithout warning Stalin called for an all out offensive against the kulaks We must smash the kulaks eliminate them as a classA kulak effectively meant any peasant who resisted forced collectivizationThis was one of the most horrific wars of a state against it s own peopleGoing on to the rise of Hitler Johnson points out how the communist and radical left saw the Social Democrats as greater enemies than the Nazis and referred to the Social Democrats as social fascists thus beginning the disease in which leftists up to and especially today refer anyone with whom they disagree such as today anyone who is anti Islamist terror as Fascists Blinded by their own absurd political analysis the Communists actually wanted a Hitler government believing it would be farcical affair the prelude to their own seizure of powerThe author covers the trials and tribulations of the West including Britain America and Europe during this century though I would perhaps not be as dismissive of Keynesianism and the welfare state in all cases as Johnson seems to beJohnson illustrates how prior to the Spanish civil war it was the Left who first abandoned democracy for violence and massacred thousands of peasants and clergy prior to the reaction of Franco and the Nationalists The Republic was being steadily infiltrated and overtaken by Stalinists and it is almost certain that if it not been for the Nationalist victory Spain would have become a Stalinist dictatorship rather than a National Conservative oneFranco wisely kept Spain out of the war and his dictatorship after the Spanish Civil War was a fairly benevolent oneJohnson completely takes apart the absurdity of anti colonial conspiracy theories which are force fed to students at universitiesHe examines the Watergate affair and relates how previous Presidents including Kennedy and Johnson had indulged in similar espionageBut Nixon s imperial presidency essentially destroyed by an imperial media which reversed the will of America s votersThe author includes a chapter on Third world regimes after independence the horrors perpetrated by the FLN in algeria and Idi amin s mass murder Idi Amin s regime was a client of Gadaffi s It was a racist regime and massacred the Langi and Acholi tribes within weeks of taking power His personal bodyguard of Palestinian terrorists were the most ruthless and adept of his torturers and murderersJohnson debunks the lie that the State of Israel was created by imperialism illustrating how the United Kingdom imperial government Roosevelt sided with the Arabs prior to Israel s birth and how every Arab Israeli war after 1948 war was begun by Arab aggressionA comprehensive history a nuanced but never morally relative read from a perspective that needs coverage highly recommended Tory historian wishes the modern world would just go awayThis is one of the most brilliant readable and exciting history books I have ever read Paul Johnson does a worldwide survey of the wars and upheavals of the 20th century covering whole continents in alternating chapters With thrilling scope he goes from tribal wars in Africa to the defeat of Germany to the Rise Of Hitler To of Hitler to in Japan and then back to Prohibition in the USA Roosevelt and the New Deal all the time connecting up events to show the general worldwide trends towards state control tyranny and mass propaganda The only problem is Paul Johnson is an English Tory who just doesn t want to concede that any of what went wrong in the 20th century can be blamed on beloved institutions like the monarchy and the church He focuses on the crimes of the revolutionaries in every nation without ever acknowledging the failures of the ruling class Instead of presenting Hitler s Jewish policies as the natural and indeed inevitable result of 2000 ears of Christian anti Semitism Johnson actually bemoans the loss of Church power as the real cause of the tragedy Paul Johnson writes history the way Mel Gibson makes movies the excitement and the pageantry are all there but underneath ou sense a guy who really really hates Jews homosexuals black Orientals social progressives and women This is the book that got me interested in world history It isn t dry with a lot of tidbits thrown in He also has a premise woven throughout the book that with the change from moral thinking to relative thinking there was a huge shift in culture and history Including wars etc However he isnt heavy handed about his premise and instead of being biased he just points handed about his premise and instead of being biased he just points a supporting fact periodically It s a book that made WORLD history real to me instead of something full of dates and political nuances Okay it s on my top ten books of all times and I read it like a novel I couldn t put it DOWN An agnostic wag once said Any fool can make fun of evangelicals but if ou really want to see a crazed doctrine look for a conservative Catholic preferably a conservative Jesuit This certainly holds true for Paul Johnson who mars what could have been a superbly written book of breathtaking scope with points of view that aren t merely limited or blinkered but downright crazed at timesIn the first couple chapters I was ready to give this book an instant 5 stars due to the author s ability to integrate economic cultural and political trends in a coherent whole I did not begrudge. Tak nepohodlnou Všude kde se prosadil ideologický stát vládne korupce myšlení útlak teror Všude kde stát zasahuje do tržního mechanismu či se dokonce stává neosobním majitelem hospodářství vládnou úplatky demoralizace a bída Johnson si neklade žádné meze jde li o fakta Rudá nit teroru se odvíjí v Africe As. Modern Times

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