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Anne moves through several recognizable genres something like local color a society novel a romance and finally detective fiction I wouldn t personally call it a picaresue just because it spends uite a bit of time stationary in each of these genres and their respective locations The opening 150 pa An 1880 soap opera We have orphans unreuited love war heroism love triangle s emphasis on the plural grumpy old ladies murder pseudonyms and deception in love Not to mention a harpist randomly showing up in the woods with his monkeyI would have liked this book better if Anne had married the right guy in the end I didn t particularly like any of the candidates but especially detested the one she ended up withI read this book because part of it takes place on Mackinac Island which I have been fortunate enough to visit a few times I loved learning of the island s history and especially getting an idea of what life must have been like there before it became a well ept crowded tourist destination In the end I thought this book nearly as satisfying as Jane Eyre It is a long book densely wonderfully written Thanks to Com Toibin and his book on Henry James I was introduced to Woolson who will give me many hours of reading pleasure The main character is a young woman in the wilds of Michigan Due to her poverty she must go East to receive an woman in the wilds of Michigan Due to her poverty she must go East to receive an There are a couple love stories and what I was as a deep betrayal by her sister but all ends well for our dear Anne whose constancy is rewarded 375 stars Anne was Constance Feni Woolson s first novel and it made the author famous during her time She finished writing it in 1878 but it was not published until 1880 when it was serialized in Harper s for 18 months for both American and British readers becoming both a critical and popular successThe novel is a female picaresue Bildungsroman that begins on Mackinac Island in Lake Huron in Michigan Later in the novel I noted parallels here and there to Jane Eyre which was a huge influence on many female American writers of the time periodThe descriptions of the island in the first chapters are especially fine along with the gripping account of a horrific storm and the ensuing shipwrecks as well as that of a forest fire seen from a boat when Anne leaves the island for the first time Yet this is not a regional or local color novel Once Anne moves from Mackinac and travels to other parts of the US New York Ohio West Virginia Woolson seems to be consciously creating an American novel I enjoyed the passages see my updates on the American characterWhile Anne is finely written throughout it feels as if it s at least two different novels The courtroom scene is a force but Woolson lost me a bit somewhere along the detective storyline Despite that I couldn t help but admire the way Woolson allowed the women to do the detective work while still being able to conjure surprising plot twists to eep Anne out of the public eye and her still being able to conjure surprising plot twists to eep Anne out of the public eye and her women doing such work especially one so tied up with the mystery unsullied This is a tale of two books the first half drags along so languidly and placidly that you eep asking yourself does this book even have a discernible plot I got so frustrated with it that I almost uit reading a couple of different times I m glad I did not for I ended up really enjoying the bookWhat salvages the first half of the book is the use of description and the sparkling characters that Ms Woolson draws with her pen Her ability to create characters is really amazing Take Tita for instance Anne s half sister and a minor character in the book Here is how Ms Woolson describes her The eld. Finally available a high uality book of the original classic edition of Anne This is a new and freshly published edition of this culturally important work by Constance Feni Woolson which is now at last again available to youEnjoy this classic work today These selected paragraphs distill the contents and give you a uick look inside AnneThe rough walls and beams of the chapel were decorated with fine spray like lines of evergreen all pointing toward the chancel; there was not a solid spot upon which the eye could rest no upright branches in the corners no massed bunches over the windows no stars of Bethlehem anchors or nondescript Greek letters; the whole chapel was simply outlined in light feathery lines of green which reached the chancel entered it played about its walls and finally came together under the one massive wreath whose even circle and thick foliage held them all firmly in place and ended their wanderings in a restful uiet strengthThey followed her hopping along together with arms Anne author Constance Fenimore Woolson

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The novel started out alright A little slow maybe but a decent enough story about a young woman living on Mackinac Island and the struggles she and her family faced It was setting itself up to a typical bildungsroman I really enjoyed the descriptions of the island a place I have biked and explored a number of times and could easily picture what I was reading about When Anne leaves the island the story began to change tone and pace until I found myself reading a melodramatic trope And things just ept getting and unbelievable the I read I was already rolling my eyes and scoffing a bit too much when all the sudden the last uarter of the novel became a murder mysteryamateur detective novel WhatAs far as our eponymous heroine is concerned I think the reader was supposed to find her brave and courageous in fact we were told a number of times that she was brave but she ran away from almost every trial or difficult circumstance that she faced And when she did actually face up to something it was only when practically forced to do so Meh I just don t care for melodramaAs I said I enjoyed the short stories that I read but when writing a full length novel things seems to have gone off the rails for Feni Woolson Her writing seems better suited to short stories where she can end things before they get a little out of "control This is my third time reading Anne a novel that first attracted me to Constance Feni Woolson "This is my third time reading Anne a novel that first attracted me to Constance Feni Woolson whom I have written a biography This time I got to read it with a class of graduate students What a thrill that has been One of them spontaneously wrote to me this morning Anne was full of intrigue suspense and it had a neat ending It was a fabulous read It has been heartening to see how much they have enjoyed it Many of them said at our last class that they had already finished it although it s not due yet because they couldn t put it downAnne was a bestseller in its day It was such a huge success when it ran in Harper s magazine in 1881 82 that people were speculating in the newspapers about how it would end and the Harpers sent Woolson a thousand dollar bonus huge money in those days and an exclusive contract It s easy to see why readers loved it so much it is an epic love story a murder mystery and a coming of age novel all rolled into one My students said they wished they had had it to read along with the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen when they were growing up I feel the same way The heroine Anne belongs in the pantheon of iconoclastic heroines She doesn t set out to subvert usually male authority but she does it over and over again Woolson has written a heroine who goes against type she is described by everyone as big and exercises vigorously and who must time and again follow her own feelings OVER WHAT OTHERS THINK IS PROPER what others think is proper is also a good girl who falls in love with the bad boy Many years later about one of her other books a reader wrote to the New York Times that Miss Woolson Citizens and Paupers: Relief, Rights, and Race, from the Freedmen's Bureau to Workfare knows how whatind of men women like Judging by my students reactions I think she was right This was unexpectedly good Hadn t heard of the author until I read about her in David Lodge s Author Author she was in love and spurned by her in David Lodge s Author Author she was in love and spurned by James Pity that she s faded away definitely worth re discovering because although there was a rather unrealistic incident towards the end on the whole this is an absorbing and unusual book I recommend it Loved this loved reading a book that was older than 100 years old and hearing the author s perspective of American life at that time She is a wonderful author very descriptive and also easy to read Free download available at Project Gutenber. Er charge to bed and then came over early in the morning before she wokeBut what was not expected was the presence there of Miss Lois Hinsdale sitting severely rigid in the first pew accompanied by the doctors child a healthy blue eyed little girl who issed her new mamma obediently and thought her very sweet and pretty a belief which remained with her always the careless indolent easy tempered beautiful young second wife having died when her step daughter was eleven years old leaving four little ones who according to a common freak of nature were Indian than their motherBy the careful attention of Anne he was present in the fort chapel every Sunday morning and once there he played the organ with delight and brought exuisite harmonies from its little pipes; but Anne stood there beside him all the time found the places and ept him down to the work borrowing his watch beforehand in order to touch him when the voluntary was too long or the chords between the hymn verses too beautiful and intrica. Est the girl was small a strange little creature with braids of black hair hanging down behind almost to her ankles half closed black eyes little hands and feet a low soft voice and the grace of a panther Oh and what a panther Tita is but then you have to read the book to find why A beautifully drawn characterThere is another character in the book who is super cheap and wow does Ms Woolson draw out her character well She has a whole plan to sleep in the euivalent of a broom closet for ten hours so that she and Anne can sit up all night at the railroad depot and not have to pay for a night s lodgingAnd on it goes Ms Woolson is a master at characters This salvaged the first half of the bookThe second half of the book is where the plot really gets going and i read through really gets going and I read through rapidly and boy did it take some twists and turns that I did not expect at all Ms Woolson has a Composition and Literature: Bridging the Gap knack for dropping a bomb on you when you least expect it Really goodI was expecting this book to beind of like Anne of Green Gables a fun interesting story for teens That is not this book at all Throughout the book Ms Woolson has deep insights into human nature that are uite remarkable Here is a passage on jealousyIt was jealousy plain simple unconuerable jealousy which was consuming her jealousy terrible passion which the most refined and intellectual share with the poor Hottentots from which the Christian can not escape any than the pagan jealousy horrible companion of love its guardian and tormentor God help the jealous for they suffer the acutest tortures the human mind can feel And Anne was jealousWow Just wowHere is another gemBut nothing appeals so powerfully to a woman s heart as the sudden feebleness of a strong man the man she loves It is so new and perilously sweet that he should be dependent upon her that her arm should be needed to support him that his weak voice should call her name with childish loneliness and impatience if she is not thereMy wife read that and she s like yeah That is exactly how we areHere is one of my favorite passages in the book on temptationIt is easy for the young to be happy before the deep feelings of the heart have been stirred It is easy to be good when there has been no strong temptation to be evil easy to be unselfish when nothing is ardently craved easy to be faithful when faithfulness does not tear the soul out of its abiding place Some persons pass through all of life without strong temptations not having deep feelings they are likewise exempt from deep sins These pass for saints But when one thinks of the cause of their faultlessness one understands better the meaning of those words that joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth than over ninety and nine just persons which need not repentanceA very very good book and well worth reading for her insights into the human condition A year ago I read a collection of Constance Feni Woolson s short stories and for the most part enjoyed the stories I can t really say the same about this novel I discovered Constance Feni Woolson and the book Anne through its connection with Mackinac Island Every few years we spend a week at a relative s home on the island Wanting to Creating Country Music: Fabricating Authenticity know about the history of the island we all love so much I started digging around and discovered Constance Feni Woolson Part of her first novel Anne is set on Mackinac Island where Feni Woolson often vacationed There is a home built in 1899 when Anne was still a popular best seller on the island named Anne s Cottage in honor of Feni Woolson and her heroine Anne There is also a tablet on the island honoring the author and her fictional heroine. Nterlinked while her candle shed a light on the bare walls and floors of the rooms through which they passed a series of little apartments empty and desolate at the end of which was theitchen inhabited in the daytime by an Irishwoman a soldiers wife who came in the morning before breakfast and went by an Irishwoman a soldiers wife who came in the morning before breakfast and went at dusk the only servant William Douglass fast thinning purse could affordSuperseded he then attended nominally to the highways; but as the military authorities had for years done all that was to be done on the smooth roads three in number including the steep fort hill the position was a sinecure and the superintendent took long walks across the island studying the flora of the Northern woods watching the birds noticing the clouds and the winds staying out late to experiment with the flash of the two light houses from their different distances and then coming home to his lonely house where the baby Anne was tenderly cared for by Miss Lois Hinsdale who superintended the nurse all day watched ,

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