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Dance Real Slow lJoy these as a male tooGregory weaves magic with a solid punch packed in the stories Her writing is delicate and fragile yet visual and emotional She makes her women characters capable and clever just the kind of women Iike to read about and encounter in the real world unless they are the evil sorts then I would rather they BE DUMB PTHE BOOK MAKES FOR A UICK READ dumb pThe book makes for a uick read I highly recommend it This short story collection is a real showcase of Philippa Gregory s talent I d enjoyed her historical fiction but this collection shows that she doesn t just excel at research and period detail nor does she need hundreds of pages to tell a story These short stories are mostly modern day and are in a variety of viewpoints from third person to third person The Art of Memoir limited to first person I d recommend this to anyone whoikes a rich story but who might not have hours to sit and read I carried it around with me and read it on the Underground as I went from place to place Many of the stories are very short and it s amazing how much richness she can distill into such a small space My favorite was Coo ee and I wondered how much of it was a narration of her writing process the dry historical versus the in the moment The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life looking for a bit of aaff components of her fiction Perhaps it has nothing to do with her writing process but it s entertaining all her fiction Perhaps it has nothing to do with her writing process but it s entertaining all same A really good collection of short stories Each and every story has it s own flavour Good An interesting selection of short stories all discussing the relationships between men and women especially those who are married and what happens in that marriage Trigger warning the chapter The Magic Box has scenes of self harm I m trying to start my mornings with a short story this year This was a good first choice A collection of touching stories some even heart wrenching Set in different periods the stories are written in a thoughtful stories some even heart wrenching Set in different periods the stories are written in a thoughtful vivid but not overwhelming And yes there will always be that ittle surprise at every end Worth reading I m not a fan of short stories So at first I didn t enjoy this book but then I realised that the author in each of her short stories was giving us a subtle message on ife Clever woman I won t spoil it for you but would encourage you to read it I have changed my mind on short stories. S her uniue view of straying husbands; straying husbands encounter a variety of effective responses Just some of the delicacies on offer in this sumptuous box of delight. .
Mildly disappointingMore akin to the readers

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sent in those out of date magazines that you read in the dentist waiting roomAlthough The Bimbo The Playmate and Catching the bus would score a 3 they are not enough to ift the other 14 shorts Bread and Chocolate by Philippa GregoryBC is not amazing but is one of these BOOKS THAT I HAVE BOUGHT SEVERAL TIMES I TEND that I have bought several times I tend on books after I have read them but the characters and events in these short stories have a tenacious uality through the years snippets of them float in and out of mind especially when I am reading other short storiesso that I have now been driven to buy another copy It would probably be simpler just to keep it for a few years BC seems to have become my bench mark I recommend this collection highly Witty well observed and poignant these stand as some of the best short stories I have read Fran Macilvey author Trapped My Life With Cerebral Palsy Bread And Chocolate is a collection of short stories by the famous author Philipa Gregory Gregory has written several other novels most of which belong to the genre of historical fiction Her most famous ones are The Other Boleyn Girl it s now a movie too The Red ueen The White ueen and many othersThe book consists of 17 short stories No two stories are related instead they touch different aspects and fields of ife The only thing common in these stories is the element of surprise and a plot twist towards the endThe short stories included some uite interesting ones while others were just mediocre ones with cliffhanger endings Here goes my review Bread and Chocolate A pious monk from a monastery who makes finger icking good bread is brought to a production house for making his infamous bread There he s seduced by his co host who is an extremely sensuous woman With An Expertise In an expertise in iterally death by chocolate cake Coo ee A guest Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography lecturer and aively woman two people with natures that are poles apart meet on a cruise and began their adventures this one ends in a death The Favour This one is set in a historical period with all the The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, ladies andords and suitors and tournaments Lady Ygraine is torn between her ove for David St Pierre a knight of ow status and her duty towards her mother of marrying a noble ord Although she choos. A collection of short stories from one of our most popular novelists the perfect gift A rich and wonderful selection of short stories A TV chef who specialises in outrag. .
Es to go with her hearts wishes but that s where the plot twist ies Theories About Men Stephanie believed that men are creatures of habit They cannot help but be unfaithful towards their wives However being the creatures of habit the habit of coming home to the same comfortable house in the familiar embrace if their wives ultimately wins over the charm of running around But a day comes when she had to put her theories to test this one s my most favourite Lady Emily s Swim An elderly woman Lady Emily joins a health club when her daughter Margaret buys her its subscription as a birthday present She completes 20 swimming The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl laps regularly but what she s thinking about during those 20aps is what s surprising The If Game two colleagues start playing the if game when they start flirting if you were my wife if you were my mistress if we Exile and Pilgrim lived together The only problem is that the guy just cannot stop playing the game even though he s Read reviews at Reviewing Shelf I not much for short stories so when I pick one much for short stories so when I pick one I am either in the mood for something short or am not in the mood for anything and can t decide But this my my was a brilliant choice I finished it iness than 20 hours on a workday which is saying a ot for a 250 page bookI probably read one book by Gregory ong ong back Oh wait after a uick check on GR I apparently haven t read a single one by her I think something a uick check on GR I apparently haven t read a single one by her I think something fishy here I have 4 books from one of her series adorning my shelves And I thought I had read atleast one by her and oved it to justify buying these 5 but oh well maybe the GR reviews did me inThe title story which is also the first reeled me in by its smell of warm bread fresh out of the oven and the deliciously dark melting chocolate Can you visualize it yet Taste it Mmmm ike a beautiful sin it goesThis book is a mix of stories with some sad ike The favour or The if game but also several clever ones ike The visitor The conjuring trick and Theories about menOne of my favorites was theories about men It s so clever and funny at the same time I also really enjoyed the wave machine and the magic box All in all I would say the stories are women centered and play on the power of females However I am pretty sure if you are not a staunch believer in patriarchy you will en. Eous cakes tempts a monk who bakes bread for his brothers; a surprise visitor invites mayhem into the perfect minimalist flat in the season of good will; a woman explain.

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