[PDF/EPUB] (Bayou Shadow Hunter Bayou Magic #1) by Debbie Herbert

Bayou Shadow Hunter Bayou Magic #1

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An Original Enchanting ReadI Biopower: Foucault and Beyond really enjoyed this *book Debbie Herbert has crafted aefreshingly original enchanted world If you e a fan of Paranormal *Debbie Herbert has crafted a efreshingly original enchanted world If you e a fan of Paranormal I highly ecommend this book I loved the magical characters the bewitching story line and the charming hea i look forward and the charming HEA I look forward amazing stories by Debbie Herbert I うそつきリリィ 3 [Usotsuki Lily 3] received an ARC in exchange for an honesteview Great bookI enjoyed this book set in the bayou of Louisiana When hunters are a fighting evil and Annie finds a new life and love This paranormal story takes place in the Bayou where an evil entity captures and traps spirits It s a battle of good versus evil Tombi is the leader of the Shadow Hunters His uest to free the spirits and put an end to this malignant creature is proving to be very difficult Annie is a witch who hasn t eached her full potentials She can hear auras a gift or curse that she would give anything to get id of as the medley of noises gets in the way of leading a normal life She is currently visiting her grandmother Tia in the Bayou Annie hears this enthralling music one night and is compulsed to investigate One of the trapped spirits gives her a message to pass on to Tombi She isn t aware that she is not alone until Tombi makes his appearance He doesn t trust her but is intrigued by her ability to hear auras This could be beneficial to him and his circle Tombi takes Annie to meet his circle but this is not very well A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators received His twin sister takes an instant dislike to Annie Those in his circle don t trust her Tombi and Annie have a hot and coldelationship Tombi for his lack of trust and his dedication to his cause Annie is plagued by a past Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival relationship where she was Crazy Annie and she doesn t have any confidence in herself There is a traitor in the circle and Annie can help by listening to the auras but the lack of trust makes itather difficult This is a different and new concept to the paranormal genre There are hoodoo Lifting rituals Herbs concoctions Spirit guides Spiritual healing It s full of suspense and intrigues Who is the traitor amongst the midst Will Tombi ever trust Annie andeveal his true feelings Will Annie ever find the sense of belonging which she craves It s very well Mathruhridayam researched and put together I would fullyecommend this novel Choctaw legends hoodoo mystiue and unexpected passion come together in this southern tale of ancient *things that go bump in the night Herbert does it again telling *that go bump in the night Herbert does it again telling gripping story with fascinating details from various southern traditions This was an amazing ead It has everything I love A bit on the supernatural side with some omance thrown in There were some eally spooky suspenseful moments I ead some and also listened to the audiobook At one point I nearly fell out of bed at the na. HOT SULTRY DEADLY THESE ARE THE SECRETS THAT LURK IN THE BAYOU Bent on evenge Native American Shadow Hunter Tombi Silver could turn to only one woman the witch Annie Matthews for help Her ability to he. .
Rrator making it scary lol I loved it I loved the characters During one part in the middle I got eally aggravated at Tomby and his sister but in the end it The House That Had Enough really made his personalityeal These are characters I feel at a loss for now that I finished the book Thankfully there is another one The narrator of the audio version was amazing Bayou Shadow Hunter by Debbie Herbert 5 starsReviewed by Char for Late Night Books and ReviewsBayou Shadow Hunter is a very good The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field romance set in the Louisiana Bayous It has a uniue story line that features will o the wisps Hoodoo magic and Native American lore I ve neveread anything about those things before and I loved itAnnie Matthews was staying with her grandmother on the edge of the woods in the bayou Her grandmother was a well The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division respected witch and Hoodoo practitioner who was teaching Annie the craft One night she is awoken by a colorful ball of light that is calling to her through its music Annie has a special auditory ability that allows her to hear things the average person cannot She can hear a person s uniue musical aura She can also hear the voice to the souls trapped in the will o the wisps One particular soul Bo asked her for helpTombi Native American who hunts shadow spirits and evil beings stumbled upon Annie just after she had spoken to Bo He is heart broken over the loss of his best friend to the increasingly cunning evil spirits and is immediately suspicious of Annie He learns of her hearing gift and enlists her help to find the traitor in his group of hunters by agreeing to help her learn to block the music she constantly hearsTombi and Annie had a turbulentelationship throughout the book He didn t trust her and wondered if she
was secretly working 
secretly working evil She was Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) resentful of him for her grandmother s predicament and was mistrustful of people in general due to feeling isolated and bullied her whole life for being different The time they spend together the closer they get and the Tombi wants to deny his feelingsThis book has a great story line and the supernatural aspects of the story were well done I loved experiencing a different atmosphere and culturaleferences that are not common Annie s grandmother Tia and Tombi s sister were *great Secondary Characters I Have secondary characters I have a few other books by this author and they have all been *secondary characters I have Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl read a few other books by this author and they have all been good I am looking forward toeading from Debbie HerbertFive STARS Late Night Books Reviewer Char a time of enchantment The opening lines of this book capture its whole spellbinding world Choctaw Shadow Hunter Tombi Silver finds himself needing the help of Annie Matthews a Défendre Jacob reluctant witch who learned Hoodoo magic from her grandmother and has a special gift that enables her to hear what ordinary people can t One night her giftcurse lea. Ar auras had allowed her to discover Tombi's friend mystically trapped by forces that could destroy them all The accompanying message of a traitor in their midst meant Tombi could trust no one Dare he Ds her to a trapped spirit named Bo who begs her to seek out his friend Tombi and warn him of a traitor in their group Tombi is trying to free Bo s spirit from an evil spirit andelease it to the heavens and for this he ll *need annie s help the two however start *Annie s help The two however start wary of each other Trust no one was Bo s message Annie herself conveyed to Tombi Can he trust a witch someone from outside his tribe Annie for her part has easons to feel wary of Tombi Will they learn to trust each other Survive the dangers ahead and maybe even fall in love Debbie Herbert is a superb author with a talent for beautiful description I loved her accounts of Choctow mythology
hoodoo magic and 
magic and lush mysterious atmosphere of the bayou This is a wonderful enjoyable story five stars A steamy page turner Well written and exciting this book was hard to put down I enjoyed the characters journeys of self discovery and how they saved each other from loneliness and fear Great ead BAYOU SHADOW HUNTER fascinates with believable originality From characters with uniue capabilities to a very creative plot the story is intriguing all the way through There are plenty of unexpected turns that often shake up the lives of those trying to defeat evil and I often fretted over who was going to be the victor when any battles arose The Nocturne line Black Gold in North Dakota regularly has innovative stories and those written by Debbie Herbert are often some of the most imaginative The Bayou Magic miniseries is compelling with cleverness and distinctive circumstancesWhen Annie Matthews came to spend time with her grandmother who lives in southern Alabama several of her experiences are stranger than any events during previous visits to Bayou La Siryna One unusual episode is when she spies a colorful ball of light in the swamp and goes to investigate Since auras can be heard by Annie she is not shocked when a man s voice from the orb tells her disturbing information to give Bayou Shadow Hunter by Debbie Herbert is one of the best books I veead lately While Bayou Shadow Hunter is a departure from Debbie s Dark Seas trilogy I am already craving the next book in THIS series Yes Bayou Shadow Hunter is THAT good You e wondering what Makes It So Good Right Well Buckle Up Because It it so good ight Well buckle up because it a long listFirst and foremost I ADORE the setting Bayou la Siryna It strongly Nestle Toll House Recipe Collection resembles the area where I grew up Being a native of the Alabama Gulf Coast and married to an avid fisherman I can vividly see and feel the bayou setting Actually every bit of the setting feelseal to meNext on my list of loves about this book is the heroine the Hoodoo practicing witch Annie Matthews I feel deeply connected to her on so many levels and I can identify with every single one of her struggles I don t want to detail too Ring Annie along on his uest to fight shadow spirits Putting his faith in someone outside his tribe especially one who pulled at his tightly controlled desires could prove just as dangerous as his missi.

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