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New on the shelfie BeautifulJustice by Brooke Axtell Received it yesterday than halfway through reading it today Brooke writes like the artist she is about her incredibly harrowing experiences weaving in her poetry

as well as 
well as data on sexual And Domestic Violence She Writes With An domestic violence She writes with an I find really refreshing she s clear that her story doesn t end in trauma but that she can use her voice to amplify others and to organize for healing which is its own ind of justice I m deeply moved by her story and I m swept along by her writing Recommend I wanted to read this before giving it over to my girls who uite desperately want to read stories similar to the ones they ve been through Brooke touches on her story but doesn t go into that dark place of the minuscule details That is what the girls are craving but what this story actually is is what they need This story is what Brooke has become in spite of her circumstances It validates a lot of feelings one goes through after being sexually exploited and validates those mixed emotions The story both touches on her personally but also zooms out to a broader view of sexual abuse in the world and how it is being handled She brings up the topic that a conviction isn t going to heal you that survivors need rehab and the attention than the guilty party The guilt party is famous at having the incident last mere minutes while the victims lives in that instance everyday for the rest of their life She makes sure the public nows that it s okay to need help Heartbreaking and hopeful Thankfully she doesn t go into graphic detail about the abuse she suffered but she does make sure that the reader is aware of resources to get help what helped her and how to take care of self Her thoughts on JUSTICE are enlightening and empowering This review is in no way a judgment of Brooke Axtell I acknowledge her suffering applaud her strength of character and appreciate her desire to help othersStating that this is a book review not a review of her life trials and successes As the author of the FBoM series I ve done an arguably unhealthy amount of research on sexual assault narcissism gaslighting the ASD scale sociopathy PTSD and the associated recovery programs and resources for those that have experienced trauma caused by the aforementioned issues I feel informed and able to give A story of healing and a guide to seeking justice after sexual abuse from Brooke Axtell one of the foremost survivor experts on sexual assault domestic violence and human traffickingWhen Brooke Axtell was seven years old her nanny subjected her to sex trafficking Today she is a champion and advocate for women around the world who have experienced sex. Beautiful JusticeEs as well There are Multiple References To Experiences And references to experiences and run ins with rich and famous individuals as well as near death experiences that created brain trauma I m not sure how a woman seeking a connection to someone who has shared experiences can identify with a lifestyle that is so significantly different than what they themselves have gone through A budding professional ballet career ruined by a swimming accident A successful child poet and professional songwriting career cut short by a multicar accident that left her and others in a hospital A person that is a bit of a JETSETTER THAT CAN FLY OFF TO that can fly off to at a moment s notice I am not saying Brooke Axtell doesn t have true strength and a story that should be told I m simply pointing out that the connection to the women she is trying to reach simply may not be thereFinally the writing style was disjointed during the first several chapters of the book The author comes from a poetic background and as such does not necessarily deal with experiences and the story itself linearly Although that is not necessary it makes a difficult read as you may find yourself confused as to the timeline of events This could also be a side effect of the disassociation that freuently occurs from childhood trauma and timeline of events This could also be a side effect of the disassociation that freuently occurs from childhood trauma and to do with a poet s vagaries Whatever the cause it leaves the reader trying to piece together a timeline instead of easily following the series of eventsStating all of that Bravo to Brooke Axtell for putting herself and her story out there for the benefit of others At just seven the author was raped by her manny and then trafficked by him selling her to other men Because of her experience her self esteem was very low and she made some poor choices and eventually had to escape from a domestic violence situation Beautiful Justice is written primarily to survivors of gender violence Throughout the book she tells her story and talks about how she has healed from the abuse She gives concrete examples and ideas on how other survivors can heal as well Her path to healing involved a lot of new agey sorts of things but is clear that her path is hers and others paths do not have to look like hers This book is well written It reads fast and gets right to the point I strongly recommend it to survivors of all inds of gender violence looking for help on their path to healin. Makers she's spoken with Relying on her own experiences and a een awareness of public policy she provides a clear eyed awareness of the ways that our culture and government work against women experiencing violence around the world Inspiring and powerfully redemptive Brooke encourages readers to take part in a creative resistance as a path to justice. Fair review of this book from the standpoint of someone that can compare this to similar autobiographies As such I have some concerns with this book about the ability to connect to the audience it is intended to helpFirst point to consider If you are looking for a book that addresses sex trafficking this may not be a good resource Brooke Axtell dealt with a horrific experience as a child but it was a pedophilia ring and not sex trafficking as we typically view it It wasn t a situation of idnapping forced drug addiction enslavement via mental coercion or trafficked prostitution in the manner we describe the plight of the multitude of young women across the world By definition was it sex trafficking Perhaps By the common usage of the term as most people understand it I would common usage of the term as most people understand it I would the answer would be no Second point to consider Many women certainly most of the ones I ve been in contact with that are stuck in an abusive relationship have multiple stresses fears and concerns but the primary tends to be the controlling nature of their abuser in the area of finance One of the situations I ve heard multiple times via research and conversation is I have no money can t leave and have no place to go I can t afford to leave and I don t want to live on the streets or in a shelter My abuser controls the purse strings Fortunately Brooke Axtell did not find herself in that situation and was able to travel to other countries to find herself and her path I m not sure women that are stuck in the common financial situation wouldn t feel that if they could jump on a plane and go to Kenya their problems would be solved Of course the problems don t go away based on geography but people under stress may perceive it as demoralizing If I could only get away like that Third point to consider The final chapters of the book deal with a away like that Third point to consider The final chapters of the book deal with a I tend to believe the steps she has laid out would be effective empowering and progressive yet they reference expensive treatment programs that many women will not be able to access Further although not religion specific they deal with a great deal of spirituality Although I do believe it s good and solid advice I m not sure it meets the needs of women who are not in a similar spiritual place in their livesFourth point to consider Brooke Axtell experienced multiple traumas in her life and many success. Ual violence and trauma Beautiful Justice shares Brooke's own gripping story both the trauma of sex trafficking and also her pathway through healing moving on and reclaiming power Along the way she imparts warm wisdom for others who have experienced similar violence providing lessons from her own life and from the thousands of women advocates and law.

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