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N if they had good chemistryIt also may have been too short Sure there are other books in the series but nothing occurred here that made me want to keep reading In order to save his race the Kaizon after a sickness claims the lives of many and the fertility of the women vuka the king travels to earth seeking Vuka the king travels to earth seeking compatible life form to mate with The earth in this story has been decimated by nuclear war and it s briefly mentioned that genetic altering on the planet leads to only about 1 female birth from every 100 Needless to say women are nothing but sex slaves most Needless to say women are nothing but sex slaves most corralled like animals for the use of the local leader Our heroine and her sisters have survived hidden for ears and when one falls ill Jade seeks out on a impossible mission to seek medicine For such a short story there really is a lot of world and I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honestIt was a great book Women should go to the cityJade knew about the warning but she had no choiceHer friend Zoey is sick so she needs to go the city looking for medicineShe is capturedVukaror ship was looking for his mateHis people was hit by a sickness that made the females barrenNow he has to look elsewhere for a mateNow that he found his mate what is he going to do with herRead the book found outLoved the characters the storytelling It has all the ingredients that Riders of the Sea you need for a great bookI can t wait for the next book in this series It s okIfou like fake bdsm ou ll probably like this Vuka seems okay at first he sees Jade being tortured and decides he likes her He saves her and decided unlike the men he wants her concent Then sexually assaults her in her sleep He also spanks her without permission Sure she likes "it but orgasms are a reflex for a lot of people His semen is also an aphrodisiac "but orgasms are a reflex for a lot of people His semen is also an aphrodisiac starts off pretty strong risking her life for a sick friend Then after the second orgasm she seemed to live for the d Occasionally she d rebel she got him to save some slaves Vuka is also invincable so there s no stakesOutside of that the story is good Vuca has some development There are some funny moments to. Irst human settlement I come across in a group mating ritual A human female Shapely Curvy She’s soft and so perfect I swoop on the ritual and take her She's special I don't only want to claim her body I want her soul She will submit to me She will be pregnant before the next moon This I swear Contains scenes of spanking BEAST is the first book in a brand new series Warriors of Kaizon by Luna Hunter Each book follows a different couple and can be read as a standalone No cheating HEA guarante. .

L chain her up and drag through the forest Vukaror is a Kaizon he is trying to find a he could find his mate His brothers were relying on him He needs a mate to continue my lineage A missile hits him and His Ship Spirals Out Of Control Crashing To The Planet ship spirals out of control crashing to the Planet He starts looking around he has to procreate but 1st he needs to find his match A virus so insidious even our top scientists couldn t cure it A virus so deadly it plunged our entire civilization into ruin in the span of a single generation Fiction into fact hopefully not but taken by a hot alien has me sighing in wishful thinkingThe over the top tongue in the cheek writing style of humour allowed a great escape from our Covid 19 reality Even my normal cringe worthy areas in sex got a pass here Thank ou Ms HunterOn to book 2CheersPlease note that this series does not end with book 5 I loved itVukaror Jade are awesome I loved these two can t wait to read when his brother arrives I hope Vuka spanks some sense into baby brother Okay so in this version of New Earth women are slaves to men Old Earth eventually eliminates itself with all the wars and stuff Jade has been in hiding with her friends Makayla Evie and Dev after Jades father passed away being leader fell upon her and it s a very heavy burden Her friend Evie has fallen ill and she has to find a way to get her medicine and the only people who have medicine are men So Jade puts her life at risk by traveling to Irontown the last place on earth she ever wants to be because last time she was here ended with her father smashing a man s brains in w Started out interesting then got weird for me Alien cock was used an infinite amount of times The MC had killer sperm that the FMC has to adjust too Even in the end she was unconscious after every breeding session It was an instant love connection which always grates on my nerves Secondary characters were good World build foundation was good but as the work started formation it was just not my cup of tea Happy reading DD This may have bordered on too weird for me It was short smutty and super fast paced but I didn t particularly like the characters eve. Then A Savage Then a savage warrior steps up Eight feet of muscle horns and claws The beast throws me over his shoulder and carries me off like he owns me I have no idea what the wants but the brooding look in his alien eyes makes me tremble and fear the worst VUKAROR Kysus lies in ruins Sickness has ravaged our people our women are barren I am their King I must save my people I need an heir I must find a mate Earth is my last hope If I do not find a suitable nera the Kaizon will die She is at the .
Fell Flat Weak Heroine This book was just okay The alien males sounded attractive enough and large which was nice They are faced with a sickness on their home planet that has eliminated 95% of their population and of course the females there were left infertile The brothers spilt up looking for new planets with compatible mates Vuka lands on earth to find it also ravaged because of nuclear war the moron humans did to one another "decades back Apparently only 1 in 100 babies born are female "back Apparently only 1 in 100 babies born are female humans So it really doesn t sound like either species is doing too well That s depressing Human males are psycho at this point gang raping and pillaging Vuka saves Jade from a almost gang rape by the human males in a town suare She gets over him being an alien pretty fast and is attracted to him They re fated mates I was glad she didn t constantly fight him about it So that was pleasant However the Heroine Jade is annoying She has no specific skills traits or New very sexy story about a new alien set of warriors the Kaizon This first one is about Vukaror the newest head of his people who sets out into space to find women to help repopulate his race and planet Really simplified overviewWhat I liked about this story is that it race and planet Really simplified overviewWhat I liked about this story is that it uick smexy introduced new aliens and characters and even though the hero has horns and a forked tongue I m gonna like em It s not deep it s fun and shocking all at the same time There are good folks and bad guys Friends Forever: Everything Changes (Friends Forever) yes there is a distinction there butou ll need to read THE STORY TO MEET THEMTHIS FIRST BOOK IS ABOUT story to meet themThis first book is about and Jade Jade is a human female who is rescued by Vuka as Jade comes to call him and The TV Writer's Workbook: A Creative Approach To Television Scripts yep chaos ensues Fun easy read OMG Definitely a Must Read Another Dynamite Series A little different many times I held my breath was thisoung women going to survive JadeAliens Do Exist Jade is a woman of Earth many things have happened to civilization and the women were hiding it was the only thing I could do they were hungry they hit in remote forest sewer anything to stay hidden from MAN Zoey is really sick she needs medicine Jade is going to Irontown disguised she can t be caught they Now the Beast has found me And he’ll never let me go JADE Women aren't safe on Earth not since the Big Mistake Around here there’s one rule Don't go into town That's where the men are I live in hiding with Zoey Dev and Makayla It’s a hard life but we make it work Or we did until Zoey got sick Now I have no choice but to head into town I can’t sit and watch her wither away I must find her a cure My disguise fails me my eyes giving me away Men descend upon me like a pack of rabid wolves.

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Beast author Luna Hunter

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