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He do instead of complainOnce again we Have A Egotistical Politician That Wants To a egotistical politician that wants to anything to stay in a position of power at the cost of labor and sacrifice done by the average American My first degree was in science and I continue to have an abiding interest in it I regularly read articles and books related to the sciences My biggest problem with this book is that the science is embarassingly absent The problem for me is subtracting politics and ust looking at the studies etc the book bases its premises on most have been found to
be meritless skewed 
meritless skewed in a couple of cases actually falsified not by Gore by the scientists I soldily believe we DO need to care for this pl I ve ust finished reading Al Gore s book on climate change and I have to say that I was not particularly impressed I hadn t expected a great piece of literature and I wasn t wrong But I m not going to pick holes Gore s turgid prose style though I do wonder if the text was even looked at by an editor My problem is with Gore s representation of the scientific data on global warmingIt s clear that the temperature of the earth has been increasing in recent decades And it s also clear that human activities in particular the production of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide have contributed to this increase in temperature It is not entirely clear how much of this change in temperature can be attributed to human activity Gore however never mentions that natural non anthropogenic factors may contributing to climate change He leaves the reader with the impression that the increase in global temperature is entirely anthropogenic see pages 66 and 67 for exampleThis is not the scientific consensus The scientific consensus as cited in Naomi Oreskes survey study mentioned approvingly by Gore isHuman activities are modifying the concentration of atmospheric constituents that absorb or scatter radiant energy Most of the observed warming over the last 50 years is likely to have been due to the increase in greenhouse gas concentrationsSo not all but most climate change is attributable to human causes A substantial portion may well be due to natural causes That s not entirely surprising given that there were substantial shifts in global climate well before the appearance of mammals let alone Homo sapiens I think this is an important distinction and one that Gore should not have omittedDon t get me wrong I m generally in agreement with taking steps to ameliorate climate change People who buy Porsche SUVs are not especially bright tasteless idiots who drives off the lot with a Cayenne rather than a Boxster Counter climatic air conditioning the thermostat set to Fires of Hell in winter and Everest Base Camp in summer is a massive waste of energy uite apart from their effects on climate change these types of wasteful energy use offend my sense of frugality and also result in old fashioned environmental pollutionBut I do think that if we are ever to take significant steps toward ending or slowing climate change an honest accounting of the scientific evidence is necessary And I don t think An Inconvenient Truth provides thatFinally a uick note to al new zealand isn t part of Al New Zealand isn t part of can you fix up page 251 in the second edition Thanks I really wish I hadn t used the F word so much last week so I could say I can t F ing believe this and it would have some umpf to itWhen i see this book i imagine someone grabbing it off. Presents with alarming clarity and conclusiveness and with humor too that the fact of global warming is not in uestion and that its conseuences for the world we live in will be disastrous if left unchecked This riveting new book written in an accessible entertaining style will open the eyes of even the most skeptic. Politicians that people still respect around world What he said and in 1992 is not only proven today but we *world What he said and wrote in 1992 is not only proven today but we that he underestimated the severity of the affects on this world In this new book he demonstrates using the most simplistic method of cause and effect that it is used today in 5th and 6 grade classrooms He clearly demonstrates that the only time that our earth has seen this kind of die off we are experiencing today was 65 million years ago And again he explains the difference between normal long term global warming that takes thousand of years and the long term global warming that takes thousand of years and the to one hundred year time span that we have now Volcanic activity impacts our world for only a few years What he is saying is that most species will not have enough time to move to favorable environments that krill the base of the ocean food chain are no longer abundant as our ice shelves disappear And conservatives still make fun of him Un bloody believable Gore does a fantastic ob at coming in so far beyond what even the closest UN private industry and government studies do that one must laughingly dismiss his arguments almost outright Take for example his argument on CFL compact fluorescent lightbulbs and how much polution can be saved Australia has The Wrong Side of the Bed just completed a law that mandates all citizens and businesses must have CFL s installed by 2010 This law is supposed to save Australia some 800000 cubic tons of CO2 over the next several years That number is huge but it leaves out the fact that it only changes Australia s output of CO2 by2 percent Forcing millions of people to do what others demand for that type of gain is not efficientI myself do use CFL s because in the long run they save money and put less lead and mercury in landfills Would I mandate that others do the same Nope Another of Al s happy little daydreams is ocean level increases in days to come Al shows in the movie that ocean levels will increase by 240 inches Sounds amazing Suppose I should buy property in Lancaster CA or Bakersfield CA Both should be worth millions and millions once the water reaches their city bordersWhat Gore and so many sheep don t do is compare this to other studies that are out there Al is 17 times higher in his predictions than the UN International Panel on Climate Control He is many times higher than other scientists that claim that the UN study is too conservative So even the liberal estimates from scientists that dispute the UN study are 4 5 times lower than Al s representation of the figuresWhat is his fascination with CO2 when there are other greenhouse gases that are much worse for the environment The cattle industry worldwide puts out much greenhouse pollution than the entire transportation sector does But Al conveniently leaves that out as wellI agree that there are things that we can do to help with environmental issues Lying about them to get political and monetary gain is not one of them Yes I am accusing Gore of lying about this to give a worst case scenario to activate so many sheep out of fear All this coming from a man that has done almost nothing to change his lifestyle to conform with his preaching Why does he fly a personalet when he does speaking engagements Why does he live in a mansion that consumes the energy needed to provide for 20 middle class homes Why does he go anywhere by limo Why doesn t he become a Vegan to reduce cattle demand and therefore reduce methane emissions Why doesn Round the world With this book Gore who is one of our environmental heroes and a leading expert brings together leading edge research from top scientists around the world; photographs charts and other illustrations; and personal anecdotes and observations to document the fast pace and wide scope of global warming He. ,
Fantastic book I haven t seen THE FILM YET BUT I LOVED film yet but I loved bookGore does a wonderful ob of presenting the data beside interesting diagrams which really help illustrate his point Whether you believe global warming is a problem or not you ll probably find this book interesting Towards the end is a list of things each person can do to help limit their carbon footprint Simple things like changing lightbulbs to CFL s can significantly reduce the of pollution Or turning your thormostat Up 1 Degree Saves 1 degree Saves money and saves the environment Buying energy appliances unplugging electronics when not in use turning lights off etc All little things that help I ve tried to institute as many of these as possible at my home I can honestly say that swapping out regular lightbuls for CFL s is saving me money And if it helps the environment why not I recommend picking up this book and at least ust flipping through it There is some great time lapse photography of melting glaciers and other illustrations demonstrating that our planet is indeed warming I enjoyed reading Mr Gore s slide show about global warming the causes and seeing the before and after pictures of various parts of the world was truly amazing I would like to have seen a month with the years that the pictures were taken though I thought the information was presented in a clear concise manner I learned a lot about global warming The presentation clearly shows we have a problem and if we don t wake up real uick and do something about the planet we will be leaving a mess for our future generationsThis is a uick book to read a lot of full color before and after pictures of various parts of the world satellite imagery etc There are a few short stories about Mr Gore s life when he was younger with his wife as newlywed s about his dad Al Gore Sr the accident involving his son when he was young and I enjoyed reading them There is a section involving hurricanes typhoons and cyclones with lots of pictures and information showing how the warmer oceans are generating powerful and freuent storms Pictures explaining the ocean currents heavy salt in the Atlantic that acts as a pump now slowing down corral reefs ice caps on mountains before and after homes up north built on permafrost now melted Extinction At the end there are suggestions and websites for alternative sources of energy Clearly we have the ability to use the alternative energy sources wind hydro geothermal corn oil sewage etc and we need to encourage our leaders to shift to these before it is too lateNumerous uotes by Winston Churchill and Mark Twain that I enjoyed Here s one Denial ain t کاروان امید just a river in Egypt by Mark Twain I don t even know what to say about this exceptAl Gore owns aet UGH Not much to say If you like situation ethics flawed logic and reading and uasi science this is your read The Importance of being InconvenientA good test of truth is to see if an ideaopinioneconomic suggestion is an Inconvenient Truth especially if it is inconvenient for the speaker If it is not chances are that the expounder is ust playing to his own and his audience s biasesBecause economic and social phenomena are so forbidding or at least so seem and because they yield few hard tests of what exists and what does not they afford to the individual a luxury not given by physical phenomena Within a considerable range he is permit Al Gore is perhaps the best know American. An Inconvenient Truth Gore's groundbreaking battle cry of a follow up to the bestselling Earth in the Balance is being published to tie in with a documentary film of the same name Both the book and film were inspired by a series of multimedia presentations on global warming that Gore created and delivers to groups An Inconvenient Truth