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All Summer

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All Summer is an impressive debut novel from the brilliant Claire Kilroy A suspenseful tale told through highly unreliable narration the story follows the disoriented protagonist Anna Hunt as she tries to Pumpkinflowers recollect her past What Anna does know is that she had aole to play in a heist of valuable artwork and keeps a tiny patch of canvass in a match box as a souvenir Grief stricken by the looming conseuences of what she has done Anna lives on edge as she does her best to dodge those conseuences The story unfolds as Anna tries to piece together what has happened and as she tries to find peace in the present too laced with peace in the present too Laced with and poetic prose All Summer is a darkly sublime tale wrapped up in omance and betrayal This is a very bizarre book influenced no doubt by what must be the bizarre state of mind of someone in a fugue state Obviously there s a good deal of meditation on the instability of memories but something
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didn t until I st. Girl in the Mirror is alluring Girl in the Mirror has people in her thrall As the summer unfolds Anna learns about the nature of desire Kel is violent unpredictable and mesmerizing The man who es. Arted looking back over my notes was the significance of imagination When Anna can t emember notes was the significance of imagination When Anna can t emember details or couldn t possibly know them she sometimes creates an imagined narrative of what happened often followed by a comment like Of course it couldn t have happened like that I never did X but what The A-List Diet Fitness Plan really happened was when she still couldn t have known whateally happened Sound confusing It is and should be it s a eally Intriguing Consideration Of The consideration of the elationship between memory and imagination Very often our brain stores only the most basic details of any given experience in our memories and when we The King's Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of Thomas Wolsey remember them we are activelyecreating the experience based not only on what we have stored in memory but also on what other people tell us and hindsight and common knowledge along with somewhat troublingly other outside information that actually has no place in the original memory Imagination is clearly involved in these The Lupus Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families recollection. Cues Anna from him is helping her piece her past back together And the conservator iseturning Girl in the Mirror back to her original state By the end
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S Philosophers far smarter than myself have tried to pinpoint what exactly is the difference between memory and imagination other have tried to pinpoint what exactly is the difference between memory and imagination other our sense that memories are elated to the past to what s Die Zarin real But how do we know that how could we prove it All of these already troubling uestions are complicated when someone loses large portions of their memory Reading this book was a strange experience and somewhat difficult to follow at times but there s goodeason for the elative inaccessibility of the text if you take the time to think about it
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perhaps do bit of esearch on Fugue States I Think I Might Have states I think I might have much confused and perhaps even put off if I hadn t already Will Gallows and the Snake-Bellied Troll read a decent amount about memory loss I can temember if this was a 3 star or 4 star It was certainly intriguing and I wanted to Nosferatu read it again as soon as I dead it but I haven t yet I m now Snuggle Up, Little One: A Treasury of Bedtime Stories reading her new book I neglected toate this one when I Nefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen read it but I don temember Them will be in exile and one will have done a terrible thing for love A wonderfully unsettling first novel that manages to combine beautiful poetic prose with the menacing atmosphere of a thrill.

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