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I found this to be one of the most powerful #Books I Have Ever Read It Has Really Helped Me #I have ever read it has really helped me A Very Dark Times I Found Myself Hurt After a very dark times I found myself hurt after breakup but after reading this book I can see from other points of view and how I can improve for a future relationship and myself As much as you will miss your Ex the dating guy makes it very clear that you will be okay I so wish he could be my therapist Thank you for this book and your videos This guy nows what hes talking about even look at his YouTube channel if yo. The emotional significance a breakup can have on an individual Is Vastly Downplayed By Modern Society Breakups vastly downplayed by modern society Breakups viewed as a bummer that need to be endured but rarely talked about Some couples get back together and some don't but rarely do we gain insight into the reasons why or even how Dating Guy aka DG is a dating advisor on YouTube who has.

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Ve and steers clear of Any Bs Mindgames It Focuses bs mindgames It focuses YOU and on how you can get yourself back after a break up and even if the conditions are right and if you are ready you may reconnect with your ex if and only if they reach out to you A fantastic and educational read Certainly put the process into a linear and relatable fashion I haven t had a break up in a long time but couldnt resist investing in this once i saw haven t had a break up in a long time but couldnt resist investing in this once i saw announced Even if you haven t recently gone through a breakup this will benefit you massively. Expand your mind and have a resource of useful tips to turn to If you read this book from cover to cover you will likely feel differently about your situation and YOURSELF BY THE END IT'S IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT by the end It's important to remember that you are in the middle of a traumatic transition period of your life that you will get through this and you're going to be fi. U want an idea of the treat you re in for He s like threpapy for me and I cant reccomend him and his book enough This book has been amazing From front to back it s packed full insights guidance and information that will really help A fantastic resource that everyone should have I have tried other resources on the market surround break ups and this is by for the best one A great to the point friendly but not coddling guide through what is likely to be one best one A great to the point friendly But Not Coddling Guide not coddling guide what is likely to be one the reader s toughest times in their lives Stays positi. Helped thousands of people through the mysterious winding maze of breakups Whether you want to understand your breakupclearly gain closure and move on or re attract and reconcile with your ex DG outlines his observations and insights from years of advising clients Whatever stage of the breakup you are in DG has designed this book so that you can. Breaking Down Breakups: A Guide Through the Winding Maze of Breakups