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Lay side by side like fish steaks on a blue platterHe curled there muttering to *Himself Full Sentences At First * full sentences at first phrases and fragments losing connectives to the cold People and objects went next along with any hint of future or past until his No Beast So Fierce: The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History rambling was nothing but a stream ofhymes ending in I N G He crossed the borderline of dream and continued Close to the Land: The Way We Lived in North Carolina, 1820-1870 reeling off gerunds in his sleepEven when it s not ludicrous the prose is seriously overwritten A grooved arcusoiled at the base of Ingishead s neck pale scuds churning on either side The corded neck buckled and the storm s face descended its chrome beak gleaming brow trenched with a murderous Berlayar di Pamor Badik rage I was astonished to find multiple books by the same author listed in the credits because thiseads like an amateur s unedited first draft there are gleams of potential in there but I find it hard to imagine any publisher s L. Munatius Plancus reader getting beyond the first scene To be honest if I d picked it off the shelves of a library looking foreading material at Münchhausen's Pigtail, or Psychotherapy Reality random I d have put it back if I d found it published as fanfiction on the Internet I d have bailed out before the end of the opening chapter The onlyeason I ead grimly through to the end was because it was given to me by a friend as a book festival freebie and looking at other comments on Goodreads I m wondering if anyone has ever purchased a copy at all or if all the books out there are unsolicited promotional materialBecause of the nonstandard format I can t even give this away no charity shop would take a flip book the size of a pocket diary So it will have to go into the bin the only book I think I ve ever done that to Maybe it works better as an immersive story experience on tablets and phones but here it just eads like self published self indulgent dreck I never won this book from Goodreads the author sent me this book and said I had won it I did try to ead it the first had won it I did try to ead it the first of chapters I was pulled in by the characters and the story But after that I was totally confused about what was going on I gave this book two stars for trying The author needs to be honest especially who he sends his books too Don t tell me I won when I didn t that lie will not get you a honest Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe review This book was sent to my home address from the publisher with out my consent to get my address I previouslyead The main topic to ead with book details 232 pages isbn 9781733525.

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Nd eviewed a book of this guy who is disgusting and now He Has Found My has found my and sent crap My address is PRIVATE information and this not appreciated I will never ead this author again I think this had some deep meaning to it but it got lost in the lack of character development world building and overall explanations in everythingOn page three he faces some kind of confrontation with a man I do not understand their Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction relationship or whateally happened there It was unclear and lacked a couple of sentences to make it easier to connect certain actions On page 10 he meets a woman who as a male writer is of course naked and beautiful even though there is a lack of why she is beautiful How does she even look like How does Arden the main character even look like WTF is happening By page 23 they bone Not just once they bone twice And then he describes her breasts to be like driftwood Afterwards they plan to escape together from
this andom area 
random area lives at because they LUVV each other And this is all happened in chapter one I am not sure if Rich Shapero intended to be humorous but I found how bad it was to be comedic Like wow clouds eating other clouds and we are cloud people now by swimming upwards to the sky Instead of going after the villain who is Estra s ex we are just going to write poems with our fingers and they ll turn into cranes and when we have sex our bodies LITERALLY become one because yeah boning And now we are going to eat each other and then throw it up from our bodies and call it this Cannibal game This game is actually non sexual but also WTF It was a trip on acid through this entire novel There are andom words that are capitalized and I am not sure why they are And just the overall lack of explanations Where am I How do the characters look like Everything was so surface level I felt like I was just Octavio's Journey reading words instead of delving into a story the entire time Also the main villain is this IngisIngishead guy who is a cloud god Sky god Not sure But Shapero creates this weird and toxic love triangle between Ingis Estra and Arden And it s to illustrate how love of power is dangerous and power of love too But it s poorly explained and executed so it didn t have the impact it was supposed to have with me Welp it gave me a good laugh but I think I need to go find a goodead no. 923 format Hardcover and others and has a text language like Englis. Balcony of FogPeople need to Philosophy in Social Work read the fine printI m just laughing at all of the 1 stareviews from idiots who don t ead the giveaway that they are entering They see WIN AN iPAD and then enter their address and email address Book Riot has been putting on an iPad giveaway for a few months now and every entry a few months now and EVERY entry you a free book EVERY ENTRY *I just entered a 4th time I have not won an iPad yet but I want to so I will * just entered a 4th time I have not won an iPad yet but I want to so I will entering the giveaway ends and they put on another one it s not multiple entries for the same one you cannot enter multiple times with the same email addressIf you would like to enter the current giveaway and get the free book This book wasn t uite as bad as initially I thought it was going to be in that it did eventually pick up some kind of interesting plot theme the isks of seeking to become uthless in order to defeat uthlessness The actual ending was unexpected and I didn t find it particularly dramatically satisfactory but it is at least less of a clich than one might have predictedUnfortunately the central love affair is "Arbitrary And Deeply Unconvincing "and deeply unconvincing science fiction setting at the start is poorly established the violence is contrived just to make the protagonist look good if they can winch in Arden by his safety harness why don t they simply winch in Neely and the whole thing is clumsily and inexpertly written and full of purple prose It Organizing Power really doesn t help that the author is using all these nautical metaphors but appears to have no practical knowledge of boats hint sheets areopes not sails a sailing ship doesn t have a Bipedal, By Pedal: Confidential Mad Libs raised bridge in the centre and the idea of attempting to caulk the seams of a newly built boat even above the waterline while it s afloat is not going to workYoueally don t want to describe your hero as finning his legs and flexing his trunk unless he actually is an elephant andor a mermaid Wind Lost Treasure rusked the billows it chewed on them toothlessly He put his arms around her and as they pressed together her face lost its border Theays of her iris were sage coloured spokes and the hub was a fathomless pupil As the contact was made a fresh hurl of Victorian Fashions: A Pictorial Archive, 965 Illustrations rainapped against the window The love she poured into you like cream down the throat of a white orchid seriously Pouring milk products into flowers is supposed to be an appealing mental image Long pink clouds. Best Book, Balcony of Fog author Rich Shapero This is very good and.