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A heartbeat How could I not with the enticement of bihter in book 2 i expected of Bihter in book 2 I expected that version of Bhyr Maybe softened just a smidge by the end enough that his actions made sense and there was room From Z to A-Lister: How To Build Your Personal Brand for a good ho in his nest while he ruled the known stars with an ironist I didn t expect that he d be made to roll over and show his belly before we d even reached the 25% mark I wept خلقیات ما ایرانیان for Bhyrmy Bhyrthe one who could ve would ve should veNow the bitchy partno the above wasn t me being a bitch it was me bitching There s a difference MaybeI LOVED Venomous book 1 Absolutely worth all the kudosor creating an Alpha that believably morphed and softened without pussing out entirely Actually 3 Alphas It was genius IMhO Thunderclaw book 2 was a bit of a disappointment The Avril LaVigne Handbook - Everything You Need to Know about Avril LaVigne for me I expected of Beowyn as in on camera time But again kudos worthyor creating a tricky dynamic that worked in the end even though I wasn t in love with it And A Fatal Debt: A Novel for introducing Bihterthe Horde into the mix which was myavorite bits in that bookI mention Venomous and Thunderclaw because they were good and what I expected to The White Ballets find in this bookully developed characters actions that or less made sense plot points that were tidied up and well edited I also loved Fletcher s writing style in the previous books a nice combo of detailed descriptions to get me into the Sci i scene without pulling the story down with overly orced or lowery language Bhyrsadly had none of what made Venomous and Thunderclaw good The characters were underdeveloped although there was an attempt to give Indira some depth in the beginning If I d not gotten to know Bihter in book 2 I wouldn t have understood half of what was going on with Bhyr and the Horde He s a cardboard cutout The actions and plot points I already mentioned made no sense Plus the actions were described in such a way that I had to reread paragraphs to get the gist of what was happening especially the so called Keeping punishment eye roll Finally the editing is nearly non existent Speech isn t given with around it rather a single so it was confusing who was saying what Throughout the wrong words were used of when it should ve been if scared when it should ve been scarred etc Or words were missing that should ve there see how annoying is And last but not leastthis bitch was bludgeoned with a Thesaurus to death I think it was an attempt to make it come across as otherworldly or Sci i esue but I The Portable Guidance Counselor: Answers to the 284 Most Important Questions About Getting Into College found it distracting especially in light of the poor editing and descriptions As a whole thiselt rushed I waited Living with a Dead Language: My Romance with Latin for thisAll of that said the bitchy part is that I wouldn t be mentioning any of this in a review IF I d gotten the BhyrHorde of my dreams Soyeahthese comments are me being a bitch I already said I was ticked off shrug I picture Bhyr looking like the Night Kingrom Game of Thrones I realize that s not totally accurate but leave me al This was a tough book to rate It was violent as expected since it was about the Azteka It had moments of compassion that made me believe that the First of the Azteka really did love his mateThat said I didn t actually like Indira nor understand her reasoning on some things She went through some horrid events and came out the other side with some semblance of sanity so that was good Bhyr the First was a muddled mess to me and I did not get all the reasons Speak Now Against the Day: The Generation Before the Civil Rights Movement in the South for his changes out of the reading I adored Venomous and really liked Thunderclaw I ve re read both of those books several times I don toresee re reading this one I hope the next book gives us a likeable hero And HeroineI Do Think That heroineI do think that book is worth reading if you liked Venomous and Thunderclaw I couldn t take this book seriously Something was off The last chapter of ThunderClaw promised something dark and dangerous I didn t eel that way about Bhyr It was pretty boring the Hero was uite reasonable and smitten with the Heroine Not really an alpha male The Heroine was all over the page I hated the BFF and the other human Design the Life You Love: A Guide to Thinking About Your Life Playfully and with Optimism females and their attitudesI loved Venomous and adored ThunderClaw Hopefully the next one will be better. Is clutches Indira begins a revolt that causes ripples throughout the galaxy But as she strives to thwart the mosteared being in the universe she must uestion how the warrior she defied became the darkest desire of her heart Warning violence profanity psychological trauma orced seduction and sexual content. Bhyr (Alien Warrior #3)I skimmed a lot in this one The Azteka Horde looked intriguing in the previous books but it wasn t as much in their own bookOverall this was pretty weird So goodOmg this book was so good I loved the other 2 books in this series and have been waiting or a new one After You Drop Them Off: A Parent's Guide to Student Ministry for some time This was definitely worth the wait Can t waitor This book was just brutal and extremely violent I didn t even recognize the author Honestly it elt like I Was Reading A was reading a Lee Smith book than an P Fletcher bookThis book made me so uncomfortable and outraged that I actually had to stop reading or a week before coming backIndira a chatterbox character that I can t like in any way The things she says and does to justify being with Bhyr is amazingly painful to read She s the total opposite to Lumen in every way that counts The only good things about her are her resilience and that s she s a minority All I ll say is that their relationship is 100% Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking: 101 Entirely Plant-based, Mostly Gluten-Free, Easy and Delicious Recipes f up But I still read it all so goes to show how good the writing is Penelope Fletcher back and oh boy she wrote a delightfully wicked adventure This one pulls you in and takes you on an emotional journey with Indira and Bhyr One of pain hurt self discovery andorgiveness India and Bhyr ace off after he s abducted her rom earth but through their arguments and her not backing down to his attempts at subjugation they learn to communicate and care or one another She inds that he is the desperate leader of a dying race chosen to do what his people need with traditions steeped in retributive She Weeps Each Time You're Born fear But Indira helps them bothind common ground to do what is now best or the stolen women in order to adjust But some dissension in Bhyr s Horde has caused a civil war that they must navigate together in order to survive A thrilling adventure indeed and I can t wait or the next Yes I m obsessed with the series and it has been worth the wait I m trying to write a review worthy of it yet I know I will Seven Days, Seven Dinners fail as I am too wiredor proper wording Right wired Piued Frantic All nice ways to describe my experience reading Bhyr For this is one of those books you simply cannot put down Until Finished And Cannot Stop finished and cannot stop about when you re orced to The kind of book that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster The best of them It is obvious I loved it I loved the Azteka world their society the worldbuiding I loved Bhyr and Indira If You're Missing Baby Jesus: A True Story that Embraces the Spirit of Christmas for the most part For Indira is a complex heroine So gifted yet solawed Deeply human Truly real And the perfect match or Bhyr This is what makes a love story memorable isn t it A perfect couple Two or I m open or that people who are perfect or each other and open or that people who are perfect or each other and because the author orces the issue by stating so but because the author renders their traits and nature in a manner that simply clicksThe only thing that bugged me is how tame Bhyr became at the end Yes I know he changed White Water for Indira hell he changed everythingor her and it contributed to their relationship gaining depth Yet it irked me in a way I cannot explain The Slave Dancer for I loved the Bhyr in the beginning The tyrant the unapologetic leader who became so conflicted when Indira wouldn t obey So this book wasn t as dark as I expected True Bhyr wasn t the antihero I believed him to be Inact I d go so Special Agent far as to say Indira became alpha than him Still a gun to my head and I wouldn t change my rating Because in truth I cannot say I was disappointed by the story And it s all about perspective We theans expected Bhyr s story and it was Indira s right Sleep with the Fishes from the start Thank you Penelope Fletcher Thank youor another masterpiece Again with this series it s another long winded book without realistic behaviors andor growth One of my biggest pet peeves in a book is when a book attempts to show some dark or uncaring character morph into someone redeemable and it totally misses the mark Is this how some people really think behavior thoughts characteristics The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started theLongest War in American History form and change Itsiction its kink and antasy or some but the reactions or lack there of I should say A World on Fire for the h and in general are beyond believable But if submersing yourself in We are the destroyers of worlds The scourge of the weak and the masters of creation We are as oneist one blade one almighty Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life force We are horde Unknown Ranked Warrior of the Azteka Horde Bhyr leader of the Azteka Horde is committed to saving his speciesrom extinction Taking the human emale as a breeder is. ,

He realm of heroine torture Is Your Jam Then You your jam then you you reader babes Taking just some basic psychology courses even might help these dark and rape antasy writers paint at least a semi realistic approach in their characters At least this author actually tossed on a warning this time or those who would be possibly triggered That is commendable because so many seem to want to That is commendable because so many seem to want to those details It does have se xu al assault orced intimacy captive kidnap style cruel no love violent elements The price I think is just WAY TOO HIGH The Oxford New Greek Dictionary for an ebook I think this should absolutely be on KU so people who are curious could try it without getting buyers remorse And out of that hard earned money when they realize the depth of depravity isn tor them and that the reactions aren t believable Neither character comes off as likable The H Bhyr is another alien male who only sees the h as a dispensable The Cello Suites : J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the search for a Baroque masterpiece female after using heror his physical needs and to produce an heir The h Indira thinks she s going to The New Job Security fight back and winteach him a lesson But it s just another whiny portrayal of a heroine where she s been treated horribly but still ends up overlooking all of that because she s now in love with the big jerk of an H So all isorgiven and the H gets what he wants at the sacrifice of the h s dignity and self respect The Magic Pussy Strikes AgainThings that made no senseAs an Aide to the PM of the UK on Earth Indira is a wiz with political intrigue and navigating the stresses of leadership adept at weighing proscons of optional paths She s intelligent and uick thinking Yet twice she withheld vital information The Day Fidel Died: Cuba in the Age of Raúl, Obama, and the Rolling Stones (A Vintage Short) from Bhyr in order to attend to the pressing matters of personal relationship building with himirst Oh and sex And then sleep But in the morning Indie immediately laid the news on Bhyr that he had spies and a rebel camp nearby waiting to rush in The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis for a nighttime attack at any moment like last nightthe night she slept on this news right And let s notorget like Indira did about the dreaded The Jumbee feralemales in that same camp right Oh waitNo None of that happened Instead this political pro waited until there was a nice gathering of other Horde around any one of them possibly a spy before she opened her mouth to spill the beans Oh and by opened her mouth I mean it was like someone had to pull her teeth to get the info out one rotten chunk at a time And the Hordethe most To Helvetica and Back feared of all warriors in the known stars and probably aew suburbs pastrenowned Simple Art of Greatness for their unparalleledighting agility technological superiority and Gifts of a magical sort bestowed upon their strongestthe warriors that destroy whole planets and people in a blink of an eyeyeah those guysWhat do you think was the Horde solution Where the Heart Waits for dealing with theireral emales and their amazing ability to paralyze any Horde warrior with their greedy sex pinchersWas itA Detain all the emales to use their technological superiority to A Burglar's Guide to the City figure out how to safely removeincapacitate the sex pinchersB Detain all theemales to use their technological superiority to The Annotated Phantom Tollbooth figure out how to safely rid themselves of the reciprocating paralysis inducing submission points to those nasty pinchersC Detain all theemales to use their technological superiority to American Apocalypse: The Great Fire and the Myth of Chicago figure out how to safely come up with their version of test tube offspringD All of the aboveE None of the above except the detaining part This allowed their species to beree of the evil emale pinchers with the nasty side effect of slow attrition to their numbersSureI get itthis isn t reality but come on Make some sense puh leaseAnd Bhyrah Bhyr you beautiful brute how I could ve loved you sigh I ve given the 1 or Bhyr as a hallmark to what I now claim to be the most exemplary story in which an Alphahole morphs into an Alphapuss At lightspeed no less Bhyr deserves a plaue or statue in his name one of the greats who ell
the Magic Pussyall I can is my 1 tiny star sniffleAs y all can tellI wasn t a an of this And that really ticks me off because I was sososooooo looking Spain in Mind forward to the Horde and Bhyr I one clicked this bitch in. His divine right He will breed her anoint his spawn and then rid himself of the complications that come with a mate But when the time comes will he be able to strike down the one he loves most Indira is abductedrom Earth and leashed to an alien barbarian He wants one thing of her an heir Vowing to escape .

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