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Ood in Brooklyn and among the fairground life of Coney Island This is a story about secrets and it s Beatrice s biggest secret such an unusual one that finally leads to her demise All the settings of the book are *Real And Vibrant The Knitting War Wives * and vibrant the knitting war wives Anglezarke Lancashire with all their suspicions about foreigners the brashness and friendliness of alien Coney Island the methodist hotel in Brooklyn and the wonderful gothic upbringing This story about former showgirl Beatrice is much substantial than the shapely female legs and lush velvet on the book s cover would suggest Janette Jenkins imaginatively weaves together the contrasting strands of Beatrice s new life in the tiny Lancashire village of Anglezarke with her unconventional upbringing in Normal Illinois #and coming of age in colourful Coney Island Beatrice meets and #coming of age in colourful Coney Island Beatrice meets and Jonathon Crane who brings her home to England It s 1914 and before long most of the men in the village go off to fight in the Great War The gulf between the foreigner and the other women left behind gradually widens Beatrice is beautiful has married into money her husband is an officer and the discovery of a secret she has been keeping precipitates a final act of violenceAlthough Beatrice s fate is made clear from the outset this makes the novel no less ngrossing The story skilfully combines intrigue and tragedy and the characters ven minor ones are vividly drawn Chapters alternate between England America and while much of the story is told in straight narrative this is interspersed with interesting variations including letters and uirky lists such as All those things that you miss when they ve gone Even without the privations of war the transition from America to Anglezarke was always going to be difficult fo. Nois with her father an amateur taxidermist and her brother a preacher although she will take the story of how she became the Angel of Brooklyn to her graveBut when the men head off to fight in the Great War the glamorous newcomer slowly becomes an object of suspicion and jealousy for the women who ar. An intriguing and well written tale which I Found A Little Slow But Nevertheless found a little slow but nevertheless good read I really liked this book until the last few pages which completely the rest of the story for *me This book neded in such a bad way gr A sweet sad book about a sweet * This book ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe eneded in such a bad way gr A sweet sad book about a sweet life It isn t perfect I felt the timeframe would have been better placed during World War 2 rather than 1 but there are some lovely scenes in Coney Island as seen by a bewitched outsider and some sadly accurate scenes showing the jealousy of women to an outsider I found this book to be wonderfullyvocative of a by gone The Fiend Next Door era The Coney Island depicted was so real that I wasasily transported there The same with war time little England complete with the xenophobia Additionally brought out so well I think was the transformation that is capable within ach of us to do things that otherwise would seem inconceivable An interesting story seesawing between the #main character s life growing up in the US and then #character s life growing up in the US and then new life as wife to an Englishman in Anglezarke The story was uite slow but there were nough surprises to keep it rolling and I was hooked and investedAs all the men leave for war and casualties mount all the பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் emotions becomentwined in the book and it became darker and sadder My only criticism was the last few pages Not a great fan of the The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 ending but the chapter prior had me totally gripped and feelingmotionally involved Three and a half really This book has a wonderful opening A week before they killed her Beatrice told them about the dead birds This is a most unusual book juxtaposing Beatrice s life as a wife left behind by the First World War in a suspicious Lancashire village with her arlier life growing up with her dysfunctional family in Normal Illinois followed by young adulth. It is January 1914 and Jonathan Crane returns home from his travels with a new American bride former Coney Island showgirl Beatrice In the remote Lancashire village Beatrice is the focus of attention the men captivated by her beauty the women initially charmed by tales of her upbringing in Normal Illi.

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R Beatrice She uickly gains the reader s *sympathy as she does her best to cope with a new way of life and people who make * as she does her best to cope with a new way of life and people who make ffort to hide their curiosity about her But although sometimes told with gentle humour like Jonathon s party to introduce Beatrice to his friends the Lancashire scenes depict a society that is ultimately as unwelcoming to incomers as the harsh winter weather The visit to a Blackpool fortune teller who claims she can t read Beatrice s hand is just one pisode that contributes to a rising sense of forebodingConey Island on the other hand is so richly and affectionately described that one can almost hear the noise see the people and smell the food which Beatrice misses so much Most striking though are the chapters portraying #Her Childhood Which Bring Gothic Horror And #childhood which bring gothic horror and humour to the book Her mother having died in childbirth Beatrice lives with brother Elijah and her father an x teacher with a mania for taxidermy As a child Elijah decides to become a minister and courts personal injury to preach the benefits of temperance in saloon bars Their father is on an obsessive uest for bigger and better creatures to rebuild This involves a darkly funny family trip to a zoo where he gets short shrift from the keeper when he offers to take away its dead animals Not Travis easily categorised Angel of Brooklyn offers annjoyable read about a sympathetic character whose fate is sealed by her good intentions The time and worlds in which she lives are convincingly portrayed and stay in the mind long after the time and worlds in which she lives are convincingly portrayed and stay in the mind long after the page is turned 35 stars really I liked all the parts of the story that were set in America and I had a feeling arly on about how Beatrice nded up being the Angel of BrooklynInteresting read if your looking for something a bit different. E left behind and as the years pass and their resentment grows Beatrice's secret proves to be her undoingBeautifully observed tragic funny and so AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 evocative that you can taste the candy floss at Coney Island and feel the chill of wartime England Angel of Brooklyn is anxtraordinary heartbreaking story. Angel of Brooklyn
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