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Bootie and the Beast

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This was a delightfully drama ueen infested rom com Normally the drama scenes alone wouldn t be my cuppa but Diya and Krish s second chance romance had so many uirky moments it was hard not to get swept up in the sometimes over the top antics Rating 35 starsI don t read much of romance which is why I was wondering if I d do justice to Falguni s book but I needn t have worried I enjoyed reading the Bootie and the Beast Diya Mathur is fun zesty full of herself in a good wayand a supermodel Krish Menon is smouldering hot FLYING CFO WHO IS EXTREMELY flying CFO who is extremely and non what happens when you throw these two eople who have a history of crackling chemistry between them together Sparks are bound to fly and mean things are meant to be said More importantly magic is bound to be created I am not going to get into the Karneval, Vol. 4 plot because you can easily get that out of the synopsis I liked Krish s characterisation a lot His uiet intensity was theerfect foil for a slightly over the top Diya But don t The Hiding Place peg Diya as a shrieky heroine just yet She also loves to cook and has a few other talents up her sleeve I loved how Kris s ideology is rooted in tradition even after having lived abroad for so long Diya though initially came across as a spoilt brat made me like her with her spunky retorts and surprisingly simple girl ideas Falguni s writing is fun and cheeky However what she excels in are the intimate scenes between the duo Theages sizzle because of the chemistry she has created between Kris and Diya I also loved the casual banter between the two The book has all the ingredients of an MB I totally loved the ending it was super fun Overall a nice read you can curl up with when you are having a blah day Thanks Falguni for sending this book my way It is an incredible fabulous and superb reada SUPERHIT which romises to keep you hooked till the ages endLoved Diya s nakraas and drama which we get to see in all of us her never to die spirit for exercises healthy eating taking care of her skin beauty her being a total drama ueen her love and commitment and assion "Towards Her Work Her Love For Her "her work her love for her her father whom she hates but loves the mostanother aspect that many of us could connect too her BFFSher work colleagues and most important Krish whom with just one glance can give shivers down her body What i loved most about Krish is him still being traditional in his thinking inspite of staying soo many years abroadhis control for things in his life knowing he has the tendency to get addicted His attitude of taking things calmly with Diya and doing everything and anything for his love whom he couldnt and wouldnt afford to loose at any cost but just winloved the way the story has woven his character with Diya and their chemistry of love and assion and fights between themHats off to the author for The Elephants Journey putting such an amazing description of Krish s house out there and all theuppy shame intimate moments between themYet another cool character who wants to give not only our society but also to the world a cyber school which can help ch. Fairytales don’t end in true love’s kiss They begin with oneFor supermodel Diya “Beauty” Mathur life is one giant Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' pink coloredartyFor numbers man Krish “the Beast” Menon life is all about controlDiya is vivacious winsome and has a devil may care attitude She jets about the globe drenched in haute couture and sparkly booties inspiring rincely men to act like love. The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry part of the world through net without having to go to actual schools and getting a degree who want to make our world a betterlace to liveway to go on this FalguniIt was fun reading all the StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story pages from the start till it s very end The author has PROVED IN SHOWING ONCE AGAIN WHAT WE GIRLS WANTAND THAT IS FOR A GUY TO COME BACK AFTER US WITH MORE LOVE BEYOND ANYTHINGFalguni has nailed it byutting it in writing and showing that fairytales and happily ever afters don t end with just a kiss but that they actually do begin with one This book in short screams DRAMA Bootie and The Beast by Falguni Kothari will tell you that beauty ueens are actually real drama ueens they live for drama they will do anything for drama in short always in need to spice up their already overly rated livesThanks to the author Falguni Kothari for sending me over a copy of her book in return for an honest and unbiased reviewDiya aka Beauty Mathur is the most beautiful super model and she is the biggest drama ueen on earth and still believes that one day she would end up her life like any fairytale rincess Krish Menon is a hot brooding CFOentrepreneur as Beast by Diya Although they are childhood buddies but they are like the 2poles of magnet always up getting attracted to each other It s a very simple sweet love story but due to Diya s overly rated dramas Diya and Krish have to go a long way to finally find each other Also Diya has a uality she has seemed to take the fashion world in a storm the whole world is on her meet Opening scene of the book isA speculation about Diya spikes up in the media that she is regnant so her Daddy saves her by hiding her with Krish in Dallas Diya and Krish meets after 2 long years and it seems they can t get enough of each other by Lignin Biodegradation pulling each others legs The writing is good In the beginning thelot drags for a little bit but when finally they both say those 3 magical words the whole Pure Chance plot gets on fire it becomes too hot Their undeniable chemistry is very hot and sizzling which will grip you till the very end The characters were very well developed and especially Diya is a very uirky character everything about her is aink always a believer of fairy tales reality was far away from her wherever she went she added extra little drama to spice up the event Krish is a character who any woman would fall for a The Lady and the Lionheart perfect husbandboyfriend materialDrama ueens will love this book a lot because they can learn a trick or two about how to flirt or how to add drama in their lives And for the rest this is will be a very entertaining and light read book most of the time you ll find yourself laughing hard on Diya s immaturish activities So definitely read this book to find out that actually fairy tales are better than reality title of the book instantly appealed to me because it reminded me of the fairytale The Beauty and the Beast I am a big fan of fairytale romances and this book instantly went up on my books to read list just because of that and alsoartly because I was on a schedule PThe titl. Struck fools Krish is balanced beastly and abides no nonsense He growls instead of talks and snarls instead of asks and no one on the lanet makes Krish growl or snarl than Beauty MathurBut for all their differences and a broken engagement Diya and Krish are friends the rarest of friends And when Diya gets embroiled in yet another scandal that not only threatens her reputation. .
E is catchy and then the interest is further deepened by the blurb which romises a spicy entertaining story The cover is also appealing but it was the blurb and the title that caught meThe next thing that really impressed me was the diary writing aspect of the book Falguni does a stellar job of writing witty engaging and seriously entertaining diary entries through Diya Although the entries are few but nevertheless very entertainingThe third thing that made an impression on me is her writing style which beautifully balances drama wit h Diya aka Drama ueen is fabulous and could Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church probably have any man she wants but her heart belongs to The Beast The Beast unlike his name is awfully cute He might have been a beast once upon a time but is not so now Diya on the other hand is uite a handful Falguni Kothari has done a super job with Diya making her out to be convincingly flighty but with a moral code that she hangs on to for dear life Thelot is interestingly unusual the story is funny and sweet and warm definitely read it for all these reasons Seriously me giving myself 5 stars might be vain but I theorize that if I don t love love love my own book how can I expect other readers to love it This book should have been titled The Taming of the Beast Sorry Mr Shakespeare Falguni Kothari s delightful romantic comedy with just the right amount of ang A complete review of this book appears on my website The Booklegger Full Review HereMy biggest A (kinda) Country Christmas problem with this book is the dismally low appearance of booties A wordplay this tantalising in the title reuires a satisfactory culmination don t you think But booties are sadly lacking almost non existent actually First and lastage if I allow myself a little exaggeration Till now I had been surprisingly all right with the dismally low number of booties in life Honestly before this book I didn t uite see myself needing them at all but I clearly do Bootie and the Beast is an Indian Mills and Boon It s my first one and as far as firsts go it does a good job This means that I ll be icking up of these mainly the ones with deliciously curious titles Bollywood Fiance for a Day The Indian Tycoon s Marriage Deal You Can t Fight a Royal Attraction Of course you can t what an obvious thing to say Anyway the thing is can t what an obvious thing to say Anyway the thing is are two ways to read this book You could try and see if it makes sense if it arrives at certain logical conclusions and if the lot is intelligently crafted You could also just read it and forget the rest of the smart things your brain is capable of doing I suggest the second option with a splattering of the first one it is sort of impossible to completely ignore the first option it just creeps up on you Note This review has been ublished Readers Muse I ve been on this Romance reading spree catching up on all the romance that I missed As a result of that catching up I signed up romptly for this tour expecting a truly beautiful romanceOur National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 protagonist Bootie Diya Mathur is this supermodel with killer looks sans the brains She is this typical all brawns no brains type who fa. But her single and fabulous status as well Krish steps in torotect her like always He invites Diya to hide out in his lair in Dallas TexasBut something is odd between them this time The Beast has a secret And Beauty will not rest until she eels it from him Her meddling triggers an unexpected reaction and it changes the status of Beauty’s relationship with the Beast forev.