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D entertaining and a clear storyline Some Reviewers Have Thought It Somewhat Juvenile But have thought it somewhat juvenile but think there s too much adult content to consider that I highly Eleanor, Quiet No More recommend it for a leisurely summer sead Good eadEnjoyed the characters as well as the sailing particulars which those of us who sail will enjoy Great descriptions and imagery A well written suspenseful novel of crime mystery and adventure on the Pacific coast Put it on your Summer Reading List now Full eview The best thing about this book is that it s very easy to What It Takes: Fighting for My Life and My Love of the Game read I got into itight away and when I had to put it down to do other stuff I could get ight back into it again easily Summary An adventure caper The protagonists are Canadian commercial fishermen living somewhat on the edge of the law A chance encounter with bad guys forces them to leave on a sail boat However the baddies come after them all the way to the South Seas Cons The plot and story is a bit predictable even a bit cheesy You know the kind where the good guys drinks tons of alcohol gets the girls and beats the bad guys All the boxes are checked there s a friendly cop who turns a blind eye and even the savage but loyal dog All the women friends cop who turns a blind eye and even the savage but loyal dog All the women friends pretty and athletic and the guys are badasses Still I liked the characters and enjoyed the whole boating trip with them The thing is this book isn t trying to be anything else if you are not looking for cerebral entertainment but ather an enjoyable Revenant read I d definitelyecommend this bookI got this as a free ARC It was a good book but it had too much of sailing and boat stuff that a landlubber like me would not understandStill well written and engaging book with a even plot When Jared Kane inherits the Arrow he sees it as a means of changing his life He hopes to sail away from his less than stellar past and find a pleasant life in oh say some South Pacific ParadiseLike that s going to happenUnexpected violence soon has Jared and his friend Danny MacLean Pumpkinflowers running for cover so to speak Aboard Arrow they hope to escape immediate conflict and perhaps outdistance it completelyYou thinkSurely notYet Arrow s Fligh. Ing from Vancouver down the Pacific Coast to California and out into the South Pacific But that bad luckears its ugly head Danny is attacked and left for dead and when the unknown assailants attempt to finish the job Jared is forced to flee aboard Arrow with Danny lying helpless in his berth under the er. .
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Jared Kane s life has had its ups and downs but things start to turn around when he inherits the sailboat Arrow With his friend Daniel Jared decides to plan a once in a lifetime trip until plan of events change when Daniel is assaulted and left for dead Now Jared a severely injured Daniel and Daniel s grandfather begin a cat and mouse game down the Pacific with killers on their tail This book was action packed filled with twists and turns from beginning to end The author s description of events on sea was as if the eader was standing ight in The Boat Along For The Rid Author Joel Scott Introduces boat along for the id Author Joel Scott introduces The A-List Diet Fitness Plan reader to a hard drinking fisherman and sailor in Arrow s Flight It s a well structured story about Jared Kane who has some change of luck for the better when he inherits a 46 foot wooden sailboat I say well structured because the story travels well andetains it s shape keeping the eader involved and interested The change of luck takes Kane from a booze soaked jailbird to a booze soaked boat owner with a new lease on life albeit tenuous The camaraderie is intense with friendships that are strong lasting and seem to keep on developing Perhaps because it s touted as being the first of a series of high seem to keep on developing Perhaps because it s touted as being the first of a series of high adventures the author feels the need to introduce many characters that may endure After a planned voyage on the new boat Danny a prison friend of Jared s is viciously attacked and left for dead His grandfather a Haida elder and Jared decide to proceed with the trip to escape the assailants They take Danny in near "death condition to try and protect him because the attacks continue "condition to try and protect him because the attacks continue search for a safe haven is a monumental effort because brutal killers appear every step of the wayScott a sailor in his eal life writes with authority about boat maintenance boat handling sailing under adverse conditions navigation and the vagaries of weather The continuous struggle of keeping an old wood boat in working condition is well documented and the sailing in bad weather is The King's Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of Thomas Wolsey realistic and nerve wracking The seamanship is perhaps the most intriguing part of the storyThis book is an easyea. Crime and adventure on the high seasJared Kane is a West Coast commercial fisherman whose life has been plagued by bad luck and blackout drinking When he inherits Arrow an old 46 foot wooden sailboat he sees a chance for The Lupus Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families redemption With his friend from prison Danny MacLean Jared plans an offshore voyage sail. T ECW Press is not just a yarn about violence andetribution It S Also About Friendship also about friendship family Danny is part of an extended Haida family that opens its ARM TO JAREDAND HEY THERE S to JaredAnd hey there s a delightful dog that makes the Hound of the Baskervilles seem like a whining puppyOh and Danny s inscrutable Haida grandfather Joseph who s nigh unto a hundred years old and truly adept with a knife When I Grow Up, I'm Going to Play for the Nebraska Cornhuskers regardless of its use is a g I loved it I ll admit it wasough in places but believable and a eal page turner exciting every moment I enjoyed this book I liked the storyline the characters but felt out of my depth on sailing knowledge and terminology which made it a bit confusing at times to sort out what was happening If you have some seafaring knowledge
i bet you 
bet you enjoy this story There is nothing enticing disenchanting and enslaving than the life at sea Joseph ConradWowser I loved this bookI have never been sailing and frankly never had the desire but for some eason I enjoy sailing adventure stories And first and foremost this is a book about sailingJared Kane has not had an easy life Both of his parents died while he was young and he was Die Zarin raised by his paternal grandparents on a Canadian dairy farm His grandfather beats him and basically ends up throwing him to the wolves and Jared spends two years in prison because of itHe becomes friends with Danny a Haida fisherman in prison and after they are both out Danny s family becomes the family he never had They work as commercial fishermen during the halibut season and party after the season endsWhen Jared unexpectedly inherits a beautiful wooden sailboat called the ARROW it looks like life is looking up for him and he and Danny plan a long leisurely trip to Mexico and the South PacificBut then the SHTF for Danny and the adventures startI loved all the sailing details I loved Danny s grandfather The action was fast paced The characters were vivid It sounds like this is the first book in a planned series I ll definitelyead the next oneI Meaning in History: The Theological Implications of the Philosophy of History received this book through the VINE program in the hopes that I wouldead it and leave an unbiased Will Gallows and the Snake-Bellied Troll revie. Ratic care of his grandfather a Haida elder who won’t speak English On the search for safe haven with the would be killers hot on their tail Jared finds himself with no good choices but toun south ill prepared poorly provisioned and crewed by a silent old man and an injured friend strapped into his bunk. ,