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R cette cration de haute Anatomy of the red cell membrane skeleton The red cell membrane skeleton is a pseudohexagonal meshwork of spectrin actin protein R ankyrin and actin associated proteins that laminates the inner membrane surface and attaches to the overlying lipid bilayer via

band –containing multiprotein 
–containing multiprotein at the ankyrin Bird Skeleton | Britannica Bird Bird Skeleton The avian skeleton is notable for its strength and lightness achieved by fusion of elements and by pneumatization ie presence of air cavities The skull represents an advance over that of reptiles in the relatively larger cranium with fusion of elements made possible by the fact that birds have a fixed adult size Suelette de Panda Clatant Red Panda Skeleton Ailurus Red Panda Skeleton Ailurus Red panda Photo de Luc Vives restaurateur de la galerie wwwhlasekcomfotoailurusfulgensadjpg uploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsaa. ,

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