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Behind Closed Doors

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Good book I especially enjoyed the setting of this one Historical romances are overwhelmingly Regency era but this one takes lace mostly at the court of Elizabeth I with a little bit in Sweden I felt that the ortrayal of the intrigue and attitudes of the time were very well done That said the first 20% or so of the book dragged a little for me but once Corrie and Rugar met the story icked up uite nicelyCorrie is eighteen years old and has been kept very sheltered by her Option Writing Strategies for Extraordinary Returns parents That comes to an end when ueen Elizabeth stops while on herrogress around the country and takes a liking to Corrie She insists that Corrie becomes one of her maids of honor This horrifies her arents who are very familiar with the ueen s court and its ways but they have no choice Meanwhile Corrie is thrilled with the opportunity to experience a wider world It isn t long before Corrie becomes the ueen s favorite There are drawbacks to this as Elizabeth is very ossessive and warns off anyone who threatens her relationship with Corrie especially the men In spite of her intelligence and extensive education Corrie is oblivious to the ueen s machinationsMeanwhile Rugar is named ambassador to England by the king of Sweden and sent to establish good relations with the ueen This suits him to a T as he has ersonal reasons for going As a lad of twelve Rugar visited the court with his father who was sent to ropose a marriage between Elizabeth and the Swedish king They were not treated kindly but mocked and derided for their differences Rugar s father never recovered from the shame he felt at his failure leaving Rugar burning with the desire for revenge He arrives at the court determined to beat all the men in their manly contests and to seduce the ueen s ladiesIt s at this Genocide of One point that the storyicks up interest for me Rugar is bowled over by his first sight of Corrie and makes her the target of his attentions He is certain that she is just as immoral as all the other women of the court Corrie is overwhelmed by Rugar s attentions having never experienced anything like it Her forthright nature supports Rugar s assumptions and his single minded Nintendo Wii Flash Game Creator's Guide: Design, Develop, and Share Your Games Online pursuit of her I really enjoyed their interactions Corrie s innocent reactions and uestions draw Rugar closer to her He is enchanted by her inuisitive nature and theassion he senses below her surface As Rugar s attention stirs her senses Corrie is determined to experience everything that she can But as she becomes bolder Rugar has to face the fact that he misjudged Corrie s experience and tries to Star Wars - Jabba the Hutt - The Art of the Deal pull away I ached for both of them at thisoint because Corrie has fallen hard for Rugar even though she feels that there is no future in it Rugar who has reasons for avoiding innocents is determined to stay away from her but finds it impossible to do so Dismayed to realize that he has fallen in love with her Rugar is determined to rotect her even from himselfThere are outside forces that are determined to interfere Elizabeth is angered by Rugar s attention to Corrie even though she warned him off She sets one of her spies on him looking for a reason to send him away Unfortunately her spy has his own agenda He has harbored a grudge against Corrie s arents for many years and looks on this a agenda He has harbored a grudge against Corrie s arents for many years and looks on this a to even the score When Corrie and Rugar are discovered in a compromising osition Elizabeth s rage knows no BoundsThe Last Part Of The last New Cutting Edge Elementary Students' Book part of the flew by for me as Corrie and Rugar escape the ueen s attempts to keep them apart and flee to Sweden I loved Corrie s joy in being there and ached for her as she faced resistance from Rugar seople It was interesting to see Rugar s reaction to what happened and the effect it had on his view of the Meditation Express: Stress Relief in 60 Seconds Flat past I was glued to theages as the ueen s fury continued to build and ripped Corrie and Rugar apart I loved Rugar s determination to get her back no matter what he had to do The final showdown with the ueen was a nailbiter I loved Rugar s reaction to her demands and how he regained the upper hand The epilogue was a terrific wrap up to the storyThere was also a secondary romance between Corrie s cousin Anne and Rugar s friend Torgne The sparks flew between them from the start Torgne like Rugar had a low opinion of English morals Anne a relatively recent widow is not ashamed of her needs and gets a great deal of satisfaction out of tempting him When an unexpected mix up throws the two of them together the sparks burst into flame I loved the scene on the ship as Anne goes all out to break through Torgne s resistance With both of them caught up in Elizabeth s outrage there was some uestion as to their chances of a future together I loved the scene at the end as Rugar suggests the erfect unishment for Torgne s crimes I completely loved this a fabulous and exciting tale of a wickedly attractive but flawed Viking hero Rugar determined to best ueen Elizabeth for her slights against his eople and his father once an emissary to her court from Sweden He decides to best all her knights and seduce his way through her retinue but is
"stopped in his "
in his by his inconvenient attraction to the beautiful and clever Corina Huntington The ueen s beloved and newest Lady in WaitingI know that this is an old fashioned romance and so the heroine is impossibly erfect beautiful innocent kind and selfless as well as intelligent and learned but heck this is a romance and so I do love this type of heroine when written well and Corina is not stuffy I like the way she accepts and befriends her scandalous cousin for ins. Under the ueen's rotective eyeIn the halls of a conniving courtBehind Closed DoorsManly and magnificent Count Rugar Kalisson swears vengeance on the insulting overbearing English who. Tance Rugar is a rugged alpha hero who is brought down to earth with a bump because of his love for Corina and the way his own rejudice against the English are reflected back to him by the way the Swedish court treat Corina when he takes her there as his bride Once Corina and Rugar are compromised by their behaviour they are wed but as Elizabeth and others lot to separate the lovers and destroy Rugar can they outwit their Our Fake Relationship powerful adversaries and find a way to be happy across their two culturesThe joy in this book for me was the way that Bettina Krahn depicts life at court with its shallowness frustrations and how sheortrayed the ueen as vindictive yes trying to keep Corina with her and hurt Rugar but also how isolated and difficult her The Blitzkrieg Legend position was and how she was human underneath her rank and court intrigues It was a really excitinglot with lots of interesting historical detail and characters I really rooted forHighly recommended if you like an old school historicalI voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book via Netgalley and all opinions are my own Corinna Huntington daughter of Jack and Merrie the Earl and Countess of Straffen is sought by ueen Elizabeth to be one of her ladies Her father being the rake that he was is horrified that his daughter will be among the immoral cesspool that is the court Rugar Kalisson Count of Aelthar is sent by his king as a special ambassador to England He has his own opinion of English women at court and their morals and he sets his sights on young and innocent Corrie as his conuest They fall in love and find that they are at the mercy of a jealous ueen A captivating story with details galore in the intriguing story of court life and love An excellent story I loved and I voluntarily wrote a review This is a book from 1991 that is being rereleased to ebook version It takes The Crown place during the reign of Elizabeth mostly at her court and a small bit in SwedenRugar has come to the English court as an ambassador for Sweden but he comes bearing a grudge Corinna has been sheltered androtected her whole life She is invited to Elizabeth s court to be one of her maids of honor and they meetSo this book Well there was a lot I really liked about it And yet a lot that bothered me I think you should try this book if you are interesting in reading about a different time Über Nacht period Seeing the court during Elizabeth s reign was fun different Betina Krahn did a great job ofulling me into that world experiencing the fun and drama of court life as it could have been If you like a busy Ad Astra plot you might like this If you want to read about Elizabeth and her reign you wouldrobably like this too The ueen is in this book a lot and interfering in their relationshipThere s a bit of tension a few kisses a few scenes I wouldn t say it s overly steamy but its not clean Middle of the roadThing things I didn t like about this book was it felt like it was all shenanigans There was always SOMETHING going on It never seemed to be just about the two of them Someone was always being abducted or manipulated and just non stop drama I felt like the book was half about the ueen and half about their relationship just non stop drama I felt like the book was half about the ueen and half about their relationship other thing that bothered me was that Rugar was actively attempting to get with other women after he met and liked Corinna Nothing ends up happening and he was always thinking about driving her out of his head but it still bothered me It only lasts a chapter or so BUT STILLANYONE ELSE TRY BETINA KRAHN I DON T stillAnyone else try Betina Krahn I don t I ve ever heard her talked about I would definitely try another one of her novels thoughI was able to receive an ARC copy complimentary from netgalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own A young naive Corrie becomes one of ueen Elizabeth s maids of honor against her arents wishes but she has no choice An entire world opens up for her and she soon becomes a favorite of the ueen The drawbacks though are numerous as she is ossessive of Corrie and almost keeps everyone away Rugar Kalisson a Swede is sent by his King as an ambassador to England He dislikes the English and especially the virtuous English women Everything But The Girl plus he has revenge on his mind and when he sees Corrie he sets his sightsThe author takes us into the historical times of ueen Elizabeth and makes the world come alive Intrigue revenge humor an obsessive ueen and the sparks of a romance that are bound to burn brightReally enjoyed this story and know you will too The start of the book was slow If not for the stay at home order I may have stopped reading this book It is this reason that I only rated this book 3 stars That is not to say there was nothing good about the start of the book Theace Sport Social Work: Promoting the Functioning and Well-Being of College and Professional Athletes picks up once therimary hero Rugar realizes that he is well and truly smitten with the Modern Art Death of a Culture primary heroine Corrina I sawrimary because there is secondary couple that can also be called hero Torgne and heroine Anne but they are supporting characters With the main setting being the court of ueen Elizabeth I there is a lot of court intrigue While it is difficult to know how historically accurate the book shows behind the scenes views of the ueen s life and decision making Those scenes are entirely believable yet one uestions how uickly she would have made a decision based on one conversation with an advisor The latter The Lost Library: The Autobiography of a Culture part of the story doesrove surprising in how the issue of where both couples live Sweden or England is resolved I really really love Betina Krahn s latest books especially her current series about the Bumgarten fam. Hate and scorn him for his Swedish heritage vowing to best Elizabeth's knights in contestand her ladies in love A sheltered English rose and a virile 'Viking' nobleman are drawn toge.
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Ily of dollar Das Unbewusste vom Standpunkt der Physiologie und Descendenztheorie princesses but this isn t one of those It was originallyublished in 1991 which I realised to my dismay a few Ibn Saud: The Desert Warrior Who Created the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pages into it when I started thinking that it read very old skool and went to Goodreads to check I mean it s not old skool like something from the 1970s which features forced kisses and other icky nonconsensual things but it does start off with a hero having revenge fantasies about heartlessly seducing women he doesn t even know something which is aretty instant turn off and I don t think you d see Love Letters published in a romance todayThe book needs trigger warnings for child sexual abuse the hero was raped by an older woman at court when he was 13 and for animal cruelty there s a way too graphic scene where a bear bull and ape are baited and killed by dogs for the entertainment of the Elizabethan court Rugar the hero starts off overbearing but it s slowly revealed that he does have a difficult history which has had the logical result of turning him into something of a control freak who hates to lose at anything Pitting himself against ueen Elizabeth however is nothing short of foolhardy because Elizabeth really didn t tolerate losing well at all and Rugar s not the only one the ueen s anger falls uponWhich brings us to Corinne our heroine a favourite of the ueen because of her innocence her uick mind her beauty and frankly her being a massive Mary Sue Corrie is uite literally tooerfect for words and as Eat to Beat Illness perfecteople do she really uickly started to get on my nerves Even a otential enemy is charmed into becoming an ally by Corinne being just her adorably artless self something which came off really unlikely given the Mean Girls vibe the court ladies gave off in general That s actually very historically accurate given what we know of Elizabeth I s court historical accuracy is robably this book s strongest oint and I found nothing to uibble with on that front at all Scenes featuring the ueen herself were fascinating showing Elizabeth as strong willed tireless and erpetually Angry at the world she found herself living in I wanted of her and less of the Λίγη Ζωή perfect CorinneNo matter how well written and historically accurate the book though the fact that I didn t like either of the two mainrotagonists in the romance leave this as a three star for me It s not terrible but it s not up to the standard of Betina Krahn s recent writing Disclaimer I received a review copy of this book via NetGalley 35 starsThis was one of those reads where if I read it at any other time or if I reread it I robably would have had a lot of issues with it that would ut this in the 225 star range but I did read it at the right time Now I ve been wantingneeding a historical romance set in Late PlantagenetTudorElizabethan era I have a couple on my shelf set I think when Henry VIII was King but this one caught my eye Corrie is one of Elizabeth s maids of honor actually she s a favorite of Elizabeth s maids of honor Rugar is a Swedish Count and is an ambassador for the King he also wants to get revenge for slights that Elizabeth gave his father years ago and essentially get all the women close to Elizabeth into his bed which would Tick The Ueen Off However He Is Instantly Captivated By the ueen off However he is instantly captivated by and sets out to make her the first he defiles Rugar thinks she s experienced than she actually is and when he finds out she s never been with a man in any way he casts her aside and ursues every other woman in the court Behind Closed Doors started out really slowly The first 50 ages were kind of boring but then finally when Rugar gets to court the story Love is Murder picks up a lot and from there stuff started happening As I was reading this I didn t really like either Corrie or Rugar Rugar because of how he treated Corrie after he found out she was still very innocent and Corrie because she kept going after him She would catch him walking being close with or whispering in other women s ears and still think the best of him and chase after him Both got on my nerves However I really enjoyed this Didn t want tout it down As ueen Elizabeth s The Ulfric's Mate prized new lady in waiting Corrina Huntington is beautiful innocent and eager to know the world beyond her sheltered home especially the mysteries of love Despite the ueen s vow ofrotection Corrie soon finds herself swept into the intrigues of the court rampant with Alans Letters plots andleasures and discovers than she ever imagined Manly and magnificent Count Rugar Kalisson swears vengeance on the insulting overbearing English who scorn him for his Swedish heritage He vows to best swears vengeance on the insulting overbearing English who scorn him for his Swedish heritage He vows to
"best vain ueen "
vain ueen knights in contest and her ladies in seduction including her latest What's Your Body Telling You?: Listening to Your Body's Signals to Stop Anxiety, Erase Self-Doubt and Achieve True Wellness pet Love is notart of his Old Electrical Wiring: Maintenance Retrofit plan yet he and the sheltered English rose are soon drawn together by a recklessassion a forbidden bond that will not only i really enjoyed Betina Krahn s Behind Closed Doors In it Ms Krahn gives her readers a fictionalized view of what life could have been like in Elizabeth I s court She tells it from the Sweet Dreams: A Pediatrician's Secrets for Baby's Good Night's Sleep point of view of one of her ladies in waiting young Corrina Huntington a once sheltered innocent newly arrived at court Corrie who while fulfilling her tasks for the ueen finds herself often confused by the actions of those around her When she meets Count Rugar Kalisson Corrie s life changes drastically but is it for the betterI believe this novel is a re release from several years ago as evidenced by its somewhat outdated language however that does not lessen its appealIProvided complimentary copy by Netgalley for honest and unbiased review. Ther by rapturous and recklessassion surrendering to the forbidden ecstasy of a bold soul searing love that would inflame the wrath of a jealous ueenand rovoke a diplomatic scandal.