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Om the holistic angle of mindbodyspirit balance The best thing you can do your own health is to be aware of how your body works a simple level of how your emotions actually effect you physically how your body feels when you are well and what inds of things YOU can personally do to eep yourself well The current field of western medicine is so focused on fixing biomechanical problems with drugs and surgeries and it s also the biggest for profit industry and the 1 cause of bankruptcy in the USA right now However what makes the most take this drug for the rest of your life is not necessarily what is best for

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patient It be interesting to see how our healthcare system changes as the political climate changes but in the meantime the only thing I want from the US medical system is to stay the heck out of it Grateful that I found this book to read Holistic view of energy healing Haven t read it cover to cover but very interesting Great book to understand the role of consciousness and how it relates to many different forms of healin. Light healing magneto biology and other therapies A traditionally trained physician Dr Gerber combines scientific evidence with traditional methods from the East and West to unlock our potential for healing ourselv. It s one of these rare books that "you go wow One of these rare books that are so skillfully written with so much information perfectly "go wow One of these rare books that are so skillfully written with so much information perfectly and sincerely presented IT WAS ABSOLUTELY A MAGNIFICENT READ was absolutely a magnificent read presented and in a simple language the author takes us through a metaphysical spiritual energetic *holistic journey on healing in this book we *journey on healing In this book we about the various aspects of vibrational healing how they started their development in time and the people and schools of thought behind those healing systems that continued to practice and teach Certainly a major reference book for my own healing journey as a healer Very thorough Absolutely a must read After giving away my copy of Vibrational Medicine I replaced it with this book by the same author It s an excellent book about alternative forms of healing and prevention of disease Read for an overview of the new paradigm in medicine the human system as an energy system aka vibrational medicine connecting the mind body spirit energy matrix together This is a basically a summary of At the dawn of the 21st century the old paradigms of medicine have begun to fall apart A growing number of pioneering researchers embrace a new view of healing one expounded by Dr Richard Gerber in his groundbreakin. ,

Ll of alternative medicine for a LAY AUDIENCE SOMETIMES GOT *TOO SPECIFIC audience Sometimes got *Too Specific Richard Focuses On What To Do When *specific since Richard focuses on what to do when re going to the doctor but for a non doctor type this is the best overview of alternative medicine I ve found so far Real HealingA really interesting book that confirms that most ailments originate from the mind and spirit I have practiced Homeopathy for many years with some outstanding healings witnessed as well as in Spiritual Healing This book gives a scientific explanation of these unseen forces available for us to use Awesome book I gave my copy to a friend so I have to find another one WONDERFUL simple to read and better yet simple to explain People always ask how Reiki works and I m always on an ongoing uest to be able to explain it better although really all you need to now is that it chills you out and makes you feel better But if you want to now why on a cellular level this book explores deeply the energetic and electrical connections that exist within our biological systems and takes a look at total wellbeing fr. G bestseller
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MedicineNow he how to put this new way of thinking into practical use describing the role of consciousness and thought forms as well as the benefits of homeopathy acupuncture color and. ,
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A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation