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Carved in Ice Made of Steel #3Triangles suares kind of in this case but this one was done in a way that I didn t mind I could understand Summer s conflict I understood how confused she was about the her ove interests and her paranoia made Sense But As Much As I Loved But as much as I oved first two books a few things that didn t sit well with me One was Liza and Eli s relationship It felt so forced If Eli was so in ove with Summer now could he move on so fast It really irked me And what about Summer s dad How did Crawford find him so easily How did Crawford have the means to move Summer to NYC How did Miles and Eli manage to escape death from such grave injuries How was Miles able to be an RA and play soccer while also being the vigilante Why was he wearing a mask the first time he went to the bank to get information on her How did he know that was her bank in the first place How was he always able to just disappearThere were several plot holes that seemed to be in place just to paint the HEA

Uestions That Were Never 
that were never Things seemed to just tie up too nicely with ittle to no explanation Don t get me wrong I did really ike this series but I was hoping for a ittle at the ending Absolutely The Seduction of Miranda Prosper loved this series Kept me on my seat every minute and couldn t stop reading Ivy Smoak does not disappoint in any of her books Love everything she has written This is a must read for all of you readers I LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS BOOK I didn t want this series to end Summer and Miles were my favorite couple Both so broken betrayed abandonedost souls Don was SUCH a nasty villain I wanted to kill him myself And V what can I say about himI knew who I wanted him to be He was good and badsweet and mean Such a contradiction And he draws Summer to him The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy like a month to a flame Ioved their friends Kins Eli Liza Mr Crawford even Athena the house security had me chuckling at times But to finally see all the puzzle pieces come together is a truly magnificent end for this wonderful trilogy Cudos to Ivy Smoak for another job well done I received an ARC for an honest review. Unmask the notorious V There's no going back now See what happens in the epic conclusion of the Made of Steel seri. Ford was in ove wher Momhe told her a bunch of stuff when Don took her back and helped reunite Summer and her father he didn t die in the car accident but was held all these years by DonSummer and Miles go home childhood home and he proposes to herHappy Ever After Carved in Ice is the final book in the Made of Steel Trilogy If you have not read the first two books in the series Made of Steel Forged in Flames I highly recommend reading them first Don t read this book as a stand alone novel as there is so much information given in the previous two books Plus the previous two books are awesome and the backstory and information given in the first two books is pivotal to enjoying this book Each book builds upon the previous book and it is exciting to find out what happens next es The story was good not great I understand why SadieSummer dealt with Don the way she did but I was hoping for something darker All in all satisfying ending to the series How can this series be over Summer and Miles journey together and in separation *was hopeful sad disappointing and incredible Their development from book one to book three made me *hopeful sad disappointing and incredible Their development from book one to book three made me and cry with them and the other characters Twists and turns kept the series fresh and eaving me wanting Would ove to see a mini book on Miles and how he truly became V SeriouslyHonestly I can t believe the number of 5 star ratings The first book was promising It started out with a great story Elizabeth I line But then it just dragged and dragged It feltike a mexican soap opera most of the time And dont get me started with the heroine Seriously the amount of times she would change her mind about who she was in ove with she would change her mind about who she was in ove with felt Theres Always a Trail / Home in the Valley like she needed some psychiatric help Definitely stay away from this trilogy I don t think I can dare read anything else from this author either I just wasted two days of myife I d give the whole series a 4 but Carved in Ice brought things down a notch Overall I oved it I oved Summer and Miles and I oved their complex and tortured ove story I usually The Everyman Book of Nonsense Verse loatheove. Ning armor to save me any I'm made of freaking steel It's time for answers Time for vengeance And time to finally. Carved in Ice is NOW AVAILABLE I Received An Advanced Copy And Chose To an advanced copy and chose to it 100% spoiler free review 5 WOW stars Carved in Ice is the final book in the Made of Steel Trilogy and Ivy Smoak delivered a powerful ending to
A Thriller That Has 
thriller that has me on the edge of my seat throughout The entire story has been shrouded in mystery but in this final installment Smoak finally pulls back the curtains and gives us the answers we ve been craving We get explosive scenes surprises galore and the one answer every reader has *been eagerly waiting forwe finally earn who V is This story is non *eagerly waiting forwe finally earn who V is This story is non action and it will keep your heart pounding throughout Don t bother reading it at night or Ten Years Beyond Baker Street: like me you won t be able to go to sleep without getting the answers you are craving In one word this story is addicting Sometimes with a series the pinnacle can be anticlimactic but Smoak brought her A game and nailed it This story is NOT a standalone and the books must be read in order If you have not yet read Made of Steel and Forged in Flames DO NOT read this book yet Go back and start from the beginning because each one ends with a big cliffhanger But please don t miss out on this exciting and uniue series because it is one you will definitely devour cliff notes version since this is 4 days after finishingVMilesSummer figured this out after talking to Eli in the hospitalrealizing she didn tove him that its always been Miles always would beand Eli knew that and knew who V was and et it slipSummer goes to find him only to find out Don had him and ured her to him tossed V off the roof thought he diedDon took her captiveLiza and Kins somehow rescued her got back to the The Essential Library for New Moms 4-Book Bundle: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; The Baby Food Bible; Infant Massage; Colic Solved liar to find out V was ok yeahThey devise a plot to frame Don it goes to hell but then Eli swoops in with the FBI and arrest himVMiles tells Summer why he had to keep separate personalities with her he never stoppedooking for her never stopped The Triangle of Truth: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Largeand Small loving herShe found out about her mother that she has an Aunt Don was after her Mom took her Aunt and then her Mr Craw. When I wasittle I dreamed my ife would be a fairy tale But it just so happens that I don't need a knight in shi. .