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REALLYI stayed up and read to have it just nd like that YUK I can t believe the crappy reason for all the drama I FEEL LIKE THE AUTHOR THINKS THE like the author thinks the is the dumbest person on the planet and she is laughing her butt off at how she dragged this book out and then came out with the flimsiest reason I have The Seventh Witch ever heard All this drama tears drama and back and forth over something that if he had known her wouldn t have mattered Arghhhh I am so mad over this Sage was so stupid and Jacob so I have to stop ranting This was a terrible book and I feel so duped This book is primexample of why JS Cooper is one of my favorite authors there s virtually nothing by her i won t read This book had me reeled in hook line sinker beginning to And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake end I just couldn t put it downSage and Jacob both have not had itasy but for different reasons and when they meet again Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America everything comes crushing back Including the heartbreak and pain My heart ached for Sage and I couldn t help but love her Hands down I would recommend this book to anyoneI voluntarily reviewed a advanced readers copy of this book This is heartwarming story about two kids Jacob and Sage who met in an orphanage and grow close but when one is adopted they promise to stay in touch and in two years be together forever Life gets in the way and they loseach other but years later they meet up again in college Things have changed and Sage has never forgiven Jacob for breaking his promise and doesn t want to let him in again When a bet lost Sage had no choice but to be with Jacob Will Jacob #be able to get sage to forgive him #able to get Sage to forgive him had she closed her heart forever I was lucky The Pocket Wife enough to be a beta reader for this book and I went through a lot ofmotions readingI was given a copy of this book for a honest review Back in summer I had the chance to beta read some of the first chapters of this book and I got invested in these characters and their happy The Color of Our Sky ending Unfortunately I did not like the story The book hadvery cliche one can find Even Jacob admits that When I read that he slept with other women but none of the measured up to her I knew I wouldn t be happy with the book He was in love with her and yet he chose to sleep with plenty of other women while the heroine remained a virgin This trope needs to stop And we had one of his hookups appear One that he was sleeping with for 2 months I was so disappointed I was also disappointed Jacob Phillips was my first best friend I was his first loveWe shared our first kiss togetherHe broke my heartSage Weston and Jacob Phillips met as children at Little Kitty Orphanage They had the type of friendship that could weather any storm and they vowed that they would always be there for ach other An.

review Carry My Heart

Ctually says No way Jose using it twice is two too many times It was stilted juvenile and I can t imagine anyone speaking this way When they were they spoke like #ADULTS AND THEY WERE ADULTS #and when they were adults spoke like a satire of teen crossed with an old age pensioner Uses of we made love and the ndearment of my love for God sake they re not bloody 80 I can say for a fact that I have never used those words in my life unless I was being sarcastic You may as well blue rinse I have never used those words in my life unless I was being sarcastic You may as well blue rinse hair perm it and then call me Doris No ill will to any Doris out there I m sure you re fabulous But stillTwo The plot sounds great via the blurb Obsession epic fail when laid out on paper The whole angst ridden feel to the whole story Jacob hero aka bloody moron left the orphanage promised to write to Sage Heroine aka wet lettuce gave heartfelt sonnets of his love blah blah blah he left never came back never contacted her again Then we the reader have to suffer through the torture of their reunion at college J s all I love you but I can t tell you my deep dark secret about why I left happened multiple times to the point where if I read another I can t say I don t want you to hate me speech I dat my kindle and choke on it happily before laying Cabaret: A Roman Riddle eyes on thatver again And S s all I love you too but I won t let you get close again changed dramatically to here s my virginity take it on the beach Three The deep dark secret What a bloody waste so anticlimactic Firstly I saw it coming so poorly xecuted why couldn t there have been an actual confrontation of Sage seeing it instead of another long monologue of confession from Jacob If I knew a guy was hiding something about why they never contacted me but declares his love like it s oxygen I d do my damndest to find out what Secondly what ven was the point of Kimberley She was a pointless xcuse for an antagonist whom he slept with in the past and then what Nothing Made no difference to the plot in any shape or formI m surprised I ven finished it I had to though not finishing books haunt me and this is one I wanted to read and promptly forgetIf you see this recommended run You ve always brought me up You ve always made me feel like the most special person in the world And I want to thank you for that When I ve been low you ve always made me feel better Always Carry My Heart is a beautiful moving story with interesting main characters I highly recommend it. At seem to follow him All Roads Lead Home everywhere he goes Then Sage loses a bet and she can no longer avoid Jacob Though she doesverything she can to let him know that they are no longer friendsBut Jacob has plans and is determined for Sage to know the truth about what happened four years ago ven if it costs him verythi. Carry My HeartIth the heroine because I found her to be too forgiving and she asily accepted verything Jacob was giving her She got some points for having the guts to demand answersI think most of you will njoy the book If you are like #Me Though You Should Stay Clear What #though you should stay clear What motional and moving story Sage and Jacob met as children at an orphanage and were best friends until he was adopted Their arly lives were so different in that he was a love child whose parents were killed in an accident He survived because he was cushioned between them She lived in an unwanted situation with her mother and stepfather until she was dropped at the orphanage They meet again years later at college and the drama continues "Lots Of Suspense And Twists No Spoiler "of suspense and twists No spoiler but this is a good read that will keep your interest I read a reader copy and voluntarily chose to write a review 3 12 stars I generally like Ms Cooper s books and while I njoyed Carry My Heart it wasn t my favorite of her books Sage and Jacob meet in an orphanage that they were both placed in at around the age of 10 Sage is introverted and keeps to herself She has no friends Jacob is just the opposite Sage sees him as a breath of fresh air in the orphanage although she Sage Weston and Jacob Phillips both lived at the Little Kitty Orphanage They bonded and vowed to always be there for one another till Jacob was adopted and dropped Sage like a stoneNow coincidentally they re both at the same college Jacob wants to reconnect with Sage but she doesn t want to she wants to know why he never replied to any of her lettersI thought this might be a good read as I love a bit of angst in my romances unfortunately this tale was little short of ridiculous IMO When you discover the reason he never replied to her letters or tried to contact her after he was adopted it was just too far fetched and totally unbelievable Oh and The Little Kitty Orphange sounds like a rescue home for cats lol In my opinion this book was a fu shitI wasted my time so dramatic for nothingi hated it This is one big NOPEGod I hate giving bad reviews but this book gave me a massive headache from the amount of ye rolling I was doing Yes xcessive ye rolling and you know what It s very Yes xcessive ye rolling and you know what It s very to read whilst doing thatOkay the breakdown of why I disliked this book so much If I m gonna write it I m going to vent like a drama ueenOne use of language I m sorry but who D then Jacob was adopted and verything changed At first the letters were fast and furious but then they stopped and Sage was left all aloneFour years later Sage and Jacob bump into ach other at a university party Sparks fly daggers are drawn and Sage wants nothing to do with Jacob or the bevvy of women th. ,

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