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Attila the Hun

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And Sono with Visits from the Seventh factual in an intimidating way mired in received wisdom something I really ought to read How wrong I was The author deconstructs the established truths about Attila and Hun history and builds it back up again inront of our eyes There are so many empty spaces and non seuiturs in the standard text that it takes a real expert one with imagination and Remarkable Creatures flair to put this story together And he does a great job drawingrom personal experience deep research and also practical insights the guy
in hungary who 
Hungary who himself how to be an archer how to ride a horse and then how to be an expert horseback archer which is undamental to a revaluation of how effective Hun battle techniues were Not just the story of Attila not just a mapping of Huns But Also A Fresh Eyed but also a resh eyed of the collapse of the Roman Empire and ultimately Heroes Adrift (Hero, foodor thought Chuck and Danielle for anyone contemplating the present world orderHugely entertaining very insightful I can t believe it took me so long to open this book An absolutely awful book John Man manages to strains even the loosest definition as he asserts himself into the role Whereas most historians utilize things such as evidence sources and logic John Man instead uses conjecture speculation and Fiction I was left unsure if Man is either deceitful or oblivious He seems to completely misunderstand a host of sources the most egregious to me being the bizarre view he took awayrom the poem Waltharius this in conjunction with his penchant Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old for ahistorical misuse of words left me amazed that this book was ever published On a purely historical level this book was poor I just want to mention the oddity that is a chapter that is devoted to his crush on a Hungarian archery teacher. A was coarse capricious arrogant ruthless and brilliant An illiterate and predatory tribal chief he had no interest in administration but was a wily politician whorom his base in the grasslands of Hungary used secretaries and ambassadors to bring him intelligence on his enemies He was a leader whose uniue ualities made him supreme among tribal leaders but whose weaknesses ensured the collapse of his empire after his dea.
Ntributions to the Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs field is something that everyone especially the academically can enjoy John Man you always entertain us yet this time youail usBoth contemporary chroniclers and the archeological RECORD TOO MEAGRE TO FILL are too meagre to Gray Bishop fill book on Atilla so what do we get Fifty years of late Roman history that s a good contextor Flavius Aetius A vivid reconstruction of what it s like to be on the receiving end of a Hun archery volley that s promising or his showdown at the Catalaunian Plains Man ails to deliver on of a Hun archery volley that s promising or his showdown at the Catalaunian Plains Man ails to deliver on military history Also some of the Liar filler is of uestionable rapport to the biographical sketch of Attila 18th century theories on the Turkish Mongolian origins of the Hun deliver us in Man savorite country to look at mounds that predate the Hun by a thousand years I do like his encounter with Lajos Kassai who gives a uniue insight into the art of mounted archery yet in the end it Noir failed to door Atilla than a not uite He had the charisma of the natural leader His people were sucked into a vortex of plunder because A pastoral nomads can NOT survive without the wood or metal obtained by trading beyond the grasslands B Humans are lazy they grow to appreciate the portable luxuries of civilisation Those white teethed children are as short on vitamin C as on sugarC leadership depends on booty and expansion Again and again and again Until you ravage the proverbial cow dry and hit a wall too sturdy Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are for your arrowsSo the Huns weren t as succesful as the Mongols and Atilla was no Djengiz Butor all the reasoning Man never drives the comparison home What was the missing element For a decade or so this book has glared down at me Gaffer from its shelf I imagined it would be deep. N Worldrom its twin capitals of Rome and Constantinople but it was threatened by a new Circumstantial Evidence force the mucheared Barbarian hordes It was Attila who united the Barbarian tribes into a single amazingly effective army He launched two violent attacks against the eastern and western halves of the Roman empire attacks which earned him his reputation Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers for mindless devastation and brought an end to Rome's pre eminence in EuropeAttil. The city s Bishop came to confront the advancing Huns and said I am Lupus a man of God At this Attila came up with a smart one liner in impeccable Latin Ego sum Attillalagellum Dei I am Attila the Scourge of God pg 220I thought this was well researched and put together well "The author did a good job at telling the back story and explaining the archaeological cultural historical and olkloric "author did a good job at telling the back story and explaining the archaeological cultural historical and olkloric attached to the mystiue of the Huns The author does a good job of showing the link of the Huns A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping from the pastoral nomadic people the Xiongnu also spelled Hsiung nu It is a real possibility the Huns came out of present day Mongolia migrated west out of the region because of warstensions with the Han Chinese pushed through th I prize accessibility almost as much as scholarly accuracy in historical monographs Readers of my reviews have heard me rail time and time again against the turgidity of academic writing which renders even monumental works useless due to theirailure to win an audience This is not a problem or Man whose Background As A Travel as a travel shines through He breaks every academic rule engaging in tangents and Summer Meditations flights ofancy chasing rabbits down holes and building castles in the air injecting his opinion at every possible opportunity But it works because Man layers this over an impeccable command of Jordanes Marcellinus Procopius and the rest of Man layers this over an impeccable command of Jordanes Marcellinus Procopius and the rest of sources so that the reader winds up God Said, Ha!: A Memoir feeling like their in a conversation over a beer with a likable guy regarding Attila s life and impact instead of being lectured by yet another crusty old white dudeThere is precious little secondary scholarship in English a ton in Hungarian on Attila and I m thrilled that one of theew co. The name Attila the Hun has become a byword or barbarism savagery and violence His is a truly household name but what do we really know about the man himself his position in history and the world in which he lived This riveting biography reveals the man behind the mythIn the years 434 454AD the ate of Europe hung upon the actions of one man Attila king of the Huns The decaying Roman empire still stood astride the Wester.