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Y got paid to write a story like that and yetand yetwell there you have itYou cannot take Carnivore seriously At all Ever The moment you try the moment you ven think about treating it the way you would any other story you re going to hate yourself So trust me don t Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods even let the words But that couldn t happen because meander through your brain orlse you re finished before the third chapter Approach it like you would the made for cable SyFy Channel horror film You know it s bad You just have to see how bad it can be for yourselfYes there s a pseudo plot in there somewhere about *Frozen Dinosaur Eggs A T *dinosaur Elizabeth I eggs a T mutating after beingxposed to radioactive waste and a cast of characters who are all so inept and foolish they may as well have MONSTER CHOW scrawled on their heads in large block letters Ignore the whiny Education in a New Society environmentalist whack job who doesn t want to die but doesn t want anybody to kill the poor little dino Ignore the testosterone laden male lead whoxists only to impress the ladies and can t Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education even do that very well Ignore the inept commander of this small research station who isn t fit to direct traffic much less run his outpost Ignore the fact that said outpost has such limited supplies but somehow manages to hold something like two hundred people for the dinosaur toat Ignore the fact that in sub zero temperatures without shelter or protection of any kind an animal the size of the T Rex would freeze temperatures without shelter or protection of any kind an animal the size of the T Rex would freeze death in a matter of minutes Ignore it all Leigh Clark does Just read and snickerEnjoy the myriad ways that people become bipedal beef jerky Enjoy all the bone crushing blood spurting fire starting wall smashing limb amputating fetid breath smelling seuences Enjoy the campy dialog written with tongue firmly lodged in cheek That s what this book is all aboutThe story is awful I cannot impress this nough but despite that I ve read this book three times now and I will probably continue reading it very few years just because I get a perverse pleasure watching the disaster unfold Content wise it s not worth The Baby Swap Miracle even one out of the three stars I gave it But for sheer gas factor itarns very one of m Check your brain at the door there s a monster on the rampage Pretty much very mistake you could ver make if you found an unhatched perfectly preserved T rex gg in the Antarctic all committed in uick succession Read and learn people. Ir find the contribution to science But soon they are forced to open their yes to an inescapable fact once revived the specimen would need to feed. If you re looking for deep tight lyrical prosemove along *If You Re Looking For A Fast Paced Somewhat Goofy *you re looking for a fast paced somewhat goofy featuring a vicious dinosaur wallowing in gore and deaththis book is a lot of fun There are not sufficient words for how bad this book is I don t really have high standards for my creature fiction but it would be nice if I felt like the author had made an Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation effort The villains are cartoonish at best the hero ish is largely a misogynistic ass and the book s sole female character seems determined tombody Gender Justice every possible stereotype about uselessmotional women The plot Generations and Collective Memory even for a story about a unthawed and hatched dinosaurgg has holes than story and the only potentially likable character is in fact the dinosaurI will say it would make a great SyFy movie in the right hands The concept had potential the xecution was however horrid I didn t xpect this book to be great but I was unprepared for how awful it was The science makes Jurassic Park look like a documentary For From Notes to Narrative example radiation apparently makes dinosaurs not only hatch but grow to adulthood in about three days I could have forgiven that if there was the slightestvidence of wit of style but the writing is crude to say the least The characters are mere stick men the token woman Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America expert is whiny and over sentimental and the plot just goes into a loop ofndless Tyranosaurus Rex attacks I lost count of the number of times its great head is mentioned or it pounces like a bird In short no fun at all Wow this is one of those books that makes me wonder how it got published in its current form The book reads like an unedited or maybe roughly God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School edited Nanowrimo novel The plot is rough full of holes and completely implausable If you are fan of the 1950s monster movie then this is the book for you There are so many plot holes you canasily imagine other characters coming in Dr Ian Malcolm Jurassic Park warning veryone about T Rex BEHAVIOR ANDOR *RANTING ABOUT CHAOS THEORY DIRK PITT AND andor *RANTING ABOUT CHAOS THEORY DIRK PITT AND REST *about chaos theory Dirk Pitt and the rest NUMA sailing in to investigate the strange happenings Count Saknussem Journey to the Center of the Earth trying to tame the dinosaur I also found myself wondering strange things like can a T rex be hooded like a raptor People are hiding a large batch of nuclear waste in the arcticPeople discover preserved dinosaur gg in the ice and leave it in an incubator in the nuclear waste. In an Antarctic research outpost a group of scientists made a discovery For the first time modern man would come face to face with the ruler of the.

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Storage roomT REX happens in arctic basePeople dieD I LOVE creature features in isolated places you get something like Shakma where the movie could be intense but the characters are morons who don t know how to open a *Window Or Call The Cops In The *or call the cops In the type story such as this they have a plane OF COURSE they want to capture the dino and bring it back with them This is all
cheesy fun for me and s a slightly above average pulp fiction fare but since it hits my favorite tropes we re going with 45 If I go back and reread this I have recently found a new copy at a Half Priced Books much to my delight I will redo my review in accordance As the death count rises with body parts and blood and guts flying this creature feature shows no mercy to anyone for their arrogance and overstepping their bounds with this TRexTo see visit fundinmental This could ve nded a little arlier but it s hard not to love a story about a viable dinosaur gg found in the Antarctic that s growth was xpedited by toxic waste I m afraid this was not my cup of tea The writing itself was OK but I could never suspend disbelief Scientists at a remote research station find a T Rex dinosaur Foraging for Survival egg frozen in ice and thaw it out They use radiation to make it hatch uickly and grow to full size within a few days Naturally itscapes and wreaks havoc The plot holes are huge and the science pretty much non Fragments existent If you like SYFY channel movies like Sharknado then you mightnjoy this I couldn t buy it and Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries ended up speed reading the last 150 pages or so Remember those stories you and your friends would make up when you were ten years old The ones that always involved giant dinosaurs coming to life andating verybody you hated specially your teachers at school your parents the annoying kid down the street tc Remember how you grew up and forgot all about those kinds of stories now that you had discovered sex driving and alcohol hopefully not all in the same night Well Leigh Clark didn t forget and the result is CarnivoreCarnivore is one part Corman s Carnosaur one part Carpenter s The Thing and one very small part Crichton s Jurassic Park You know going into it that it s going to be bloody awful and don t pretend you have no idea just read the blurb here on Goodreads and yet something compels you to pick it up anyway because there s no way in hell somebod. Prehistoric world the king of the dinosaurs the Tyrannosaurus Rex Blinded by scientific zeal the researchers thought only of the importance of the.
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