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En she went on the i Kiki is a drummer who has an amazing style But she s tired of being one the boys she has eye on so caled bestclose reind Mark who is also in the band with her Unforunatly a lot girls are also after him too bad because he is the only person in the band is the only person in the Band Is Not After Kiki As She Was About To is not after Kiki As she was about to up on boys a reind reccomended her a site where you can choose which boys are your best Match I Thought It I thought it creative how the author can le I saw this book on my Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs friends goodread and Iound it to be interesting title wiseI love how this book made people like me love it The reason Gray Bishop for this is you can actually choose who you want to go out with instead of boys rejecting youThe main character in this book Kiki really likes her bestriend who is a guy but the guy doesn t really eel the same about her He just thinks of her as a riendI wish in life we can choose who we can go out with instead of all these drama It was okay Very well written however it wasn t really my style I didn t like how each choice except one led you back to the starting point I would ve liked it better if time was taken to develop the other choices so that they re not necessarily wrong but rather just an alternate endin. To the imagination And Michael's sexy brown looks would turn any girl's headAnd most surprising of all Mark the bassist in Kiki's band Talk about tight rhythm sections With all this attention Kiki is having the time of her life Does she really have to choose just oneAn outrageously un novel that lets you pick Kiki's Mr Right Choosing your own adventure has never been so sex. ,
Ok Kiki goes on a date with each boy and inds what she does and doesn T Like About Them Then It S Up To You like about them Then it s up to you reader to decide if Kiki should put him back on the rack or check him out Boy Shopping by Nia Stephens is definitely a book I would recommend to any teenage girl who wants to get a different perspective on dating The author is trying to tell teenage girls to choose the right Man In Their Life in their life keep their eyes author is trying to tell teenage girls to choose the right man in their life and keep their eyes while they are young Boy Shoppingby Nia Stephens233 pgs Dafina Books Liar for Young Readers 995ISBN 13 978 0 7582 1929 9ISBN 10 0 7582 1929 6Kiki a cool drummer and a chick Everyone has always looked at her as if she was only a drummer and not a girl being treated like one of the guys in her band She has a crush on her bestriend Mark but he doesn t see the word girl on Kiki s Noir forehead He only treats her as his bestriend and not his girlfriend a totally different Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are feeling than Kiki Kiki only wants Mark to ask her out but instead other people ones who she doesn t like which is just everyone asks her out unceasinglyThis has been going onor a very long time but it s going to be stopped because she has decided to give up on him and move on in life She has decided to give Boy Shopping a try Wh. Boys where every click of the mouse allows you the reader to choose Kiki's datesLyman is an uber ine classical pianist and DJ who likes playing with minds as much as music Joshua the jock speaks Mandarin and teaches English on the side but he's got plenty of time or playin' the gameJacob is a Terrence Howard look alike with an online profile that leaves a little too much. .
In the book Boy Shopping by Nia Stephens Kiki an African American teenage girl wants to ind her perfect soul mate Kiki is sick of being treated like one of the guys She s a drummer with a great sense of style and the boys are always hitting on her But the only
Ones Actually Asking Her 
actually asking her are her band riends This book is teen Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers fiction and is geared towards young women who want to learn a thing or two about dating Iound this book very interesting to read because it s weird to think that there are people in the world that Actually Use Online Dating Websites use online dating websites match themselves with other people I ind online dating websites very unsafe because you have no idea who you re talking to One thing I really liked about this book was the context The author made the book in a certain ormat so that you can choose which boy Kiki decides to stay with First Kiki meets a cute young man names Lyman who draws and is a DJ Then she meets Joshua the jock who teaches english and speaks Mandarin Then there s Jacob who gives Kiki the butterflies just by his profile picture And Michael who is smoking hot and gets ton of attention A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping from the ladies Theninally Mark Kiki s best riend and also the bassist in her band Throughout the bo. A cool rocker chick like Kiki should have a date every nightLuckily she's discovered Boy ShoppingKiki is tired of being treated like one of the guys An awesome drummer with a discovered Boy ShoppingKiki is tired of being treated like one of the guys An awesome drummer with a sense of style the boys in her high school are always checking her out but the only ones actually asking her out are her band's lame o groupies That's when she hits an online dating gold mine of. Boy Shopping

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