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Mary Smith Í 2 Summary

A Hockey TutorLiked this book It *was a short one sitting read for me
the main story 
main story really good and I loved the build *a short one sitting read for me The main story was really good and I loved the build tension and detail to the characters feelings in the book although it could have Hot Andrew and Katie Katie was awesome too but hey I m a fangirl and Mary Smith delivered one delicious hockey stud The banter the chemistry the lot it was all amazing and it s no wonder that Mary is the ueen of sports romance Standing ovation Katie is as independent as they come and has been hired by Andrew s father to tutor Andrew so that he can continue to Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje play college hockey on his way to the NHL Andrew s father is sick of bailing out his son who has been embracing thearty scene What started out as a just a aycheck turns into so much One thing I love about Mary Smith s books is her main characters She writes such wonderfully real characters her female characters are strong and confident her male characters are flawed but sweet with good hearts I always fall for her male characters they make great book boyfriendsMary s writing is sharp interwoven with sweetness of a budding relationship She truly captures the journey of two separate individuals on their journey of Finding Themselves As A themselves as a I definitely recommend this boo. Sick of bailing Andrew out hires a tutor as a final chance to get his act together Katie’s independence and Andrew’s stubbornness creates a toxic learning environment Or are their assionate arguments the one thing that helps them both find their way. Decent story Kept me interested Realistic charactersUsual troublessecrets that leads to a temporary splitWasn t a fan of Wes from the beginning This was a fun and easy read that I was sad to out down when it was over More depth than you might expect from a sports themed romance and unforgettable characters each facing their own uniue challenges I had trouble Learner Strategies in Language Learning putting it down It makes you appreciate that eveneople who seem like they have everythingface Dangerously Placed problems Typos and errors got really annoyingFor the mostart I enjoyed this bookI ve been on a sports romance kick And I love the Hockey themed onesI liked AndrewKatie was okay She got annoying with her issues But for the most art I didn t hate her However her constant I want to get my drink on etc was actually annoyingI didn t really like Wes from the startThe drama that broke them up was *WELL UITE THIN AMAZINGLY THIN I GOT ANNOYED BY *uite thin AMAZINGLY thin I got annoyed by made me not like Katie those issues I said she got annoying with well yeah that is where it got really annoying3 stars due to the thin drama and the typoserrors that got and revalent towards the end Ended up reading it in a single day Story line and characters were good enough but found a lot of silly errors in the writing I d hav. Katie Miller longs to be an independent adult She’s tired of the memories that refuse to let her go Now in her sopho year in college at North Maple College she’s ready to that refuse to let her go Now in her sopho year in college at North Maple College she’s ready to on school When she’s offered a job as a tutor for the star goalie on th. E given a lower rating only for the fact I *liked the characters relationship and how they interacted This isn t the first book I ve read by this author *the characters relationship and how they interacted This isn t the first book I ve read by this author really liked her other books and was excited to read something contemporary by herI really liked Katie s no nonsense attitude She s a strong capable individual Her main character flaw was only that she didn t open herself up to romance She was very closed off open herself up to romance She was very closed off just trying to make it through lifeWhen she received an offer she couldn t refuse it was only the start of her life as she knew it unravelingAndrew Moore was not someone Katie wanted to deal with Thrown together into a forced working relationship the story travels through their lives and all the choices they make I even liked Andrew once the author eeled back his layers His Help Me, Jacques Cousteau past was unraveled with expertrecision This book was sweet and sassy with a great storyline I loved the twists and how everything ended I give this book five stars for what a great read it was A cute book that reads like a teen movie Frustrating heroinethis heroine irritated me to the Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen point of nearly killing my kindlelet me sum her upconfused horny lush immature and a raging bitch I skimmed her chapters of the book s So I actually really. E hockey team her determined focus waivers Andrew Moore is on track to become arofessional hockey goalie but being the The Book of Mordred party loving 22 year old that he is Andrew finds his dreams at risk when his grades gall jeopardizing his chances at success His dad.