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Ere introduced I was astonished with the growth of the characters

They Seemed To Really Be 
seemed to really be to their roles in their coven I think this could be a really great series if the author continues to give the coven missions adventures like the ones encountered in Burning I look forward to reading by this author hopefully of this series4 BombsReviewed by Tracy Fun fun funThis book was exciting from page one I fee immersed in the Iives of the characters and the it adventures K D Carrillo brings tension and drama to life This is the second book in the Central Coven series and was packed with much action than the first book Chlo Finn Anita and Dean are still at it Trying to protect each other from this war that is raging onI liked that we get to know a little bit of Grey in this one and get inside his head We are introduced to some new characters amongst the new refugee Chlo and Finn still struggle with their feelings for each other and whether they have a forever future together I kept thinking really we re back to this Get it together while Anita and Dean are secure in their relationship and are madly in love The characters really grow and develop in this book becoming much mature and their friendship grows strongerEach of the main characters had their own POV which was great It was easier to follow along in this book and made it that much enjoyable to read This one was also New Adult as on top of action it was also filled with emotion passion and desire I really enjoyed reading this book 4 fangsThis is book 2 in the central coven series The Inuisition is back after centuries and is creating havoc burning witches on the stake They are targeting people from the councils realmsThe coven Is Sent Some Paranormal Refugees sent some paranormal refugees the central coven are not "AMUSED AS THEY ARE HAPPY AS "as they are happy as are without these new peopleWhilst Anita and Dean know they want to spend forever together Chloe and Finn find themselves still doubtful if they love each other enough to be together foreverIn the new refugees is Bridgettwho like Finn is an elf but doesn t think a witch should be bonded with an elf especially Finn who is the one that her parents wanted her to marry to get a better standingWhen two of the coven gets kidnapped its battle stations and so critical they could di. P and help them face this new evil but her powers have been rapidly weakening In order to heal Chloë must face her most frightening challenge yet giving Finn a second chan.

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Burning Central Coven 2Team Grey Burning is fantastic If you were a fan of Central Coven which had super naturals such as Vampires Elves Witches Shape shifters then
You Will Love Book 2 
will love book 2 It s a super naturals explosion Burning has all the fun stuff that Central Coven did battle scenes which kept me on my toes lots of romance each one of the Coven individuals have partnered up and new fun characters are "introduced we get to know my favorite character Grey a little better AaahThe characters have blossomed friendships have grown stronger "we get to know my favorite character Grey a little better AaahThe characters have blossomed friendships have grown stronger new characters brought in passion and desire All the characters newold are all learning their powers and seeing how a true formed coven works All the while they are finding out who they truly are in the mix of uggling a normal life In the end it is about finding fighting your destiny and growing as a family CovenKD Carrillo s writing has developed since book one She s added twists and turns and kept my interest the whole time I can not wait for book 3 I received this in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the second book in the Central Coven series and it does not disappoint at all We are back with Finn Chloe Anita and Dean for an all out war with Witch Hunters Yes you read that right we as a civilized culture step back to the 1600s to have an old fashioned witch hunt But why you ask Well that is the story KD continues the fantastic writing that was in the first book She captures your imagination so you can see what all is going on I love reading her books I actually do not finish them in one night I miss reading the same book for days I have nothing but good things to say about this book You will love it if you loved the first one then this is ust going to add to your love I truly hope that there is a third book I love the characters and what they become not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well This is the second book in KD Carrillo s Central Coven Series and I have to say that I enjoyed this book then the first oneFreshman year may have changed the lives of Chloe Finn Dean and Anita but sopho year brings hope that they can have the normal lives they all crave and a 2nd chance at lost love Unfortunately their hopes are shattered with the Inuisition threatening to expose the existence of the supernatural wor. Freshman year changed the lives of Chloë Finn Dean and Anita Their sopho year brings new hope for the normal lives they all crave and a second chance at lost love Their ho. LdThe Central Coven need Chloe "to step up and help them battle this new evil but her powers are rapidly "step up and help them battle this new evil but her powers are rapidly What does she have to do to heal Face her most frightening challange yet The Challenge Giving Finn a second chanceWill Chloe give Finn to heal Face her most frightening challange yet The Challenge Giving Finn a second chanceWill Chloe give Finn second chance Will she heal and regain her powers in order to help defeat the Inuisition You ll have to pick up a copy to find out DThis book was drama and action packed from start to finish and I found myself being totally immersed from beginning to end Which for me is saying something as I m not a big paranormal reader but I m trying to change thatChloe Finn Dean and Anita have grown so much in this book and the four friends have paired up into couples Dean and Anita know they want to spend forever together but Chloe and Finn are still very unsure if they really love one another enough to even think of foreverLoved the new characters that were introduced in this book and I m looking forward to reading about their adventures out of 5 stars Again I usually stay away from young adultsmiles This second book I enjoyed than the first As hard as our group of young people try to be normal it isn t in the cards for them Along with trying to be as normal as they can there is Chloe and Finn the witch hunters and of course Evil itself It wont be easy Chloe will have to find away to kick in her powers is Finn the answer to her strength Of course there are some that think a elf and witch shouldn that think a Elf and Witch shouldn be together and Bridgett will make it known how she feels herself being Finns parents choice Not only is the need for Chloe s powers to be at their full potentialto help her coven but the Inuisition is forever present Following the story full of action and adventure some sweet loving and a friendship that will last through it all This read was fun fast paced and kept you wanting to read to the end Id recommend this read to anyone of the magic lovers out there Enjoy I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI loved this book It was so much better than the first It was fast paced and easy to read All the problems with the first book seemed to be fixed in the second I loved that all the coven members formed couples I loved reconnecting with all the characters and also enjoyed the new characters that Pes are shattered when ritualistic murders reminiscent of the Inuisition threaten to expose the existence of the supernatural world The Central Coven needs Chloë to step