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A Lawman's ChristmasMire Miller s writing and enjoy her books It s interesting to see how much confident her writing got between 1990 and 2012If you re looking for an annual holiday romance fest and like genre romance I d recommend them though it should be noted that the first story is much Christmas focused than the second in which Christmas comprises only a section of the overall story Both are worth reading with the first novella being very enjoyable and the second being affective if less memorable I was a little disappointed with Linda Lael Miller on this book I ve loved her McKettrick series but this book just seemed so Stilted I Felt The Same Way About Daring Moves To I felt the same way about Daring Moves To neither story read very smoothly almost like a first time author So I thought the first story was actually pretty good I would have given it a 3 star if it had been alone However the second story was terrible and I could not even finish it I ended up scanning the story Glad I didn t finish reading it I would have given it a one star alone The first story although good left some unresolved uestions I think she was planning on making this a full novel and either needed something to uickly put out or she lost interest in it so adapted it as a short story Either uickly put out or she lost interest in it so adapted it as a short story Either it was still cute The best part of the book was one of the main characters shared a name with my daughter This is a sexy and fun book I love how relentless the hero is with the heroine It s one of my favorite Christmas books no. And finally settle down He isn't interested in uprooting Dara Rose and her children but he is interested in giving her protection friendship and passion And when they say I do to a marriage of convenience the temporary lawman's Christmas wish is to make Dara Rose his permanent wif.

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Mas and happy endings as I read it I do love the McKetterick series of books that Linda Lael Miller has written Can feel the time period as a read the story Didn t care for Daring Moves very dated and didn t care for either character very much should of been updated before being paired with A Lawman s Christmas Two pretty nice vacation reads in one Of the two the first A Lawman s Christmas was best in my opinion but both were good for some uality RRThe first set in 1915 showed some nifty writing and excellent characters While it would "HAVE BEEN NICE IF THE LAWMAN "been nice if the lawman actually done some lawman stuff to legitimize his whole purpose being there the general flow of the story made up for the small weaknesses The hero was likeable and the heroine was sympathetic and the two girls were wonderfully precocious without being obnoxious and the dialogue was consistently enjoyableThe second Daring Moves was a standard contemporary romance between a gun shy young woman and a wealthy widower The characters were pleasant and though written in 1990 it s aged pretty well This one was less of a stand out than the first and feels a bit imitative of the genre but it was certainly The biggest weakness for a bit imitative of the genre but it was certainly The biggest weakness for was the constant sex which felt like avoidance of actual issues by the main characters I realize that people do do this in real life ie just have sex instead of talking things through so it rang true it just got a bit tiring after a whileI always ad. N the fallen women of the Bitter Gulch Saloon and can't fathom condemning herself to another loveless marriage Unfortunately she must decide soon because there's a new marshal in town and she's living under his roofWith the heart of a cowboy Clay McKettrick plans to start a ranch. A typical christmans story from Linda Miller 35 stars for A Lawman s Christmas a short but enjoyable historical romance Didn t finish Daring Moves the bonus reissue of a 90s contemporary I felt the characters hopped into bed too fast considering all the hangups they both hadWhile this is part of a series i haven is part of a series I haven read any of the other books and I wasn t lost so I think it can stand alone It was only 99 so I picked it up did not say I had purchased it before Then I started reading and it sounded familiar OH I had read it
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year when it packaged as a single volume This one was packaged with an old Miller book Daring MovesI did enjoy reading A Lawman s Christmas again More than I enjoyed reading Daring Moves Daring Moves is not a good book The level of detail in uneven Miller can tell you all about food and fashion and hair styles But buying a home and moving in is ignored They happen with lightning speed and zero difficulty Amanda s behavior is erratic and childish with her constantly running away Yet with one look and three little words the couple ends up together and forever in love Nice two for one Both stories were easy reading that left you wanting Linda Lael Miller is always fun to read Miniseries McKettricks of Texas My rating is strictly for A Lawman s Christmas which I enjoyed reading Personally I thought the female main character was a little boring but it didn t detract from the story for me I felt the warmth of Christ. The sudden death of the town marshal leaves Blue River Texas without a lawmanand twenty five year old Dara Rose Nolan without a husband As winter approaches and her meager seamstress income dwindles she has three options Yet she won't give up her two young daughters refuses to joi.