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Academic BodyOpens in the icy rain en route to the Dean s "Paul Godwin S Stunning "Godwin s stunning #Lenore a Broadway has just arrived from New York hopefully to stay A weak #a Broadway star has just arrived from New York hopefully to stay A weak forced Paul a former director into teaching drama Now he must woo Lenore from the bright lightsPaul s plans go south when the Dean accuses him of dallying with a female student and says he can produce evidence Paul knows he s innocent but agrees to a meetingBefore they can meet however someone does in the Dean with a blunt object Paul becomes a suspect and so do An actordirecto Paul Gofwin r must take an easier job because of a bad heart He takes a position as a teacher in a small college town The dean is murdered and the police chief blackmails Paul into assisting him with finding the culprit rather reaching Paul s wife has remained in New York in her acting career As Paul tries to find clues he steps on toes and is threatened by another professor and also the drug cartel also rather reaching Paul is smarter than the local and state police as he finds the murderer The plot is okay but the circumstances can t be believed I had little hopes of liking Academic Body simply because I don t get excited about this genre But I was surprised at how much I was drawn into the book As the mystery nfolded about who murdered the dean I found myself examining the clues for myself trying to stay one step ahead Shirley Allen has written a fantastic murder mystery for that will keep you on your toes This book has many elements that I simply love a stage director who solves a mystery by blocking the crime out like a play his delightful diva of a wife who is forced to give p her acting career for him a small campus rife with academic and other sorts of scandal and a cast of suspects with. Ollege while trying to woo his wife away from the New York stageWhen he finds himself a murder.

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I just finished p this rousing novel by the late Shirley S
#Allen And Found It #
and found it to put down Your main character Paul Godwin finds himself in a A Way Youll Never Be uagmire when a disagreeable professor is killed in his office You not only get a glimpse of the murder but got a peek inside how much politicking goes on a college campus You are introduced to a hodgepodge of characters who areniue and devious Not only do you get a peak inside the characters that roam around this Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers university but you get a peak inside Paul s marriage to the artistic Lenore Thisnusual relationship adds a certain "tenderness and warmth to a grisly murder I enjoy reading this "and warmth to a grisly murder I enjoy reading this and recommend it to anyone who loves mysteries set on a college campus I love the way the late Shirley S Allen Present Pasts uses such evocative word pictures such as the cool breeze touching someone s face and how emotions overtake certain characters in distressing and frightening situations This is a wonderful book that I recommend to you all of you Shirley S Allen did an outstanding job Three and a half stars really I enjoyed this than I expected to the acting and drama related details and metaphors made the book for me There were points where I felt the story logic or character s decisions were strained but neverite enough to snap my suspension of disbelief I didn t care that much about the protagonist s marital stresses but fortunately that was not central to the book Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie uick read on my tiny iPhone Good storyline written in a somewhat timeless modern era due to the omission intentional of a lot of detail that set it firmly in a specific decade I was annoyed by how perfectlynderstanding Lenore and our hero whose name slips my mind were of each other despite several big stresses on their relationship The story. A retired theatrical director struggles with a new career as drama professor at a small Maine So many secrets that you will "be kept guessing right The Possible Police upntil the very end The tone of the book is definitely "kept guessing right A Letter To Pakistan upntil the very end The tone of the book is definitely of a cozy mystery There is virtually no bloodshed little violence nor graphic sex but lots of enchanting innuendo betwe I hemmed and hawed between giving this one or two stars I liked the protagonist well enough but I didn t really get into the story It seemed weirdly disjointed to me The reason for the murder to me was rather flimsy I never really got a sense of the characters including the protagonist who is a former #Broadway Director Who Now Because #director who now because health reasons works as a professor at a small town college His wife is was a famous stage actress The book is set in the 196263 school year It was winter but I don t recall if it was before or after the new year I found parts
#Of It Confusing And #
it confusing and myself looking back a few pages to verify information I don t know if that was because I just couldn t get into the book or because the writing was not clearor memorable The author passed away so there are no other books of hers to compare The story was slightly dragged out but still Before Our Eyes uite interesting However the ending was very sloppyIt appears the author ran out of ideas ad just cut it off She threw in a scene that didn t even fitThere was a lot of crude language that was totallynnecessary If the main character a theatre director and acting teacher can keep his language clean why in the world wouldn t niversity professors I enjoyed reading this book by Shirley Allen It was a fascinating study of colege life that it is and what it ought to be The characters were likeable for the most part and they worked to create a good plot This is a good readJ Robert Ewbank author Wesley s Wars and John Wesley Natural Man and the Isms. Suspect he becomes a reluctant sleuth with only three weeks in which to solve all three problem. ,