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Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, lUp everywhere In the form of aittle old ady a young boy and a well meaning starry eyed teenager Will Cupids arrow hit its mark and bring two people WHO ARE RIGHT FOR EACH OTHER are right for each other Or will all their arrows miss the markAs if You want to find out Okay then buy yourself a copy of Betsy St Amant s A Valentine s Wish to discover the answers You won t be sorry Oh and don t forget the chocolate I LOVE a book that has me aughing out oud Ms Betsy I am now anxious to try of your books Please keep the humor coming In the book A Valentine s Wish by Betsy St Amant the author writes about a youth pastor Andy Stewart and his journey to find a wife In order for him to continue being the youth pastor he has to him to continue being the youth pastor he has to married and he has his eyes set on his best friend Lori Perkins He goes through many difficulties to make her fall in ove with him but he does it as her secret admirer and she doesn t think it s him Betsy St Amant has A Fun Way To Write fun way to write all the situations theses characters go through It was okay Not bad It was xciting enough. A failed engagement so he can't just declare his ove His plan he'll be her secret admirer and woo her anonymously with flowers and chocolates And then when romance .

Because the two eads Have No Idea That no idea that ike each other Clich I know but I think it really happens in real ife Hindi umaasa sa Humanism labas pero saoob kinikilig D it was cute not frustrating a fun and uirky book I enjoyed aughing at andy s antics pastor andy laughing at Andy s antics Pastor Andy has a best friend who is a female After the Sr Pastor told him the Board wants to see him married or he may no onger be the Youth Pastor Andy realizes Lori Perkins would be the perfect wife Why did he not realize his feelings before nowLori Perkins was never going to date again Her old fiance had cheated on her and she had no confidence in herself She really iked her her and she had no confidence in herself She really iked her friend Andy but she seemed to be no then a friend to himShe also had a chocolate addiction When Andy s Aunt Bella needed a manager for her Chocolate store and Lori was out of a job Andy suggested her Now if she could stop spending all her paycheck on the candyAndy decides to reach Lori by being a secret admirer She thinks Andy would be the Lasombra last person to do that so sheooks elsewhere for who it could be. S on her mind Andy will confess his Valentine's wish to spend his ife with her There's just one ittle problem Lori seems to think her secret admirer is someone else. A Valentine's WishA Valentine s Wish by Betsy St Amant is sweet yummy and chocolately Yeppers you heard me right Chocolately Betsy s uniue writer s voice is fun adventurous and delightfulIn A Valentine s Wish Lori Perkins has a secret admirer who showers her with simple yet profound gifts Only she doesn t know just how profound those gifts really are And no matter how hard she tries she can t figure out who he is Whoever he is though knows a ot about her and smothers her with kisses kisses kisses Real Chocolate Both Or Gators When she finally discovers her secret admirer s identity she s confused and disappointed Or is she Will the Real Secret Admirer Please Stand secret admirer please stand Stewart has to get married Will he pick just anyone to get to get married Will he pick just anyone to get Mike and the rest of the church off of his back Including a woman who gives him a massive headache And just why is the church asking him to get married as soon as possible anyway Will fear hold him back from asking the real While My Soldier Serves love of hisife to marry him Or will he settle for another just to please the flockCupids are showing. Unless youth pastor Andy Stewart finds a suitable wife fast he'll ose his job Yet the woman of his dreams is his best friend And Lori Perkins is still smarting over. .