(EBOOK) Burned Pretty Little Liars #12

Burned Pretty Little Liars 12 Sara ShepardIt is revealed that prior to the events of Twisted the Liars covered up Hanna s involvement in a car accident that left another irl Madison badly injured While on a school sponsored cruise in the Caribbean the Liars uncover clues that suggest A is than one person They begin to suspect Naomi Zeigler of being A after she befriends Hanna who is unaware that Madison is Naomi s cousin and attempts to sabotage Spencer s new relationship Aria becomes friends with a boy named Graham only to discover he is Tabitha s ex boyfriend leading the Liars come to believe that Naomi and Graham are working together as A Meanwhile Emily falls for a stowaway Jordan unaware that she is a thief on the run from the authoritiesAfter an explosion on the boat the Liars Hunter Kiss go off on their own to bury evidence of their connection to Tabitha Tabitha s locket which A had planted for Noel to find A tampers with their lifeboat nearly stranding them in the middle of the ocean The near death experience pushes theirls into wanting to confess about killing Tabitha However as they make plans to come clean about everything they discover that they were not responsible for Tabitha s death at all She had been bludgeoned to death by AThe Liars finally come to believe that A is in fact Alison as Emily reveals that she may have helped Alison escape the burning Poconos house in Wanted Suspiciously though Naomi was at Gayle s funeral 2016 07051399 Okay here s the deal I know I m about the farthest away a reader can be from the target audience of the Pretty Little Liars novels but you Doctor Sleep guys know that it s still one of my favorite series nonetheless If you scroll through each of the books there s aood chance you ll find a review of me Karma's A Sexy Bitch: Choose Your Own Erotic Fantasy Adventure gushing lovingly over it That being said this series needs to end I m still trying to figure out if I m beginning to like this series less and less because a it is in fact decreasing in uality or b it s staying exactly the same and I simply know all of Sara Shepard s storytelling uirks After some thought I think it s a mixture of bothMaybe there was some uality to the first eight books that made me not notice but as I wasoing through Burned I found myself predicting the outcome for each of the characters as soon as they waltzed onto the page I mean at this point any PLL reader should know that if Sara Shepard spends two hundred pages attempting to make the reader believe a character is A the big twist at the end will be that said character isn t actually A at allHowever knowing storytelling patterns is one thing but the plot progression in this series arch books 9 12 has been laughably bad and it was most noticeable in this installment In my opinion the original series I m now referring to books 1 8 as the original series since when this whole mess is over I m probably just Mythological Beasts Turned Me Gay: Three Book Collection: (Mythology Erotica) going to pretend books 9 14 never even happened worked so well because there was a close knit cast of characters whom I actually cared about which is why the deaths and other plot twists were so shocking At this point though Sara Shepard is just tossing in random extras in order to keep the plot moving along However I don t care thatirl I met thirty pages ago not only might have been unintentionally killed by Hanna but that she is also This All Encompassing Trip: Chasing Pearl Jam Around The World gasp the long lost cousin ofirl who s been in this series forever but only Scouts gained any kind of relevance ten pages ago or that boy I met five pages ago is the ex boyfriend ofirl who was unintentionally killed by Aria By the way when did it become so easy to kill people These The Organ Grinders girls can t walk out to the mailbox any without killing someone or at the very least maiming them for life This series worked so much better when the plot elements were fairly believable Aria dating her teacher Hanna having an eating disorder etc It s becoming horribly apparent that Sara Shepard doesn t know where she wants to take this story especially since Burned didn t even progress the series overall plot except for a small development about Tabitha s death at the end even though she like so many others was just an extra randomly thrown in order to create some kind of storyline Tis a sad day when I have toive a book in one of my favorite series a two star rating After finishing this book I m starting to lose faith in the plot What started as an interesting thrilling novel about five irls keeping non life threatening secrets turned into a murderous spree It s just not believable any I know life is hard when you are teenager but we re talking about five teenagers who have committed serious crimes They re just not hiding petty secrets these pretty little liars are hiding murders ex convicts car accident secrets and endangering other people s safety They re not innocent victims any they are criminals I mean can you tell me of a single teenager that knows exactly how to blow up the boat in the boiling room Or how a teenage irl was able to hide her pregnancy from her friends and family I m sorry but it s not possible I know there s a lot of crazy people in this world but the crimes are just The Complete Idiot's Guide to Detoxing Your Body getting crazier It doesn t feel like a young adult book any when a teenager isoing on a killing spree I m still finishing the series because after Silver in the Wood getting this far there is no point in uitting I also want to desperately know who A is in this installment But I am no entirely happy with the direction the plot isoing At this rate the TV show series is way interesting than the last few installments and I still believe the series should have ended when we learned about Courtney After that the series has just one downhill for me These books are cray Can t wait for 13 and 14 so I can finally figure out this shit A typical trashy Pretty Little Liars book where I yell at the characters for their stupidity throughout the entire thing I sort of hate these books for being so awful but then I need to know how it all ends too and so I keep reading And let s be honest it s a nice little break so read something so easy and titillating The irls are on a cruise this time but the book still follows the formula of the previous ones They suspect someone who is slightly suspicious put all their eggs in one basket and turn up with nothing in even worse shape than before Sure I m etting tired of this process because I know it ll end up with no leads and one big reveal at the end to make me want to buy the next I wish Shepard would switch up her formula a bit and et me The Second Cure guessing again because at this point I know without a doubt that who theirls suspect is never actually Essential Andhra Cookbook: With Hyderabadi and Telengana Specialities going to be A I would be lying if I said I won t read the next one but I ll also still stick to borrowing the book from a friend so I don t actually have to pay for something that is vastly below my reading level Who else do I have to blame but myself BURNED Are theyoing to be in another fireIf this is true please just take my brain cells nowPlus that s the cover Burned by Sara Shepard book 12 in the Pretty Little Liars seriesLet s just jump right in shall we okaySo my favourite aspect of this book was that it took place on a boat which was such a refreshing and fun idea for a book and also for these charactersI also loved the relationships between the The Sorcerer's Apprentice girls and their partners I found them all super cute and fun in this oneI enjoyed all theirls plot lines in this instalment as well as the overall plot line in the bookThe ending was awesome and I just really enjoyed how all that went down A ot extremely creative with the text messages in this one and it s My Favourite Book In The Series So Far In Terms favourite book in the series so far in terms A messages I absolutely loved themThis is my favourite book out of this particular 4 book arc in the series followed by Twisted then Ruthless and Stunning My favourite arc of the series so far is books 5 8 followed by this one 9 12 then 1 4 but I have very high hopes for the last arc which is 13 16 DI m so excited to continue on with this series but I m so sad it s oing with this series but I m so sad it s World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi going end soon what will I do with my lifeOrder of PLL books from fav to least fav so far1 Wanted2 Wicked3 Killer4 Burned5 Pretty Little Liars6 Twisted7 Unbelievable 8 Ruthless9 Heartless10 Flawless11 Stunning12 Perfect When will it end Not whilst someone s buying themThe preuel seuence features a flashback of a past event which occurred somewhere in the middle of all the other murders and escapades we have heard about but has not been mentioned at all so far to our four idiot heroines coming together to save Hanna from being arrested for drink driving and crashing the car of a stranger named Madison she met only hours previously even though Hanna isn t actually drunk The car is still operational and Madison is uninjured and passed out but rather than just leaving her to sort the mess out Hanna decides to call both an ambulance and her friends for assistance creating a race to see who will arrive at the scene first When theirls win the race they then choose to carry Madison right around the car and back to the driver s seat rather than just push her slightly to the left This oes wrong when they apparently manage to break her neck whilst moving her and then they all run off like cowards and et away with the whole thing since there were no witnesses at the bar where Hanna and Madison spent the night But wait Someone knows Guess who it is Yep A 3 Incidentally a secondary mystery is the identity of the driver of the car which drove Hanna off the road Any ideas who might be responsibleBack in the present day everyone is preparing for the Desperate Plot Stretching Cruise they ve all decided to take and referencing on trend things like Dr Who and such There s also the matter of Tabitha the Who Is Muhammad Ali? girl who they murdered ages ago but nobody has bothered to investigate properly Emily rehashes all her many problems before spotting a prettyirl and deciding that none of them matter Spencer Aria and Hanna all have boyfriends The teens are all waited on hand and foot eat luxury organic food and once listen to the only Caribbean music Shepard is aware of Bob Marley Nothing happens except for the appearance of many banners bearing eco messages and people imagining they can hear A 3 laughing behind doors which they then don t openThe Don't Worry, Eat Cake: A Coloring Book to Help You Feel a Little Bit Better about Everything girl Emily has instantly fallen in love with turns out to be Jordan a stowaway who bypassed the only just mentioned tight security and ended up hiding in Emily s cupboard along with the cosmetics she stole in order to noto without re applying make up for than 3 hours Spencer is doing the jealous ex irlfriend storyline this time around Aria somehow manages to end up having to do a Scavenger Hunt with Tabitha the maybe dead maybe Ali irl s boyfriend which is pretty bad luck Joining in the stupid coincidences Hanna is busy making her usual suddenly becoming best friends with her worst enemy mistake when she realises that old foe Naomi is the cousin of Madison the irl from the prologue s Stupid Car Incident which A 3 now knows about for obvious reasons Hanna therefore assumes Naomi is A 3 which of course means she definitely isn t Aria instead believes that the culprit is Tabitha s ex Graham which ets him off the hook too Aria decides that the best way to assuage her uilt about killing Tabitha is to hang around with her boyfriend pret. It's spring break and the pretty little liars are trading in Rosewood for a cruise vacation They want nothing than to sail into the tropical sunset and leave their troubles behind for one blissful week But where Emily Aria Spencer and Burned Pretty Little Liars #12

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N Spencer s foray into drugs Aria doing her teacher and Emily doing whatever Emily does which is usually nothing of interest Anyway despite all of this the irls are totally psyched for an upcoming cruise to the Caribbean which is apparently paid for by their school and numerous other private schools are oing too There is brief mention that they re holidaying near Jamacia where Aria killed Tabitha but that s forgone because everyone wants a tan in their high class brand bikinis and to flirt with all the orgeous toned boys on the cruise So the cruise is rossly extravagant for some reason You would think an Eco Cruise would know be frugal But no we have a casino a theater where Cirue De Soliel are performing nightly a ym with nineteen treadmills why this fact is important I have no idea a yoga studio a hair salon and spa thirteen restaurants eleven lounges a rock climbing wall and a wave pool Later it s also revealed the cruise has an auarium with endangered sea species AND and organic farm complete with chicken coops alpaca pens and a The Ancient Greeks: Ten Ways They Shaped the Modern World greenhouse From what I know pets aren tenerally allowed on cruises I Tricycle (HISTOIRE) guess rules are different for farm animalsHanna is rooming with Naomi who is someone she has hated for every book I ve read so far but because she s popular and Hanna s an outcast right now Hanna decides they ll be BFF s so Hanna can be cool againAria and her boyfriend Noel want to do everything together despite actually wanting to do anything together It s a one week cruise why is it such a big deal that heo surfing and she o scavenger hunting Why do they have to do the same thing Aria suddenly reveals she has never actually learned to swim despite having swum in Jamacia with no trouble as well as every time the irls went to the beach or a pool party in the past twelve booksEmily wastes no time lusting after the first Let Freedom Reign': The Words of Nelson Mandela. Henry Russell girl she sees Jordan who turns out to be a stowaway with nowhere to sleep so Emily offers her the other bed in her cabin Since Emily s assigned roommate is a whore from a Catholic school whom Emily also lusts after who apparently dumped Justin Beiber and invitesuys back to her room in the same sentance she meets them Emily figures the whore won t be using her bed and Paper Crafts Magazine: Joy of Card Making (Leisure Arts gives it to her new obsession JordanSchool trip with school students presumably supervised by teachers right But whores will be whores in the PLL world I would think that on a cruise where the majority of theuests if not all of them are high school students someone would have thought maybe to take the minibars out of the roomsHanna has a memory of when she met Madison the drunk Path to Sanity: Lessons from Ancient Holy Counselors on How to Have A Sound Mind girl whom had a neck snapping moment in the opening of the novel and seems to think you eat a margarita with your hands because after her drink arrives we re told Hanna licked her fingers clean Hanna is then annoyed that she s thinking about thatirl she might have murdered it s totally ruining her awesome trip It s later mentioned that this whole car crash memory thing actually happened the year before just as Emily found out she was pregnant So almost killing Madison hasn t affected them at all until now as is Sara s want to create new mysteriesSo far we haven t heard from A The only message is actually Spencer thinking about what A might say if she had left a message The Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus girls however are shocked that A might be on board and can t fathom how that could happen Clearly they haven t been paying attention for twelve books I m sure each of them has uttered the phrase A is everywhere at least once but they seem completely dumbfounded when this statement appears to be true Anyway the usual string of PLL coincidences happens Naomi is actually Madison s cousin The boy Aria was randomly paired with for her scavenger hunt Graham was Tabitha s boyfriend Hanna discovers this fact about Naomi during a secret party on board with plenty of rum apparently all it took was paying off one chaperone and these teen boys andirls can drink and party with ease Whilst comparing fake IDs which everyone in these novels seems to have Hanna sees Naomi s ID and recnognizes Madison She freaks out Rudram in Tamil gets a message from A tells the otherirls and boom Naomi is suggested as our new A which is a clear sign that she s not The Shitty Little Liars ather on a deck and discuss Naomi as A and Hanna conveniently reveals that though they were in the middle of nowhere when Hanna crashed Madison s car and they may have paralyzed her Naomi s house was just over the hill Spencer recalls they left the scene before the ambulance arrived yet they mentioned seeing the EMT s exit their vehicle soThe irls also suspect Graham as new A but Aria rejects Spencer s suggestion to stay away from him cos she feels KaBOOM!: One Entrepreneur's Quest to Build Community SAVE PLAY! guilty for killing hisirlfriend Aria s exact words are I can t just drop him I d feel terrible But she did kill his irlfriend Spencer s roommate is described as uiet and bookish so she s not ever seen again Reefer is back from the last book a pot smoking weirdo Spencer met at Princeton "whom she s obsessed with who also happens to be BFF s with Naomi Spencer "she s obsessed with who also happens to be BFF s with Naomi Spencer taking scuba diving as her cruise hobby but not to worry about her learning She s been certified since she was 14 Reefer s certified too Which is odd cos I don t recall Spencer ever scuba diving in the past twelve booksOh and I noticed this A million years ago Mona as A had forced her to confront Naomi and Riley last year and admit she had an eating disorder A million years ago last year Back to the story Emily and Jordan steal a boat and then make out which makes Emily instantly in love Then Emily sees something on the news about Jordan being a Preppy Thief complete with footage of her in an orange jumpsuit handcuffs and ankle shackles I don t think the police are allowed to ankle shackle an 18 year old for stealing but whatever Aria is thrilled at playing matchmaker for the boy whose irlfriend she killed even when A sends her pictures apparently taken from the bottom of the cliff that show Aria shoving Tabitha off it Aria can t et the photos off her phone and frets about the teachers on the trip seeing them but iven THEY HAVEN T NOTICED THE SECRET PARTIES TEENAGE SEX haven t noticed the secret parties teenage sex drinking and boat stealing I m Who on God's Earth do you 'think' you are?: A true story about TRANSCENDING the ILLUSION of SEPARATION guessing they re not paying that much attention Teachers need vacations too rightHanna is still sure that Naomi is A but that doesn t stop her from spending all her free time with her Shopping karaoke talking about boys planning an act for the concert at the end of the cruise But Hanna s an idiot in the books so I m not surprised Hanna and Naomi sneak away from the cruise ando to a VIP club where a bouncer lets these two underage irls in with no uestion A bartender then serves two underage irls drinks with no uestion And creepy older Mesagerul guys in the barawk and holler at these underage irls with no uestion Naomi reveals Madison is alive though she had to learn to walk again upon hearing this Hanna decides it s proof Naomi is not A and they can be best friends for real and then Hanna promptly finds emails on Naomi s computer between Naomi and Madison saying they ve been searching for who crashed up Naomi s car So Hanna again is now positive Naomi is A Spencer decides its a smart thing to stay away from Reefer since he s BFF s with Naomi but then the smell of Reefer lemon and salt make her roan and he kisses her So screw it if he s in league with New A Upon confronting Jordan about her criminal past from what she s found on Google which we re told includes stealing planes boats and cars as well as Jordan being described as a con artist with the FBI after her Emily falls for Jordan s I was trying to protect you crap and since this relationship has been oing on for almost five days now they re in love All is forgiven Jordan then tells Emily that when they arrive back in the US Emily might be arrested for knowing Jordan I m not sure whySpence slips and busts her ankle ets food poisoning and then What Am I Doing with My Life?: And other late night internet searches answered by the great philosophers getsum stuck in her hair which she fears she won t be able to Jimmy: The Terrorist get out without cutting of all of her hair Unless she managed to maneuver theum around her head like some sort of swimming cap I doubt this is the case Plus I ve had How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle: The Complete Seminar gum in my hair It s easy to cut out Anyway this string of bad luck leads Spencer to think Naomi is purposely taunting her so she breaks up with Reefer despite her obsession with the way he smells Aria s boyfriendives her a locket he found on the beach which turns out to belong to Tabitha and has a photo of Tabitha and Ali together inside so they re friends I More scary stories for sleep-overs guess Or were If this is realAli maybe it s Courtney Anyway Graham chases after Aria screaming something about photos but all the important words are conveniently drowned out by a loud engine Someone sets of a bomb on the boat and everyone has to evacuate but not before Spencer thinks the best thing to do with the locket which she claims proves they killed Tabitha somehow is drop it in some corner of the sea divers aren t supposed too to Aria who of course can t swim in this book remember floats in the water in a life jacket with Hanna and Emily while Spencer dives to stash the locket and then the next thing they know the raft they were on is one Popped deflated They re stranded but Naomi sends rescue Hanna confronts her about being A and of course realizes that Naomi isn t A Hanna reveals everything she did to Madison but Naomi says she won t tell anyone Naomi also says that some random neighbour who lived near where Madison s car crashed has security footage that show someone purposefully driving into Madison s car proving to Hanna that A crashed into them that night a fact seemingly confirmed by the next A text messageThe irls finally decide to come clean call the cops and reveal they killed Tabitha When wouldn t the cops and reveal they killed Tabitha When wouldn t know it a press conference is held where the lead cop on Tabitha s case reveals she died from blunt force trauma by someone at a close distance to her Not the fall Aria s not a murderer after all What a letdownGraham Heads of the Colored People gets knocked about when the bomb blows up and now is in a coma Theirls et a text while he s out of it which apparently is proof that he s definitely not A even though the irls have considered that A is actually multiple people working together Random text from A and that s it Apparently the fun hasn t even started Now THAT I agree withLame Titanic references just cos they re at sea doesn t mean you HAVE to talk about TitanicThe locket lost at sea Rose s necklace lost at seaAriaRose et the necklace and fight with their respective boyfriends about itChase scene through engine roomEmily and Jordan plan to run off together so did Jack and RoseJordan jumps overboard Emily imagines her sinking to the bottom Jack sunk to the bottomDuring the fire characters reference the same scene in TitanicLife rafts with too few passengersHanna oes to a secret party with Mike Rose oes to a secret party with JackGraham wants the locket Cal wants the necklace I hope this is the last one I love the books But come on The irls always hold in their secretsRegret it laterLie to the people they loveThen it bites them in the buttIf she were to make another book I would be forced to read it and this journey is etting long lol Have not ever lost any interest in the books though can t wait to read Trying to land a new boy And a blast or rather a crash from Hanna's past could mean rough waters ahead for everyoneThe liars better tighten their life jackets A perfect storm is brewing and if they aren't careful A will bury them at se. End to sympathise with him and manipulate his love life whilst not revealing that she is in fact the killer This sounds like the behaviour of a loating sociopath but it does allow her to discover that Tabitha was committed to the same unlikely mental institution as Alison Courtney Hanna and any other teenage irl whose family wanted rid of them Hanna Aria swap suspicious reA 3 which doesn t make either suspect any likely Emily and her new irlfriend steal a boat Spencer is pushed into a pool by Naomi because she s jealous of her boyfriend but said boyfriend doesn t seem bothered much as I myself am not bothered There are a lot of conversations not one even slightly realisticIt suddenly turns out that A 3 has some very unlikely photos of Aria killing Tabitha taken from who knows what cliff top vantage point They are also magic photos that can t be deleted from phones Eually suddenly Emily realises that Jordan is actually the 18 year old master thief Katherine DeLong whose escape from custody was clumsily mentioned in the first chapter She instantly dumps her by text presumably desperate to escape such a terrible storyline ASAP Ten minutes later she is considering running away with her to Thailand and living as conwomen fugitives from the law because why not Spencer decides to dump her boyfriend too just in case the unidentified A 3 is in love with him but then can t be bothered Noel The Interior Landscape: Love Poems from a Classical Tamil Anthology gives Aria a mysterious locket he found washed up on the beach and Aria thinks he has seen it somewhere before but can t uite remember where because she s not smart A 3 keeps sending everyone texts referencing events moments after they occur but somehow remains completely unseen Despite everything theirls insist on wasting time practising a Hula routine for the talent competition which nobody could care less about To fill in time Hanna has another of her annoying dreams featuring the whole Madison thing rehashed and the return of Alighost Then she finds a hand written note from A 3 but declines to trace the limited amount of potential sources instead panicking like a baby Spencer decides she can be bothered to dump her boyfriend after all which serves him right since he is entirely puzzled by her not unjustified fears that someone is trying to hurt her despite the fact that an entire TV movie has been made about the time her supposed friend secretly tried to destroy her which might help to explain why she s a bit edgy than the average irl Meanwhile Tabitha s ex is now in love with Aria having spent than 10 minutes with her I m writing this even before it s actually revealed in the text since it s so obvious I can t be bothered waiting Also we learn that Aria takes an hour to freshen up which seems excessive How filthy is she usually Aria finally realises that Graham is in love with her although manages to not cotton on to the locket thing immediately possibly because she is distracted fretting over whether she has accidentally led him on PLL ender politics haven t changed Emily decides she is oing to run away and live forever in a magically funded dream holiday paradise with a irl she has known for less than a week but 5 minutes later Jordan jumps overboard and disappears Spencer and Hanna search Naomi s room and find chewing First You Fall: A Kevin Connor Mystery gum and baby oil these highly suspicious items proving the case against her as a stalker Each communiu from A 3 features a worse pun than the last Very little development seems to occur and the only upcoming storyline to hang the finale on is the talent show which isn t encouraging I consideriving up Spencer does nearly die in scuba diving incident but since the four Mimsy Little Airheads are immortal for plot purposes this creates very little tension Eventually Aria discovers the locket secret by falling over and smashing it open by accident It s even worse than it promised not only is the locket obviously Tabitha s but it contains a picture of her and Alison who were apparently best friends due to the force of ridiculous coincidence Unless she was best friends with Courtney who seems to have been rather forgotten even though she was just as likely as Alison to be friends with some random lunatic Aria responds to this by running around the ship like a shrieking lunatic drowning out Graham with her screeching and the ships engines in order that she can fail to hear some vital information he is attempting to impart to herThe dramatic climax some vital information he is attempting to impart to herThe dramatic climax when a boiler suddenly explodes only a few feet from Aria without hurting her The explosion is nonetheless so serious that it necessitates the evacuation of an entire massive luxury cruise liner In a display of astounding stupidity the irls decide to steal a lifeboat row to a cave famous for its scuba diving opportunities and hide Tabitha s necklace underneath some coral Why the hell this plan would even occur to anyone let alone seems sensible to four people is unfathomable Despite the difficulty of launching a lifeboat without training and euipment the cruise staff and FBI agents who surround them and the fact that they are actually witnessed by potential A 3 Naomi they still o through with this plan Even stupidly all four of them decide to et into the water even though only Spencer is actually diving which inevitably means that their raft has been sabotaged by the time they return Just once couldn t my worst fears about the predictable nonsensicality of the plot turn out to be unfoundedThe highlight of the book comes when the irls in a sudden moment of clarity realise the true horror of their ceaseless cycling through the same plotlines and unlikely murders forever tormented by yet another incarnation of A never to break free Realising that there is no other escape for either characters or readers they briefly contemplate surrendering to fate and slipping uietly to their death beneath the indifferent waves Tragically at the last moment they form a power circle and are saved by the power of friendship which conjures up a boat crewed by all the major characters plus Jeremy the cruise ship organiserOnce rescued Hanna confesses to Naomi for no reason other than the end of the book is drawing near and realises that she isn t A 3 She also realises that the person who tried to kill her in the prologue is probably the same person who tried to kill her all those other times A uick thinking Hanna The only actual conseuence of the prologue is that she loses the friendship of Naomi which lasted about 6 hours in real time and consisted in its entirety of conversations about shoes Graham is now in a coma Emily Notes from a Young Black Chef goes home and it turns out her parents love her again Jordan is revealed to still be alive which means we ll have to hear about her in another book Another man turns out to have been in the boiler room at the time of the explosion and I moing to Foursome: Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O'Keeffe, Paul Strand, Rebecca Salsbury go ahead and assume it was Jeremy since he s been mentioned in every chapter without having done anything and he inexplicably started acting in an evil manner at his last appearance As the book concludes theirls drone on incessantly about how they re about to hand themselves in although they aren t committed enough to the idea to tell anyone else or say their oodbyes to the friends and relatives they ll miss so terribly Then at the last minute an oddly late autopsy report shows that Tabitha didn t die from the fall but from being beaten at close range I m starting to lose track but this seems to be roughly the third autopsy she s had now which seems a bit unorthodox Although not as unorthodox as the lead detective calling back someone who claims to have information about a murder whilst he is live on air So it turns out that the irls haven t killed Anyone This Cycle They Did Semi Cripple this cycle They did semi cripple City of Girls girl but no one even knows her so that s fine They all simultaneously realise who the killer was all along yes A the person who keeps trying to kill everyone Of course Then A sends a handily timed text to confirm this only moments after they ve reached their shocking conclusion Also A threatens to kill them all but since this has been the driving force of all 12 books so far I m hardly shocked And that s actually the endMost Ill Thought Through Attempt to Be Environmentally Friendly the Rosewood Day Prep Eco Cruise to the Caribbean Words and Phrases I Do Not UnderstandPre FroshGlommingElliptical machinesRashuardsStupidest NamesMadison StricklandJacksonZelda MillingsErin Bang BangZora Jean JaffreyGraham PrattToriUrsula TippingtonCarsonMackenzieMost Extravagant Prizes Offered for Winning Children s GamesTwo 1000 The Book of Dreams gift certificates for the Apple storeA Vespa scooterWorst Cruise Ship FeatureThe on board organic farm Surely full of very sickoats chickens and alpacasLeast Embarrassing Revelation I still iron my jeans sometimes Spencer admitted then felt a little self conscious for saying so Strangest Fashion Assessment A silver ankle bracelet which struck Aria as both bohemian and Shakespearian Bohemian is odd enough iven that it s supposed to be Aria s look and she should therefore know it has little to do with silver ankle bracelets But Shakespearian I can t even begin to understand thisWorst Name for a BandVegan SunriseWorst Place NameConshohocken CurveMost Unnecessary Clarification People in comas didn t send texts In summary the entire cruise was a complete waste of time as well as hopefully a joke How is it possible to be twelve books into this series and still be ending on the cliff hanger Oh no a mystery figure known as A is trying to kill the PLLs and it could be Alison It s like a kind of endless handbag filled purgatory where everyone is wearing the right brand of skin cream as they cycle through torment for all eternity This was supposed to be the last of these that s what we were promised That s what made me was supposed to be the last of these that s what we were promised That s what made me reading We were close to the end right But no no someone offered Sara money to stretch this already paper thin story for another two books Crushed and Betrayed set to come out this year I think Yikes Nothing new happens in this book The irls continue to manipulate people and screw others over for their own benefit and then are shocked when A calls them on their indiscretions This book starts of with yet another crime Hanna meets a random What Are You Doing, Benny? girl an Ali look alike at a bar theirl Who's Next? Guess Who! gets wasted and while driving her home a sober Hanna crashes the car Instead of calling the police she calls Aria Spencer and Emily who decide the very best thing to do is to rearrange the scene to put the unconscious drunkirl behind the wheel and run and hide Whilst moving her they slip and hear a snap that Spencer fears is the drunk Dulces mentiras, amargas verdades girl s neck breaking Her NECK BREAKING But Spencer only fears that possibly they paralyzed thisirl Not that they killed herAnyway the The Backwash of War: The Human Wreckage of the Battlefield as Witnessed by an American Hospital Nurse girls leave the scene just as the ambulance arrives and we re told that it s in the middle of nowhere and absolutely no one saw them which of course means someone did and that someone is new A Despite theirls claiming to be haunted everyday by all the murders they have committed Aria pushed Tabitha off a cliff they all blew up the house with Ali in it and then their spate of smaller crimes Hanna drinking driving and smashing her ex bf s car Hanna The Twenty-Five Deeds of Hanson Drake getting involved with numerous people wanting to destroy her father s campaig. Annao A Before the Oath: How George W. Bush and Barack Obama Managed a Transfer of Power goes too From scuba diving to tanning on the upper deck A is there soaking up all their new secretsEmily is smooching a stowaway Aria's treasure hunting partner is a little too interested in her booty Spencer'soing overboard.