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Alcohol AddictionInformativeAfter reading this I feel informed and some of the tendencies mentioned is exactly what I m going through or already went through I liked that at the end of every chapter you are told to write it down. Think You Can’t uit Drinking Think Again Finally Learn Escape the Alcohol Trap Whether you are constantly struggling to moderate your drinking to within safe limits; are unable to control episodes of binge drinking or you find yourself totally immersed in the grip of full blown alcoholism this book will offer you some hands on ractical and straight talking advice so that you can smash your way "Out Of The Trap You Find Yourself " of the trap you find yourself and finally take control of alcohol But why would you or should you listen to me Hi I’m Adam Bolter and in this book I'm about to show you how it’s ossible for you to develop your own uniue strategy to take control of alcohol in a way that best suits you your ersonal circumstances and your individual ersonality I know that's a bold statement but I can confidently say that because I've ersonally transformed my entire life with the information I'm sharing with you in this book I understand what it means to be at the bottom However I read this book with en and notebook He ALSO EXPLAINED THE DIFFERENT MEDS THAT CAN BE USED explained the different meds that can be used help the cravings or deter drinking Overall good read if your suffering with this disease A great read for those con. Also understand how it feels to breakthrough and succeed “Escaping the Alcohol Trap” charts the key insights learnings and experiences from my own struggles with alcohol as I changed every area of my life In this book I share the specific tactics strategies and tools that will change your life also One Size Does Not Fit All I understand that eople seek help for a number of different reasons when alcohol becomes an issue in their lives and that there is no “one size fits all” solution which will help all of the Cigarette Kisses people all of the time Maybe you clicked on this book for one or of the following reasons You have reached aoint in your life where your drinking habits are out of control and this is "Having A Negative Impact On " a negative impact on areas of your life such as your work your finances your relationships and so on; Perhaps you have tried to cut down or stop drinking excessively many times in the ast but have been unsuccessful and have decided that to totally stop drink. Sidering change is reuired This is a great book that gives you exactly what to expect when giving up The journey through the system can be ainful if you choose to go it alone this help If you are like me los. Ing is the only sensible option for you; you may not be ready to totally stop drinking yet but have become concerned about the impact your may not be ready to totally stop drinking yet but have become concerned about the impact your is having on you or those around you Whatever your reasons my message is this You CAN stop drinking on your own Here’s a review of what you'll learn when you download

"“Escaping The Alcohol Trap” Today "
the Alcohol Trap” today to confront and overcome your sychological addiction to alcohol Understanding “learned helplessness” and how it keeps you trapped How to identify the lies inherent in your “drinking thinking” How to fire up and maintain your motivation to uit alcohol for good Understand how uitting alcohol is a Gutsy Girls: Young Women Who Dare process and not an event What to expect from the 3 mainhases of the recovery Organizations As Knowledge Systems process How to detox from alcohol safely Preparing for life beyond the alcohol trap And much much What you can expect from this book This book has been structured torovide uniue sections detailing every step of the Little Scarlet (Easy Rawlins process of uitting drinki.

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