(PDF) Blessed Are the Wicked The Uninvited #2 by Steven LaChance

Blessed Are the Wicked The Uninvited #2Book Review originally The Wedding Redux published here Are The Wicked iserhaps one of the worst true haunting books I ve read Why Because it s not about the haunting It s not about what happened at The Union Screaming House which by the way is barely touched upon and I having not read the first book barely understood what had happened first book barely understood what had happened It s not even about the aftermath about dealing with demonic Rolling Thunder possession and the occassional resurfacing of demons and ghosts No It s about the author and his family and that s mostly itThere s not enough about the haunting here and way too many mundane details about the author and his family The story itself seems over the top and fabricated if a house was truly that wicked it would be worldwide news especially in today s era The author offers littleroof for what happened besides his own word no real search for his own word no real search for history of the house no other witness accounts This book reads like a horror movie or an episode of Goosebumps except then for grown ups It s too over the top not to be fabricated Even Hollywood is down to earth when they make horror movies inspired by real events I m willing to keep an open mind but when you have Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? poltergeist likehenomena demonic ossession satanic rituals in the basementwell then you know you ve just Living with a aranormal storm looming on the horizon constantly feeling the darkness trying to Bootie and the Beast penetrate his soul Steven LaChance has discovered that the aftershocks of a demonicossession can be dangerous than the initial haunting itself Marked by the supe. ,
Tumbled into lalalala land aka fiction territoryThe author also has a very blackwhite view on just about everyone He classifies eople as good and bad and leaves out everything in between The writing is boring and sloppy the author focuses too much himself instead of on what s happening the haunting fake and all in all there himself instead of on what s happening the haunting sounds fake and all in all there nothing scary about it I really enjoyed his first book The Uninvited but this effort was something of a damp suib for me Mr Lachance seemed to concentrate on his mess of a marriage and deriding his wife he also concentrates on his dysfunctional family mainly his eldest daughter Lydia For me a great disappointment Good follow up Not as much The Art of Mary Beth Edelson paranormal events but intriguing story one the less Based on the cover of the book I was expecting something really scary I was disappointed The first book is sooo much better and is actually about the haunting This book is based on theeople i Solid follow up to the Uninvited I now see these two books as a whole Answered a lot of uestions I had but also brought up I appreciate that though a good narrative will do that sometimes I m a sucker for a true haunting story I make no apologies for that Loved the first one This onenope The first book was so great it was scary and compelli. Rnatural trauma inflicted by the Union Screaming House as chronicled in his first book The Uninvited Steven and his family find that no matter where they move no matter what they do they are still vulnerable to otherworldly attacksAs malevolent forces continu. ,

Ng This seuel is crap It s whiny slow and About All Kinds Of Stuff That Has Nothing To Do all kinds of stuff that has nothing to do hauntings ossessions or aranormal stuffIf you liked the first book stick with that Don t bother with this one Really It s just a long catalog of all the sad stuff that s happened to this guy and the ity arty he had for 20 years Blessed are the people who can actu I am not usually a fan of seuels who can actu I am not usually a fan of seuels anything since they often than not fall short of art one Blessed Are the Wicked is an exception Mr LaChance has a way of writing that makes you actually feel emotions towards the Puta people in the story I am a veteranaranormal investigator so I could readily relate the crumbling of relationships amongst the team involved in helping the family that moved in after the LaChance family I highly recommend this book as it adds details that were not in the first book Just didn t do it for meThe book jumps all over the 伝説の勇者の伝説 5 出来心の後始末 place he spends 60ercent of the book complaining about his ex wife and another 20 Killer Games percent of the book just complaining the book could of been good if anyone else wrote it that had any talent Scariest thing about this book is the cover and that I bought it before I had read the first book I won t make that mistake again a choice that will haunt me for lif. E their relentless assaults violent outbursts erupt among the close knit community that has been touched by unspeakable evil Fighting for his sanity and his life Steven records in Blessed Are the Wicked how repressed horror andain nearly tore his world apar.

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