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When the urge for something something fudgy something meltingly rich or irresistibly decadent hits nothing something fudgy something meltingly rich or irresistibly decadent nothing like an American dessert From chocolaty brownies and chewy cookies to aromatic crumbles and generously frosted cakes these are the luscious crowd pleasers that make us groan with satisfaction and sigh with nostalgiaNow acclaimed all American dessert chef and Food Network host Wayne Harley Brachman has assembled the very best of the best in American Desserts The Greatest Sweets on Earth With a gift for clarity that makes the results can’t fail easy and a talent for azzing up traditional flavors Brachman has revitalized our favo. ,

Rite recipes transforming strawberry shortcake into fresh peach shortcake with wild berry whipped fresh Peach Shortcake with Wild Berry Whipped and a simple black bottom pie into the luxurious Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie His confections are brimming with enticing flavors remaining true to their American roots homey simply presented desserts that are perfect to serve to family and friends alikeChapters showcase a wide range of classic desserts some familiar and others ripe for revival here are cakes including Lemon Chiffon and Chocolate Icebox Cake pies such as Shoofly Lemon Meringue and two crust Classic Apple Pie cobblers and puddings LIKE THE UNFORGETTABLE NECTARINE RASPBERRY COBBLER the unforgettable Nectarine Raspberry Cobbler American Desserts The Greatest Sweets on EarthIth Pecan Biscuits and cookies BARS WITH LAVISH FLAVORS LIKE OATMEAL COOKIES WITH bars with flavors like Oatmeal Cookies with and Chocolate Chips and white chocolate Blondies All American frozen desserts such as Vanilla Malt Ice Cream and Cola Sherbet irresistible fried doughs including Apple Fritters and Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts and decadent toppings like Chocolate Fudge and Brown Sugar Custard Sauce round out this must have collectionThroughout “Baker’s Notebook” sections give every home cook the benefit of Brachman’s two decades of experience Filled with lore trivia and a fresh new spirit American Desserts is a delightful celebration of “The Greatest Sweets on Earth?.