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Beach Bags and BurglariesOk so I really didn t njoy this book for many reasons The first being all of the descriptive hyphenated run on phrases on very page Also wasn t there some traumatic stuff that happened to here and all she could do was swoon over 4 5 guys Horrible horrible

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Do not recommend An read This is not my first Haley Randolph book I m not so sure that it won t be the last however Like in previous Randolph book I m not so sure that it won t be the last however Like in previous in the series continuity and proofreading seem to be an issue This time however I ven caught switches from first person to third time however I Placing Memory even caught switches from first person to third It makes it hard to keep up with the story It was a nice light hearted mystery about a woman who won a vacation for 4 to a ritzy resort Of course shortly after arrival someone turns up dead and the vacation turns into sleuthing Nice setting good characters plenty of little mysterious things to keep this reader s interest Reallynjoyed it Haley Randloph won a luxury vacation for 4 at her department store So she and her 3 BFFs yes really take off for Rowan Resort What follows is a murder on an island variation While she seems to be somewhat of a dim bulb she does have some skills and besides working at a department store is also working for an vents company However having to deal with her obsession with a certain handbag or her need for a Starbucks coffee it s hard to focus on the mystery Definitely one of the lightes. Part time sleuth and full time fashionista Haley Randolph just won an all xpenses paid vacay at the Rowan Resort a ridiculously xclusive island getaway that caters to the whims of millionaires royalty and Hollywood A listers With her three BFF's Marcie Bella and Sandy along for the ride the only thing she's missing is the Sea Vixen the season's hottest beach bagThe island has verything Haley imagined pristine beaches posh accommodations and possibly Brad Pitt But trouble soon looms on the horizon when Jaslyn Gordon a maid at the island resort goes missing And while practically looting the resort for a Sea Vixen beach bag Haley of course finds the maid on the beachand clearly dead Everyone at the resort says Jaslyn's death was just an accident.

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Oduced and not much was shared EXCEPT THAT THEY HAD A HISTORY that they had a history maybe their jobs Also there was an obsession with a beach bag to the point of chasing anyone that she thought had one Too many people thrown in and too many other things happening the book was too busy and too many it s a long story thrown in Life is too short to be stuck with a bad book Such a crazy bunch of characters that had me interested throughout The storyline was so very amazing that I couldn t stop reading till the nd This is a must read This was my first Dorothy Howell book The mystery was very good The beach resort setting was wonderful The four friends all had different personalities and kept me grinning or laughing almost constantly If you re looking for a funny mystery with a hint of romance this is the story for youI with a hint of romance this is the story for youI provided a copy of this book from NetGalley I voluntarily posted an honest review Good news this book restored my faith in the series and reminded me why I love it so much You ll note coincidentally Ty does not play a starring roleAlthough the last book nds with the truly tantalizing vision of part time department store While My Soldier Serves employee Haley working full time at corporate alongside her wants her backx this book starts off with her on vacation and no intentions of going corporate She s got her three BFFs in tow and a fabulous
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to the stars resort xplore. Ings Publishers WeeklyShoulder Bags And Shootings Recommend this series to fans of lightweight humorous mysteries Booklist Purses And PoisonA treat for those with a passion for fashion No doubt this sassy heroine's in for a long run Kirkus ReviewsHandbags And HomicideFashionistas take note Dorothy Howell's delightful Handbags and Homicide dangles shopping to die for and a murder in store in a breezy debut mystery as sure to please as a Notorious handbag Carolyn Hart author of Death Walked InDorothy Howell is one funny lady I laughed out loud as I followed Haley's adventures tracking down both a killer and a Louis Vuitton organizer in this fast paced fun filled page turner I recommend it highly Laura Levine author of Death of a Neighborhood Witch. T type of cozy mysteries Not a lot of substance interest If it wasn t for the contemporary references I would have felt like I was reading about an 80s Valley Girl I love this seriesHaley gets Into Some Of The BEST Of The some of the BEST of the situations While I chuckle through most of the stories when it comes to how she s thinking this book came out in 2014 there is a line about someone reacting as if North Korea was invading California Not so funnyexcept sometimes you gotta wonder Haley and her BFFs win an all xpenses paid trip to a high class resort Haley is looking for some fun in the sun and that must have beach bag that ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe everyone is carrying around But things don t go according to plan when Haley stumbles on a dead body Finding the body makes her a top suspect and she realizes she s going to have to find the killer so she can have a relaxing vacation I picked up this book because I was looking for a fun beach read but it was a bit too lite for my tastes Haley is 20 years younger than me so that doesn t help I m not inspired to pick up another book in the series It s a Long Story I really did notnjoy the story Every time she started to tell about something it was always a Long Story and nothing was The Fiend Next Door ever told about the long story If this was book was from a series it didn t make sense to keep saying it was a long story and dropping it Also many people were intr. But Haley thinks there's a lot going unsaidespecially when she spots hunky FBI agent Luke Warner He claims to be on the island only for a wedding but Haley's not buying it Haley's faced down clever criminals before and always come out on top but this malicious murderer might be too crafty And though she's dying to get her hands on a Sea Vixen she also wants to live longnough to be seen with it Praise For Dorothy Howell And Her Haley Randolph Mysteries Evening Bags And ExecutionsEnjoyablean unlikely but ngaging sleuth Publishers WeeklyTote Bags And Toe TagsThe well crafted plot humor and designer details will appeal to fans of Laura Levine and MaryJanice Davidson BooklistClutches And CursesFrothyThe well crafted plot offers plenty of red herr.