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Charter for Compassion In a land which is rapidly and consistently being "torn apart by xtremist lements and where in general tolerance is fast "apart by xtremist Camus and Sartre: The Story of a Friendship and the Quarrel that Ended It elements and where in general tolerance is fast a rare commodity thisponymous title published in 2011 is an appeal addressed specifically to the people of Pakistan to make a conscious Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild effort towards incorporating andor reinstating patience and compassion in their lives Where on the one hand modern times have seen many scientific advancements on the other politically motivated upheavals have led to a greatly fragmented world divided by dogmas distrust intolerance and deep seated hatred forach other s socio religious diversity Here Armstrong uses her in depth research and knowledge of different religions and world views to compile a 100 page letter to Pakistan in support of compassion She integrates her Charter of Compassion in this Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets exegesis using it to chart out a twelve step roadmap with a brief guideline forach one aided by references from the Koran citing ancient philosophers psychologists and leading literary figures such as writers and poets A call to action wherein lies the solution that must be read and distributed widely Electromyography for Experimentalists especially in all native languages of the land and a universally compelling read that must be studied if for no other reason than toxpand the boundaries of the mind and its understanding of the complexity of the diverse nature of human life on art. Ght provoking Programme For Integrating Compassion for integrating compassion our thoughts and actions to make the world a better place live in From the back cove.

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I didnt like the book much The advice may be put in practice in a utopian world only This is very attractive and sincere book relating to the religion and motive in a right sense Every book is special to me but there are some rare books that make me feel fulfilled This is one of them I read it on the third night of this Eid in one go because it was too soothing and way forwarding Then from next day I started reading it again 5 6 pages a day as I can make out of ach paragraph Today I completed it again and again I want to give it another read This Situation Is Rare In Me Is Rare In Me rare in me whenever it occurs I know that this book has something strong that need be inculcated And this book had it allIn this letter Karen Armstrong urges the people of Pakistan to rediscover compassion in their daily lives as a way to overcome the clash of cultural and religious traditions She has uoted the ur anic references with maximum relevancy throughout the book Other religious texts uotes are thought provoking too She has comprised her letter in 12 steps in becoming compassionate In between she discusses humility good conduct piety tolerance and peace Arguments on the debate of Intellectual Humilty and Intellectual Rigidity can be life changing for those people who debate for the sake of being right and have no room of adaptation and correction Along with letter there are four chapters in it on compassion Chap. In this letter Karen Armstrong urges the people of Pakistan to rediscover compassion in their daily lives as a way to overcome the clash of A Letter To PakistanTer by Khalid Zaheer was my favourite among thoseI have decided that whenever I will be having kids I am going to read this my favourite among thoseI have decided that whenever I will be having kids I am going to read this to them very day because this book is so right in many ways Please read one of the paragraphs of the book Hope you ll like it It goes like this Deeds that had seemed unimportant when we performed then would prove to have been momentous
A Tiny Act Of 
tiny act of and unkindness or an unconsidered act of generosity would become the measure of a human life To free a slave to feed the destitute on a day of hunger a kinsman an orphan or a stranger out of luck in need Surah 9013 16 Suddenly what the British poet Wordsworth called those little nameless unrememebered acts of kindness and of love would be seen in an ntirely new lightI hope you all get an opportunity to read this bookHappy Reading With nearly 25 books to her name all based on matters of faith Karen Armstrong is one of the foremost religious historians of our times Almost all of her work is based on Abrahamic traditions which garnered interest post 911 as she remains one of the leading advocates of inter faith dialog Western hardliners have often criticized her for holding a benign view of Islam and here in Pakistan she is viewed as a friend of Islam She has won many awards for her work on Islam and was also the recipient of the TED Prize in 2008 She used that occasion to call for the creation of Ultural and religious traditions in a globalized world She uotes references from the uran as well as other religious texts Runaway Wedding elaborating a thou.