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I meant to have read this months ago right after finishing seamus heaney s translationinterpretation The Cure at Troy A Version of Sophocles Philoctetes up until now that remains being my favourite play read this year so far sorry brian friel considering i ve not read the original version before picking up heaney s i was very curious to see how they compare one another in terms of storytelling and style then life ot in the way and i couldn t make the time to pick this edition from the library right until last weekthe original plan was reading only philoctetes i Had Read An Individual read an Individual Of Antigone Years Ago And I of Antigone years ago and i next to nothing about the plot of the women of trachis oedipus wasn t even a uestion because i ve read it too many times throughout my education and did not need another re read of it yet i thought to myself i had read antigone years ago and know next to nothing about the women of trachis why not ive them a read not that i have a ood translation so i didi find it both tragic and funny to know these plays allegedly centred around female characters end up being about the male ones with the female protagonists literally sharing the same type of fate it doesn t even surprise me at this point although it did affect my enjoyment of both stories along these lines philoctetes was still my favourite play from this collection even surprisingly it does not differ as drastically as i had expected from heaney s version in fact i think my thoughts on this play are pretty much the same as those. Sophocles with Aeschylus and Euripides was one of the three Prisoner of Midnight great tragic poets of Athens and is considered one of the world'sreatest poets The subjects of his plays were drawn from mythology and legend Each play contains at least one heroic figure a character whose strength co. ,
Sophocles 2 AntigoneThe Women of TrachisPhiloctetesOedipus at Colonus

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Achina appears to resolve the issue reinforce Helenus s prophesy and send Philoctetes on his way to Troy I enjoyed the play watching Odysseus work at his bestlowest and seeing the acting out of Neoptolemus s naive crisis the ugliness of Philoctetes s wound from the man slaying snake and the agonies it puts him through ive a set OF CONTRASTSCONFLICTS THAT KEEP UP ONE S INTEREST I contrastsconflicts that keep up one s interest I really enjoy the play and its revelation of Odysseus in action Though staged at religious festivals Athenian tragedy was foremost a political event Nowhere is this purpose apparent than in Sophocles who writes propaganda with a wink and sharp elbow in his audience s side Philocetes was a surprise favourite One of the ten best books I ve ever read Wait shouldn t Philoctetes be counted as a comedy At least according to Frye s standardAlso refreshing to see the Machiavellian means of Ulysses didn t work in the text at all Aw the ood o days Having read a few Greek plays now I must say I prefer Euripedes to Sophocles I read this story as we were oing to see a modern adaptation and I wanted to know the story before we went Reading it I wasn t sure how they d be able to adopt it to the modern day as the entire point of the story seemed adopt it to the modern day as the entire point of the story seemed be you shouldn t piss off the ods but Mr. Jelly's Business give them their due or you will be horribly punished There were however some reallyreat lines mostly by Creon But I must admit that sadly the story didn t inspire me enough to o and read the rest of the plays in this edition Greek Tragedies Volume. The fallen hero’s life Antigone a conflict between public authority and an individual woman’s conscience The Women of Trachis a fatal attempt by Heracles’s wife to regain her husband’s love and Philoctetes Odysseus’s intrigue to bring an unwilling hero to the Trojan Wa. In heaney s play and since i m scant for time and cannot bother finding and copy pasting my own ideas into this i will redirect you to the original review just follow the link This volume completes my rereading of Sophocles Having read Terry Pinkard s study of Hegel s Phenomenology a book which contains an analysis of Hegel s interesting reading of Sophoclean Tragedy I had been looking for some of the themes mentioned Sociality of Reason made this reading very enjoyable and much meaningful For a long time I have been interested in Edmund Wilson s essay The Wound and the Bow and FINALLY BROUGHT MYSELF TO READING brought myself around to reading Sophocles treatment of storyEnsiled weakened by his suppurating wound Philoctetes fears Odysseus and his sly tricks as he does not want to return to Troy it was foretold however that only Philoctetes s bow a weapon of Heracles would conuer the towers of Troy Thus Odysseus tries to hide his identity his voice ives him away Philoctetes had been set off by his abandonment Entrusted with keeping tabs on Philoctetes the young Neoptolemus Achilles s son softens to his story and reacts negatively to Odysseus and his lies Philoctetes wants only to return home negatively to Odysseus and his lies Philoctetes wants only to return home so the possibility of luring him on board ship presents itself But Neoptolemus even attempts to return Philostetes s bow stopped only by Odysseus Then the whole of Helenus s prophecy is revealed including Philostetes s healing by the sons of Asclepius reat heroism in the winning of Troy Finally Heracles a true deus ex Urage or intelligence exceeds the human norm but who also has than ordinary pride and self assurance These ualities combine to lead to a tragic endLoeb Classical Library #21 Volume 2 of 3 of the Loeb Classical Library SophoclesVolume II contains Oedipus at Colonus the climax of.