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Er a nice assortment of tips that when combined would certainly allow you to lead a healthier happier life Cliff notes1 Spend less time online Spend WAY less time on social media2 Eat healthier Eat natural foods3 Get sleep and better uality sleep4 Exercise5 Meditate It s a great book but I found as a weak upgrade of his previous book The Brain Maker Hence I recommend readers to read The Brain Maker instead Nothing groundbreaking hereI read this book thanks to BlinkistAs you follow the program Keep Practicing What Works practicing what works you ve rebuilt your routines from the ground upDay one Start with a digital detox Cut unessential technology from your life and block any apps that are mostly used to waste timeDay two Practice empathy and gratitude Reflect on the positive aspects of your life and write down five things you are thankful forDay three Reconnect with nature Take the time for a short walk outside have a picnic in a park or spend an afternoon tending to a gardenDay four Detox your diet Take stock of what you eat and make a plan to improve your habits Eliminate processed foods and look up a few recipes that incorporate fresh h This book kind of felt that it was written as a guide for an alien coming to earth and figuring out how to blend in The chapters devoted to neurology were interesting however the tips were so incredibly generic it was almost comical Go outside eat a healthy meal with a friend be mindful get enough sleep limit screen time it was almost insulting Anyone picking this book up to read would certainly already know these tips they re intuitive Overall would only recommend the first half of the book the second part of the book is silly Less new information than I expected Feels like they forced a book out ust to stay notable While the book puts forward an interesting hypothesis and is well laid out and hypnotically read in the audiobook version it should be taken with a big ol handful of salt David Perlmutter is an author whose work has been heavily criticised by those in the medical field A good summary of his credentials or lack thereof can be found here As someone who has studied ArchaeologyAncient History I take particular umbradge with claim that agriculture is the worst thing to happen to humansIt is always worthwhile assessing the scientific validity of anything like this that claims to heal you in some way I did find parts of the book interesting and I do think it has overall got some good points to make about healthy diet and exercise meditation and avoiding screens as a route to a happier life but this isn t a particularly ground breaking statement I appreciated the 10 programme at the end and felt it was well laid out. Ht than ever before Based on the latest science the book identifies the mental hijacking that undermines each and every one of us and presents the tools necessary to think clearly make better decisions strengthen bonds with others and develop healthier habits Featuring a 10 day bootcamp program including a meal plan and 40 delicious original recipes Brain Wash is the key to cultivating a purposeful and fulfilling life.

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I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads Giveaways Thank you Brain Wash details the author s theory of disconnection syndrome and their plan to combat it First the authors detail all the ways in which we re distracted overtired and generally unhealthy This is followed by some general ways to combat these problems by enjoying nature eating better sleeping better exercising and meditating Finally there is a ten day plan where each day you implement one of the ways listed above along with a few other strategies thrown in and some self evaluation to end the ten days Finally a large section of recipes ends the bookI found the general parts of the book interesting but not surprising There are many in depth articles and books about each of these topics alone so this is a uick each of these topics alone so this is a uick of these topics and the science behind it I think the book went off the rails with the ten day plan though and since this is the entire culmination of what the book was leading to I can t rate this book highly The problem is the authors are talking about some gigantic life changes that are hard to make new habits changing how you use technology completely changing your eating habits changing your sleeping habits etc They expect use technology completely changing your eating habits changing your sleeping habits etc They expect to be able to implement one new thing a day Not a week or a month but a day Then move onto something completely new the next day and also keep doing everything you were doing the days before Th Doctors David and Austin Perlmutter claim to have found a powerful way to reframe and reclaim our potential for exceptional physical and mental health The introduction opens with some very inspirational descriptions of the optimal state of wellness that they believe is possible for each of us The first part of the book provides some simple explanation of how the brain works and describes the problems that are keeping us from this optimal state of health what the authors refer to as disconnection syndrome The authors discuss relevant scientific literature and provide some deeply disturbing statistics while maintaining an encouraging optimistic tone I also appreciated their acknowledgment that much of the literature indicates correlation but not necessarily causation and that studies of lab animals may not be fully applicable in humans I felt like they had a very balanced approachPart 2 describes the authors proposed solution They discuss conducting a digital detox practicing empathy and gratitude spending time in nature following the low carb Brain Wash food protocol getting good sleep exercising meditating and strengthening social bonds They present a 10 day boot camp to implement these changes including 40 recipes that follow the Brain Wash. Dr David Perlmutter #1 New York Times bestselling author of Grain Brain and Dr Austin Perlmutter his son explore how modern culture threatens to rewire our brains and damage our health offering a practical plan for healing Contemporary life provides us with infinite opportunities along with endless temptations We can eat whatever we want whenever we want We can immerse ourselves in the vast enticing world of digital ProtocolI found this book interesting inspiring and easy to understand I like the authors suggested plan but I think trying to implement these changes authors suggested plan but I think trying to implement these changes 10 days will be very challenging for most people It s about an hour a day of activities plus a time consuming diet and a commitment to get at least 7 hours a night of uality sleep I prefer slow incremental change to these boot camp challengesI haven t tried any of the recipes yet They seem interesting and healthy and generally use commonly available ingredients
But Many Look Difficult 
many look difficult a beginning cook or someone dealing with significant fatigue or concentration issues Some also reuire euipment that not everyone will have access to food processor high power blender double boiler I m deeply suspicious of the estimates of time reuired Considering that the food plan states to treat meat as a condiment if you eat it at all and to eat plants I was surprised that all but two of the main dishes focused on meat or fish Also they don t provide nutrition information if that s important to youThe book includes extensive notes by chapter listing many scientific papers and other references Additional information and resources are available at most of which are accessible without any signupWhile the implementation may be a challenge overall I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve their physical and mental health Some of it will likely be review if you read much about lifestyle medicine but I enjoyed the presentation and learned some new information that I found helpfulI was provided an unproofed ARC through NetGalley that I volunteered to review My wife and I laid eyes on this book while walking through a bookstore and I knew we had to read it We had been discussing changing mindsets and cleaner living and Brain Wash lays out a plan for accomplishing that and reasons why it is important and Brain Wash lays out a plan for accomplishing that and reasons why it is important is a pretty fast read as a good deal of the book are recipes for accomplishing the health eating aspect of this book The book itself is pretty good and lays out many of the mistakes we as humans are making in our daily habits and ways we can fix it I particularly liked the various examples and scientific studies that are in the book but I did find certain parts of the book repetitive Overall I think this is an interesting read for science nerds or as a self help guide for improving your life Incredibly informative look at how modern living has impacted our brain relationships happiness and so much Few books on this subject matter have tackled this subject from this position of expertise before and this book has been a long time coming An important read There was nothing really new here but it did off. Edia We can buy goods and services for rapid delivery with our fingertips or voice commands But living in this 247 hyper reality poses serious risks to our physical and mental states our connections to others and even to the world at large Brain Wash builds from a simple premise Our brains are being gravely manipulated resulting in behaviors that leave us lonely anxious depressed distrustful illness prone and overweig. ,
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Brain Wash