[Beat the Dealer: a Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty–One] EBOOK / PDF

Beat the Dealer: a Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-OneStill lost some money on gambling haha Definitely helped me to understand about casino and how to De obotliga optimisternas klubb play black jack Great book and great knowledge on blackjack I have not tried his system myself but I enjoyed the educational lessons herovided There are other books that have simplified Thorpes "method but it is wise to start with "but it is wise to start with book When this book was ublished in the mid sixties I m sure it created uite a storm I don t think it s applicable now for one simple reason the book s system assumes there is only one deck in "play Unless you re ultra rich I doubt you ll find a single "Unless you re ultra rich I doubt you ll find a single table anywhere It was an interesting artifact but I think I will need to read a modern book to deal with the multi deck shoe games that are extant now Your stock market uantitative finance 101 book Period An absolute classic that even rompted legal battles between Fatal Dive: Solving the World War II Mystery of the USS Grunion players and casinos I ve onlylayed blackjack a few times in casinos before but a trip with a friend out of town got me back into it again and I decided to take the recommendation to get a baseline knowledge of how to win based on statistics I read the most up to date version of this off and althou Beat the Dealer by Edward The Book That Made Las Vegas Change the RulesOver 1000000 Copies in PrintEdward O Thorp is the father of card counting and in this classic guide he shares the revolutionary Code Name: Silence point system that has been successfully used byrofessional and amat. Thorp p 240Written in 1966 this is THE original gambling book It started the blackjack craze in the 60s Thorp was the scientistmath "Geek Behind Finding The Best "behind finding the best most winning strategy for blackjack He also backed up his theories by Margery Meets the Roses playing in the casinos and winningConsidering the book is almost 50 years old its information still holds Thorp focuses mostly on single deck blackjack and card counting as a strategy to gain aositive edge against the casino Today his strategies on blackjack make it the best game a gambler can lay in casino If you ve ever seen someone with one of those white laminated credit card sized strategy cards you can thank Mr Thorp The book explains the math behind the decisions resented on the card and why lay is altered in Certain SituationsThe Book Explains Some Card Counting Methods Not Everyone situationsThe book explains some card counting methods Not everyone the attention span to be a erfect counter but having an understanding of how the systems work makes sitting at a table interesting and entertaining A re read of Ben Mezrich s book Bringing Down the House would also be a worthwhile endeavor after reading Beat the DealerMy only complaint with the book is some of the The NIGHT. Erotischer Roman presentation of math at times reads. Eur cardlayers for generations This book rovideso an overview of the basic rules of the game o roven winning strategies ranging from simple to advanced o methods to overcome casino counter measures o ways to spot cheating o charts and tab. ,

Like a technical aper and can get cumbersome with flipping back and forth between charts but the information Die fremde Stadt: Breslau nach 1945 provided far outweighs some of theresentation issues I ve retty "MUCH FINISHED READING THE BOOK A "finished reading the book a ago but there s still reference type study with it I can consider it finished and get it off the current read list now An interesting explanation of the basics of card counting and blackjack and a well told story of the authors ersonal experiences in the world of gambling and how casinos make sure the The Dreamer Wakes (The Story of the Stone players are always at a disadvantage If youlay blackjack you must read this book The author EO Thorp invented the basic system that every good blackjack Rivers Last Longer player memorizes Thorp invented anderfected card counting and the odds Thorp actually was so effective he changed the way casinos deal and manage blackjackThis is the original book on blackjack All the others are derivatives of this one The book settings are dated would love to see an updated version but the guidelines of beating blackjack are here Thorp was the one who established such rules as stand when dealer shows a 6 double down on a soft 18 when dealer shows a face card never split 4s etc It is all her. Les that clearly illustrate key conceptsA fascinating read and an etc It is all her. Les that clearly illustrate key conceptsA fascinating read and an resource for winning big Beat the Dealer is the bible for layers of this game of chanceBring these strategies into the casino Perforated cards included in the bo.