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T provoking of the uotes by the man himself The illustrations are funny and imaginative although weird at times Some of my favourite uotes from the book Why is it that when one man builds a wall the next man immediately needs to know what s on the other side We all need to be mocked from time to timelest we start to take ourselves too seriously Never forget who you are for surely the world will not Make it your strength then it can never be your weakness Armour yourself in itand it will never be used to hurt you It all goes back and back to our mothers and fath I love Tyrion So how could I possibly not like this little book It s a humorous coffee table type deal that is simply nothing than collected Tyrion Lannister uotes from the various titles in the series by George R R Martin I uite enjoyed it and the illustrations by Jonty Clarke added a lot This is for adults obviously duh Tyrion Lannister and ust for silly entertainment value Some of my favorite uotes On being a dwarf I am malformed scarred and small but abed when the candles are blown out I am made no worse than other men In the dark I I am made no worse than other men In the dark I the Knight of FlowersI have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things On the Power of Words Sleep is good And books are betterWords are wind On romance A man grows weary of having no lovers but his fingersI plant my little seeds ust as often as I canA dwarf s ck has magical powers On the Human Condition An honest kiss a little kindness everyone deserves that much however big or small On Music Never believe anything you hear in a song On Dragons and Other Myths If you want to conuer the world you best have dragons The uotes in this are brilliant but this book should never have been published This is uite a tough one to review because of this Indeed it is bordering on the absurd that this in itself is actually a published edition It s a waste of timeThe uotes in this are memorable and as the name suggests they re witty and wise However there is nothing here that you can t get of the internet Type Tyrion Lannister uotes in your search engine and you ll find all of these i ust think find all of these I ust think s ridiculous that this is in print it only takes around twenty minutes to read and the publishers have the audacity to ask for 999 No chance I was going to pay that so I waited until it popped up in a discount store Moreover the series is not finished yet so surely Tyrion has some wit and wisdom to come Surely he will produce uotable material In reality then this is only part of his uotable material If this was published say five years after the series is finished if it s finished then it would be a nice reminder of Westeros and I do think if this is the case then this reminder of Westeros and I do think if this is the case then this generally speaking would have been better received Tyrion is not the only uotable characterTyrion is probably the most uotable and memorable character from the series But I don t think he deserves his own book He is not the only uotable character from the series There are several other characters that I think are eually as uotable because of their wittiness such as Tyrion s brother Jamie Edd Tollet and even Bronn in some parts Other characters dish out some wise uotes such as Aemon Targaryen in his advice to Jon on him becoming Nightcommander of the nights watch Ned Stark even has some wise advice for his sons Varys also has some if the most memorable uotes of the entire series for me Therefore I strongly believe that this edition is a complete waste of time What the publishers should have done when the series is finished is compile a collection of the most memorable uotes that span the books not ust the first five and then publish them in an edition called something like uotes of Ice and Fire or The Wit and Wisdom of Ice and Fire You get the idea I only bought this book because I found it in the works reduced for two pounds Now that is a fair price for this book. Ironia e perspicácia sem rival A sua irmã ue o digaDivertido e irreverente por vezes profundo e sensato A Ironia e Sabedoria de Tyrion Lannister pode ser um livrinho peueno como Tyrion mas as pérolas ue contém mostram a grandeza desta personagem uma das mais memoráveis da literatura fantástic.

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The Wit Wisdom of Tyrion LannisterShould I rate this one stars of two I love the Song of Ice and Fire series and the wisdom of Tyrion Lannister I knew I was getting something short ahem when I bought this I did read some reviewsI suppose I didn t read enough negative reviews or didn t believe anyone would have the audacity to charge six bucks for a book with about 400 words OK there are a few cute good drawings of Tyrion but not enough to call it art and not enough to charge than 99To add insult to injury some of his best uotes are missing this is one of favorites that didn t make the cut Sorcery is the sauce fools spoon over failure to hide the flavor of their own incompetence A clash of KingsThis book has done something for me that no other book in recent memory has done There are books that wasted my time this took no time at all but even when I disliked a book I saw its value I never felt so ripped off by a book before If I would have seen it in a store I would have read it and put it back no one would have blinked an eye as the entire book was the same length as the inside acket description of many books OK now my review is about 75% the length of the book Is this review good or well written Maybe not but at least it s free LOVELY READ BUT GOOGLE WORTHY Tyrion I really like him he is so indecisive unpredictable witty and wise and this little book exemplifies that But there was really nothing outstanding or special about this little book The uotes you can read online via google The pic s inside I did not really care for This is one little book that you can uote from day This is one little book that you can uote from day and day out and never get tired of Tyrion Lannister s wit wisdom ests and apes Since books are what we all love I ll leave you with this one Sleep is good And books are better Twas funny and witty and short I suppose it would have served well as a memorabilia for a GoT fanatic which I m not so it didn t have that huge an effect on me but yes it was nice Plenty enough fun to read A GAME OF WORDS While I haven t read yet the book series of A Song of Ice and Fire I ve been watching the TV adaptation on HBO of Game of ThronesSo I knew that I hadn t the proper knowledge to comment about the novels but since this particular book is merely a reference work about the uotes said by the character of Tyrion LannisterI thought that it was uite enough of being watching the TV series to be able to read and enjoy this bookAnd I was right Of course I wasn t blind to see the greed behind this publication since in a book series that it s incomplete yet it was odd to make a uotations book when it s evident that it s lacking of whichever uote that the character may to say on the remaining two novels to publishSo if this book proved to be profitable and I am pretty sure that it will be they will publish an updated version in some years in the future so they ll get richer selling twice basically the same book Since I haven t read the novels yet I am not sure how popular was Tyrion Lannister between the reader fans before of the airing of the TV adaptation and even in the beginning of the first season with KNOWN NAMES AS SEAN BEAN MARK ADDY AND LENA names as Sean Bean Mark Addy and Lena I think that it was a surprise even for the producers of the TV series that the magistral perfomance of Peter Dinklage would making Tyrion Lannister as the most popular character of the entire series and a testament of that it s the very publication of this bookWhile in other sagas like Star Trek and Star Wars they have uotations books I know since I have them they aren t centered in one single character the books contained uotes from all the characters in the franchise So I guess that it s pretty evident the huge impact that Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister has made in the fans of the TV series I am not sure how appealing would be this book to the readers fans of the original book series but I am sure that the fans with only knowledge of the TV adaptation this. Venha conhecer Tyrion Lannister uma das personagens mais memoráveis de As Crónicas de Gelo e Fogo Os Sete Reinos podem chamar lhe depreciativamente de Duende mas não passaria pela cabeça de ninguém acusar Tyrion Lannister de ser um tolo A sua língua melíflua á lhe salvou a vida inúmeras Book is a very tempting option to get The book is pretty uick to readI believe that it took me like half an hour since the book only has the very uotes there aren t any further comments or insights about the motivations or background of the character that it s a dissapointmentthe book is separated in several themes where book is separated in several themes where uote is positioned in the logical topic I won t writing down each uote in several themes where uote is positioned in the logical topic I won t writing down each uote the book please you have no fear of that however I thought that it can be informative that while I tell you which themes were selected for the book to write down my favorite uote on each topic So the book is separated on the following topics On Being a Dwarf All dwarfs may be bastards yet not all bastards need be dwarfs A Game of Thrones On the Power of Words My mind is my weapon My brother has a sword King Robert has his warhammer and I have my mind and a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if is to keep its edge A Game of Thrones On Romance With whores the young ones smell much better but the old ones know tricks A Dance with DragonsIn here I think that the author needs to work to came up with better uotes since Tyrion Lannister while a lustful lover and you find several uotes about sex he s also a very romantic person and you don t find a really good uote reflecting that side of his complicated personality On Family Values A Lannister always paid his debts A Game of Thrones On the Human Condition Every fool loves to hear that he s important A Dance with Dragons On Music Never believe anything you hear in a song A Storm of Swords On Food and Drink I am not fond of eating horse Particularly my horse A Game of Thrones On Kingship Kings are falling like leaves this autumn A Storm of Swords On Realpolitik Some allies are dangerous than enemies A Dance with Dragons The Art of War Men fight fiercely for a king who shares their peril than one who hides behind his mother s skirts A Clash of Kings The Art of Saving your Skin I m terrified of my enemies so I kill them all A Clash of Kings The Art of Lying The Best lies are seasoned with a bit of truth A Dance with Dragons On Dragons and Other Myths If you want to conuer the world you best have dragons A Dance with Dragons On Religion Somewhere some gods are laughing A Dance with DragonsWell the book is interesting but it could be much betterStill is a great option for any fan of the TV adaptation And certainly I hope to read the book series in the future The uotes themselves are great but to read them in this format was Dream Save Do: Life is Short, Live Your Dream just not a very uniue or interesting experience It wasust uote after uote after uote and it doesn t seem necessary to make an actual printed book uote after uote and it doesn t seem necessary to make an actual printed book of it I know that is was supposed to be this but that doesn t change the fact that you can read all these uotes online as well However this book will look nice on my shelf and as a die hard Game of Thrones fan as I am it is not a shame to own it but it really wasn t innovative enough to rate it higher than 2 of 5 stars 1 starThe Wit Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister is nothing than Tyrion uotes copied from ASoIaF which aren t so witty when pulled out of contextThough the uality of the printed book itself is nice it s a shame seeing something like this published for the sake of making uick money off one of the best fantasy series ever written but it s a sign of how the series has been going downhill for the past few yearsThe caricature doesn t even look anything like way Tyrion is described in the books hideous with wiry black and blonde hair one brown eye and one green so I suppose this 5 minute stocking stuffer read is geared towards fans of the inaccurate HBO show most of which won t bother reading the real storyBut we can change that stuff stockings with A Game of Thrones instead The mass market paperback is cheaper and infinitely better than The Wit Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister A book as little as Tyrion it covers the most though. Ezes e a sua inteligência refinada deu lhe muitas vitórias e ainda mais dissabores Tyrion é odiado e temido pela corte mas os seus amigos conhecem no pela lealdade e compaixão ue demonstra pelos mais fracos No palco das intrigas a sua família é o seu maior inimigo mas combate os com uma fina.