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Discipline is also many times where organizations don t put in the effort Coupled Oscillation provides some cool examples eg fireflies and crickets I also liked the examples of the civil rights movement IBM s and crickets I also liked the examples of the civil rights movement IBM s Lean at Wyeth the power grid debacle and broadway musicals success factors Basic ournalism standards not even considered Anecdotal stories offer no measurement of value other than we feel good about support communists or anti democratic movements Fine but how did people benefit Greater economic freedom rights opportunities better kill ratio s in the McCrystal "Story Line Not Offered So Reader Left With Uncritical Paeans " line Not offered so reader left with uncritical paeans Saul Alinsky et al Really expected an opportunity to see benefits of his Premise. Scade Small Groups Scade small groups are loosely connected but united by a common purpose As individual entities these groups may seem inconseuential but when they synchronize their collective behavior as networks they become immensely powerful Through the power of cascades a company can be made anew an industry disrupted or even an entire society reshaped As Satell takes us through past and present movements he explains exactly why and how some succeed while others fai. CascadesRepetitive read and if you ve read other books on similar topics you can expect many of the old textbook examples such you can expect many of the old textbook examples such blockbuster Would not recommend the book rather read a short summary somewhere that outlines his core argument Apart from the stories on civil rights movement the detailed examples were unremarkable Read the summary on Blinkist instead of the whole book Great

For The Novice Not 
the novice not othersThis book surprised me in many ways The first was the focus on stories that anchored the discussion of something that can be very technical and dry network theory That is what will hook a lot of people for whom this is a new territory For those who have experience with networks and some of the language of A good What does it take to change the world This book will show you how to harness the power of CASCADES to create a revolutionary movementIf you could make a change any change you wanted what would it be Would it be something in your organization or your industry Maybe something it's in your community or throughout society as a whole Creating true change is never easy Most startups don't survive Most community groups never get beyond small local actions Even whe.

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Eview of research on social change Would prefer practical application though the author s topic is kept s Great concepts Some very deep and insightful concepts Not delivered in the most effective way Chapters are very long and umpy Overall great work but not very well written Great introduction into campaign strategy However bit short simplified and repetitive Otherwise it would receive 5 stars So defintely a good starting point if you want to get into planning campaigns It did have two new concepts for me The rest was not very practical Wears out the same few examples over and over You need networks and values Small groups that are loosely connected but united by a common purpose is crucial Planning organization and. N a spark catches fire and protesters swarm the streets it often seems to fizzle out almost as fast as it started The status uo is almost by definition well entrenched and never gives up without a fightIn this groundbreaking book one of today's top Innovation Experts Delivers A Guide For Driving Transformational Change To experts delivers a guide for driving transformational change To change the world or even ust your little corner of it you don't need a charismatic leader or a catchy slogan What you need is a ca.

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