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T to understand the process while reading moving passionate and Often Erotic Accounts Of Coming Out Would Enjoy The Read erotic accounts of coming out would enjoy the read is an amazing collection of gay male authors telling their coming out stories or their first experiences of sexuality There is the occaisonal dull story but on the whole this is an excellent group of writers Because these are short stories you have the convenience of reading small snipets whenever you like and skipping the stories you dislike My two favorite are Beyond Words where you experience the joy of young gay love skipping the stories you dislike My two favorite are Beyond Words where you experience the joy of young gay love first sexuality and Fishing Practice in which a young man comes out to parents who don t understand but are willing to practice until they get it right The honesty is great there are so many stories about sex and attraction during puberty which really demystifies childhood innocence But then there is a big bag of sexual frustration or repression And in many stories out of that hard soil gay love emerges The chronological order by year of coming out also tracks some development in perceptions of homosexuality from the 1950 through the 1990s Well written and very illuminating anecdotes about coming outThe most intriguing stories were He s One Too by Allan Gurganus and Money Talks by David Drake Guganus story is about himself as a boy who is attracted to one of his story is about himself as a boy who is attracted to one of his s friends named Dan and how this attraction becomes his first realization of his homosexuality It is written with nostalgiac longing demonstrating how this fascination develops into Dan becoming an ideal figure of beauty for himDrake s story highlight the aspect of the difficulty of coming out all the time in which he humorously describes coming out to his hired investment banke. Liberation rape and first love defining moments that shaped their authors' lives Arranged chronologically from Manhattan in the Forties to San Francisco in the Nineties these essays ultimately form a documentary of changing social and sexual s in the United States a literary biographical sociological and historical tour de force. Boys Like UsStories from a lot of different generations and viewpoints add real texture to this book I m rating this one really high based solely on how much I liked it back in 1997 when I was 17 and my mom bought it for a friend of mine whose mother wouldn t buy 1997 when I was 17 and my mom bought it for a friend of mine whose mother wouldn t buy for him It was my first INTRODUCTION TO ANY SORT OF LGBT WRITING BESIDES OUTTHE to any sort of lgbt writing besides outthe I ended up making my mom buy a copy for me as well I haven t read it since high school though so I have no clue how much I d like it now as an adult but I sti This is an anthology of 29 essays about coming out experiences of male authors going back to their boyhoods I d say about half the stories are memorable and affecting The others bog down to greater or lesser degree as the authors get too philosophical about their encounters The best pieces tell the experience in simple narrative form However one wonders how an author can recall specific dialogue years after he has passed beyond youth Either they made journal notes or else they have embellished their memories by imagining what they once said and what people said to them It would be interesting to compile a similar collection from today s younger writers It might help us learn whether coming out hopefully has become easier in the past 10 years or so I would recommend this book primarily to teens or 20 somethings trying to get a grasp on what gay life was like pre Stonewall I started reading this book three years ago I ind of stopped reading not this book but stopped reading novels altogether I miss escaping into a story and am now making sure that I slow down and read As I took so long to get back to this book my thoughts are soft on the first half of the book and strong on the last halfPublis. In stunning essays written especially for this collection twenty nine noted gay writers recount their true coming out stories intensely personal histories of that primal process by which men come to terms with their desire for other men Here are accounts of revealing one's sexual identity to parents siblings friends co workers an. Hed 20 years ago reading even the most current stories is still a time that has passed The idea of coming out is thankfully becoming a task of the past BOYS AND GIRLS ARE JUST THEMSELVES and girls are just themselves or straight I The Black Arts know this is definitely not the case for all and coming out is still a powerful experienceThese book contains well written exceptional stories in all varieties of experiences around that brutal uplifting and redeeming task of coming out There really is allind of settings and undertakings by the writers in their uest to live their most honest lives whether honest with themselves lovers or family The revelations put forth in this tome are stark and not always easy to process but I take them as the true sharings of talented storytellers This book is excellent I absolutely loved it It is a wonderful collection of essays by various writers on what coming out meant to them The essays take place from the late forties through the nineties which is so interesting because so much changed in all that time I highly recommend this book A pretty good collection of stories This isn t a cross section of gay writers most are white most from the generation that came of age just before the AIDS crisis hit and most seemed to have lived in New York City but the stories together paint An important early anthology of coming out stories The book contains a rare and important short story by Essex Hemphill This book changed My Life As Of life as of somewhere between and important short story by Essex Hemphill This book changed my life as of 31916 somewhere between am and noon An incredible book that details many dimensions of coming out from the perspectives across time of men from various backgrounds While it has a specific personal meaning to me I think that readers who share history with coming out or wan. D in one notable instance to a stockbroker Men tell of their first sexual encounters from their preteens to their thirties with childhood friends who rejected or tenderly embraced them with professors with neighbors with a Broadway star These are poignant sometimes unexpectedly funny tales of romance and heartbreak repression and.