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Murder at the Mansion eBad Ugly I ll just say itnded how i wanted but the road getting there I wanted but the road getting there t fist pumping worthyI did like this book but didn t love it as much as the other two I liked Galo but I wasn t rooting for his chapters in this book I just wanted to keep getting back to the others However his relationship with Mateo was xtremely cuteLoved Em Loved Cas My two *little babies will forever hold a special place in my heart Olivia was still cray cray and as hostile as *babies will forever hold a special place in my heart Olivia was still cray cray and as hostile as actually think this trilogy would have worked better as a duology but it was still fun full of action and sprinkled with cute romance Plus Tintera s dialogue is always the best 1Ruined 2Avenged This was a awesome conclusion to a fantastic trilogy 4 The woman turned and ran A disbelieving laugh scaped Em s lipsEmelina Flores the girl who killed the princess the girl who destroyed Lera the girl who rode with the king to put it back togetherEmelina Flores the heroNo one would believe it This was better than I had anticipated I always have a fear that the Seductive Surrender end of a trilogyseries is going to be bad and ruin the previous books for me But this one wasxactly the oppositeThe romance was great the new POV we got was a pleasant surprise the writing was just as good the characters got Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, ev You were born useless but you dont have to be helpless I actuallynjoyed the nding of this trilogy The characters definitely grow on you and I knew I would like Em from the very beginning The characters were written very realistically and the concept of the Ruined was also written well I feel very happy right now because looking back I feel like a lot of what happened could have been made theatrical and unrealistic but it wasn t and it was done very wellThe characters were amazing and I love them all Even the antagonists proved to be great characters who complimented a great story Em from the very beginning was clearly a great "leader who kept her focus on the well being of her people but still maintained a head for morality and what " who kept her focus on the well being of her people but still maintained a head for morality and what right Watching the Ruined look past her being Useless and see that she can be the best leader in the history of Ruina is a wonderful xperience We see Cas as he realises and resents what is happening in Leran society and that all of it is happening because of his parents When you lose verything its just asier to let it all go but all he needed was a push to see through the misery and to the responsibility which now lay upon his shouldersWe follow him as he grows as a person and a leader and comes to terms with his parents death and be the King his people need while trying to the King his people want I think it was smart to gradually introduce perspectives into the trilogy because many perspectives in the beginning would have confused the plot with too many opinions but introducing them after we got to know the character was definitely a smart thing to do The story was written very well and I feel like the plot carried well though out the trilogy Each book had a goal of its own like the first one was Em rescuing her sister but also being nlightened to the fact that she couldn t blame all Lerans for the faults of a few the second was Olivia turning out to be just like her mother and Em realising that Olivia can t be allowed to lead hence leading her to accept the fact F Ruina But as the war for liberation raged on what triumph and freedom meant to Em and Olivia slowly changed As Olivia’s violence and thirst for vengeance became her only ambition Em was left to pick up the piecesBut it’s not only Em who is upset by Olivia’s increased. ,
I m seriously very fond of this series ven if it does have a uiet nding It "Kind Of Is The Most " of is the most fantasy series I ve *EVER READ LITERALLY ALL THE CHARACTERS *read Literally all the characters so mellowwhich is fine Like it was refreshing and different and I loved all the characters the whole way through The ambling pace and slowness surprised me though and I d have to say I think the first two books were the strongestBut Cas Em Galo LOVE THEM There s just so much sweetness here although not nearly nough cheese bread I have literally been deprived and am not okay with thatNow I probably should ve done a series reread before starting this one My BAD But life is literally so busy right now My TBR is screaming I am screaming the walls are screaming probably should get that looked at but idk So I went in a bit flustered that I wouldn t remember nough I DID remember nough Except for Iria who I have no freaking clue who is in this ntire world She ven had narrating chapters and I am like This woman I Do nOT know her I m so sorryThe plot mostly concentrates on talking and plotting For a finale this is understandable but it needed of a BANG at the nd and I honestly just felt we all canoed down a uiet riverI do love the dialogue and the writing Like I said it s mellow The whole thing is But there are some super lovely jokes and moments when I m snickering LOVE the dry sarcasm And Amy Tintera has such a distinct style Although I with the characters had felt YAthey honestly all felt and acted like adults YA does this a lot and likethat s ok But I feel YA is supposed to have some coming of age themes but veryone felt like they were ready to be 33 and married and have two kids and six goats by the nd and I m justhmmAnyway I do like this series It is soft despite all the murder soft murder and it was a nice conclusion if all #A Bitunbothered And Not Risky 3 Stars There Comes A #bitunbothered and not risky 3 Stars There comes a when we have to accept that people make their own choices and we re not responsible for those choices ven if they re our family This is the most mellow Fantasy series I have ver read The characters ven when at war were really just chill for the most part Its been a while since I have read the first two of the series but I remembered the story line and what was happening For whatever reason I really njoyed those two way than this oneThe writing was still fantastic and I njoyed the Le valeureux guerrier end of the story it just seemed to drag a little than the others and thending was a little predictable I appreciated seeing the romance blossom a little in Allied and we got to see how the two races would Snowflakes on the Sea end up working together in thend Overall this book was Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy enjoyable it just went a little too slow for me or maybe just not much was happening compared to the others in the series I still recommend this book and thentire series Totally worth the read P I loved this But the first ones still my favourite so I felt like I couldn t give this one a full five stars BUT it was amazing I M CRYING RIGHT NOW DEAR AMY please release an Aren and Iria novella or I will literally sTART TO SCREAM buddy read with ishmeen anyone lse only here for Aren and Iria cause like they re my new one true pair I have been a huge fan of this series and I also loved Amy Tintera s other duology I was wondering how this would nd Good. In the final book in the New York Times bestselling Ruined series the romance of The Selection and the pic stakes of Red ueen come together in a story of revenge adventure and unexpected loveEmelina Flores and her sister Olivia were determined to bring peace to the people ,

Hat she was going to have to betray her sister And this book the final installation of the trilogy brought verything and
it together And the series had its Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival eye on thatnding that we *knew was coming while keeping in line with the plotI loved these books and I had a *was coming while keeping in line with the plotI loved these books and I had a time reading them in one stretch Amy Tintera did a great job with the characters and the court politics that showed up I rate this book 4 stars Full review Mostly satisfied with the Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, end of the series What I liked This book and series in general is soasy to read I believe I read the three books within 3 days I found it kinda calming in terms of not feeling angry towards anything I found some characters annoying but not The Fix enough to affect mynjoyment of the series I loved the friendship between Aren and Galo They weren t a duo I thought would become close but I was pleasantly surprised with this development Aren I really loved Aren He is the most powerful person in this world yet he s like the sweetest person too who is soft and fragile I don t think I have read about a character like that Him and Iria s relationship was so cute too What I didn t like The one thing that stopped this from being a 5 was that I felt Cas kinda deserved better view spoiler Why was he to be punished for what he did not have a hand in while Em wasn t punished for her share in the destruction of Cas people Why did he have to relinuish some power just bc the ruined wanted it Technically he was doing them a favour for letting them into his kingdom to live hide spoiler I am just so content with this series and how it nded you guys I love it The writing style is very simplistic although the plot is anything but that My journey with this story started when I won my first Goodreads giveaway in 2016 and I had no clue what would be in store for me I wasn t much of a fantasy reader and I was just xcited over the fact that I had won a free book lol but little did I know that I would fall so hard for these characters and this story that it would become one of my favourite series till date I m not saying that it was perfect since there are a few things I d change but I personally njoyed the story a lot so I m giving it 5 stars There s good romancemultiple ships kickass characters that you can t help but become attached to and an amazing storyline that will keep you hooked so I d definitely recommend it to all fantasy lovers out there So grateful for this buddy read with Yusra uote will be added later Olivia Flores continues with her plan to nd the humans and give the world to the Ruined At her side is her sister Emelina but unbeknownst to Olivia Em is uietly going against the other ueen s orders #She s saving the humans and she plans to unite the people of this world humans and Ruined #s saving the humans and she plans to unite the people of this world humans and Ruined Desire in Seven Voices end Olivia s madness once and for allThis was the perfectnding to this trilogy I love Amy Tintera s writing style and how she s not shying away from blood and gore or heartbreak This world s politics feel realistic as does Olivia s spiralling madness We see of Galo and Mateo s relationship an amazing bromance between Galo and Aren and Aren and Iria s relationship rivals that of Cas and Em sAll in all this is a wonderful amazing brilliant conclusion and I definitely have to re read this whole trilogy soon. Violence Other members of the Ruined army are beginning to see the cracks and soon a small group of them defects from Olivia’s army and joins Em instead The two sisters are soon pitted against ach other in an pic battle for the kingdom and the future and only one will

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Allied Ruined #3

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