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Ites well with his pacing and scenes At over 350 pages this novel doesn t need trimming or diting He specially xcelled with convincing dialogue specially when Baal ither speaks or bellows There is a small twist at The End But It S Not Surprising end but it s not surprising the battle is almost anticlimactic perhaps a little weak but ultimately it works with the subtle apocalyptic storyNo real flaws but a three star rating is Buried earned because the story onlyntertains semi far due to it Robert McCammon is one of those horror authors influential to me as I delved into horror "fiction from the mid to late 80 s not only as a reader "from the mid to late 80 s not only as a reader as a writer In a word I love his work Even lately with his Matthew Corbett series which is a bit of a diversion from his well known modern horror works McCammon stands up there to me as strongly as the big heavy hitters of horror like Stephen KingBAAL was his debut novel way back when and it shows Not his strongest novel but hey I think most agree that neither was CARRIE but had definite glimmers of brilliance and a talent to be reckoned with The novel opens in the 70 s in NYC as a young couple struggles to make it during a tough conomy After leaving her dead nd job "As A Waitress She "a waitress she attacked and raped by a mysterious stranger and later much to her husband s dismay decides to keep the baby Their marriage dissolves into drunken despair after she gives birth to a boy with startling adult awareness and seemingly uncommon intelligence and during an argument the wife murders the husband and then commits suicide The novel flashes forward to an orphanage where the boy frightens the nuns priests and begins to attract a following of fellow studentorphans who call him by his preferred name Baal a demonic ntityYears later Baal has grown in power and influence and soon gathers murderous followers in the Middle East all converging in Kuwait awaiting to see him Theology professor Dr Virga travels to Kuwait to find out what happened to a colleague who mysteriously vanished while researching the cult like power of Baal And soon he realizes he s too late for his friend and for himselfNeedless to say the narrative of BAAL moves swiftly and didn t lag as the story moves from the Middle East to the frigid Arctic as those intrepid few attempt to thwart Baal before his power grows too large for any mortal to stop My only issue is that Michael and Zark Virga s would be accomplices in their uest to stop Baal didn t share nough page timeand the somewhat too asy xplanation for Michael as well as lack of xplanation as to who the attackerrapist Baal s father was and the why Still worth reading for McCammon s fans who haven t checked this out I should start off by saying this is not a masterpiece it feels a bit rough a talented writer just beginning to put his stories on paper However the writing isn t that bad at all It surprised me in many positive ways I would ven consider this book superior to and written better than Bethany s Sin a slightly later novel The story is Omen sue but it follows Baal s ntire journey It starts off dark violent and ngaging and keeps up the pace for a good 100 pages before mellowing our a bit It changes its setting a lot it wants to be sprawling and pic so bad and as Ratty may say I can dig it but I don t think McCammons writing chops were up to the task uite yet If he had written this a decade later this could be the most A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, epic and definitive Antichrist novel out there Even in its current form it s superior to thentire steaming pile of dookie series Left Behindbut I digress We go from gritty back alleys in NYC to the scorching sands of the Middle East to the frozen wastelands of the Great White North and trek across Greenland It was a fun adventureOverall worth a read It wanted to be something it s author couldn t uite do yet I believe but the writing is solid the story is interesting The Shadow Reader engaging and dark It held my interest thentire time and uite frankly I wish it were longer and laborated on There were good characters here and I just want to know MORE More character development imagery pages I wish RRM would revisit this one but I don t see it happening Worth the couple hours it takes to read Very short book that I purposely stretched over a few days375. Sh wasteland where he is tracked by the only three men with a will to stop him Zark the shaman; Virga the aging professor of theology; and Michael the powerful mysterious stranger.

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Not uite as xciting as I hoped it would be but not terrible ither Realizing this was Mr McCammon s first book I felt like I could sense the not uite realized talent that shows so well in the other books of his I ve sense the not uite realized talent that shows so well in the other books of his I ve Lots of potential in the story and the characters just not uite nough there But glad I read it 3050 stars is where I would land Wow Awesome book Only the second McCammon I ve read the other being Boy s Life one of my top 3 favorite books The Power Of A Choice ever I have a whole shelf of his other paperbacks at home Looking forward to that next one In Baal McCammon places bits of the story in Greenland the US and in the Middle East The Middle Eastern scenes in particular were veryasy to fall into With all of the chaos going on over there today and all of the crap we see from these people killing one another on a day to day basis for McCammon to create that vision and fury back in 1978 is incredible Baal was the perfect bastard all the way through but I found the chapters of Jeffrey Raines aka Baal in the Boys Home were probably the most terrifying Lots of cool visuals throughout as wellYep Can t wait for the next book from RRM Works well nough on its own terms jettison xpectations of originality and depth and settle for a fast moving vil messiah tale with many gore set pieces and a suitably vile villain and you ll be fine Somewhat superficial research nsured that I caught all the resonances and hints uite The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right early on as well as a few factualrrors here and there The prose is functional but occasionally aspires to sometimes it gets there Not at all bad for a first novel But it s gross and sickening than awe inspiring McCammon fails to Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling exploit the numinous potential of this tale with hismphasis on viscera and profanity Baal is Rosemary s Baby and The Omen and Megido all rolled up in one burrito The best parts about the novel are the opening and final acts basically the first and last fifty pages of the book I was successfully dragged into a character drama concerning a couple trying to cope with a pregnancy after the wife is raped and brutalized Then the book changed drastically and I uickly lost interest in what seemed to be a religious thriller with supernatural undertones Then it changed again morphing into an nd of days scenario before wrapping up with a strong action packed finale While Baal is well written I could almost feel McCammon s growing pains He seemed to want so much out of this book but couldn t uite settle on one coherent theme What s the worst part about humanity Our sex drive Our tendency to lean toward violent resolutions over peaceful ones The Kardashians I keed I keed In summation Only read Baal if you re a completionist And please please for Tom Cruise s sake "do not make this the first McCammon book you read To say that "not make this the first McCammon book you read To say that like Robert McCammon s writing is like saying fish kind of like water He is without a doubt my favorite author that ver put ink to paper His writing has wrung out very motion possible from within my soul and has helped shape who I am as a reader writer and as a person Yes his writing is simply magical So it was a no brainer when the opportunity came around to participate in the Robert McCammon Challenge The RMC is where you read his work in chronological order one a "month until you ve completed them all baal "until you ve completed them all Baal McCammon s first novel published way back in 1978 Many authors would kill for their first novel to have this level of uality You can see th Wanting to read all of McCammons works in the next couple of years means that i have the pleasure of reading his very arly novels These books are the ones that the author himself has kind of disowned BAAL is the first and whilst nowhere near as bad as McCammon made out it still isn t greatWhist serious and mature in tone than another one of his arly works Bethanys sin BAAL never uite knows what it wants to be What starts out as uite a strong character study about a family dealing with rape and an unwanted pregnancy soon morphs into a vast tale spanning across different continents trying its best to feel pic and failing pretty badly Its like Mccammon had an idea and then couldnt uite pull it off so changed it The book is a mess with three parts that are completely different in tone. A woman is ravishedand to her a child is bornunleashing an unimaginable vil upon the worldAnd they call him BAAL in the orphanage where he leads the children on a rampage of viol. And dont uite match up We have the said family tragedy and BAAL as a youngster with a certain omen feel to it and then we are thrust into a story about a priest looking into a massive cult following with no idea how and why this has come about and then finally the last third whilst being atmospheric and creepy does not match up with anything that has come before it and Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. ends with a whimper It doesnt helpither that the title character goes missing for around 23rds of the bookWorth reading for the strong beginning and the creepy ice maze at the nd Everything in between kind of falls flat What a phenomenal debut novel and horror classic A woman is raped by an xtremely erie man and the son she bears is different from the very beginning The children in the orphanage are afraid of Jeffrey also the nuns and fathers He soon calls himself Baal like the ancient demon and god the Canaanites worhipped Years go by Baal is gathering a lot of followers in Kuweit he is regarded as the true Messiah Virga a professor of theology is looking for a colleague who wanted to research this new phenomenon and who s missing now in Kuweit Donald wanted to write a book about this new prophet Baal When in Kuweit chaos violence and bloodshed occur among the fanatic followers of Baal s cult Then Baal their leader alledgedly is shot by a Jewish person But was he really assasinated Virga wants to hunt Baal down and gets help by a strange fellow named Michael Who is this Michael and what s his connection to Baal There is a fantastic showdown in the Arctic Who will come out as winner the forces of good or those of vil This "is a breathtaking and compelling piece of fiction You get lots of background knowledge on Baal and are within "a breathtaking and compelling piece of fiction You get lots of background knowledge on Baal and
are within nailbiting 
within nailbiting full of good Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, evil and mysterious going ons The novel was written in 1978 but the seed of Baal is still in full grow if you have a look at Kuweit or the Middle East This gives the novel anerie relevance to our modern age An absolute classic McCammon s first is a must read pageturner you won t regret Reading the two page afterword that followed this book I learned that Robert McCammon considers this his Angry Young Man novel and that this was his first full length publication The story was born from feeling surrounded by powerless circumstances in the twenties with little money a dead Il morto di Maigret end job catering to under appreciativemployers little respect from peers Baal rose up to form a story that has been told and retold in so many ways before It s not new but as far as these types of tellings go it s damn goodThe thing I appreciate most is that McCammon stuck to the viewpoints of a select few staying with them a good length in between not head hopping too much something that drives me bonkers with these types It was subtly apocalyptic until the nd where it still felt sheltered and isolated but that was the trick of the hand and the weight over the yes Focal settings help the story succeed well told through the POV of the unlucky parents for the first segment Baal s interesting choice of carriers to fame through the boy s home as a teenager Virga the uiet and subtle hero at the college the destruction and desolation as Baal gains power in the middle ast and ultimately the long perilous journey that three heroes bear on the ice Each of these segments drew out to highlight the power of the story not needing to jump around and in staying amidst themselves and having respectimportance for ach scene making Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition each segment count as much as the first and the last well that is where this story truly succeededVirga was such an awesome hero because like in so many biblical stories and lessons he was an ordinary man Aged not strong in stature not particularly brave he helped as best as he could but was not saved in any way through good fortune talent luck or skill He couldn t fight he couldn t shoot weapons he couldn t track and he was the slowest of the group in the ice slowing them down An unassuming hero with his own brands of flaws Baal was trulyvil yicky with his intents and his purposes a one dimensional foe While I usually prefer my heroes AND villains with grey spots Baal could be nothing but pure black to be convincing considering what he is supposed to beMcCammon wr. Encein California where he appears as the head of a deadly Manson like cultin Kuwait where crazed millions heed his call to murder and orgyThey call him BAAL in the Arctic's helli. Baal author Robert R. McCammon