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This is a very long book It could have easily been broken into two separate books but it begins a story and ends it in this single volume which is typical of the previous books in this series Tyler Barron and the Dauntless are deep in Alliance territory having formed an alliance with the new Grey Imperator Tarkus Vennius They are preparing to attack a Red Alliance supply convoy which they have been doing for some time These attacks are slightly annoying the Red Alliance but the Grey Alliance doesn t have enough resources to effectively mount an aggressive offense Now there appears to be a traitor within the Grey Alliance higher command They are being attacked with forces than would be expected for a routine supply convoy escort One of the major differences in the Red Alliance Forces is the presence of a new character Jovi Grachus an extradorinaiy fighter pilot Red Alliance Forces is the presence of a new character Jovi Grachus an extradorinaiy fighter pilot has a major rudge attitude toward Tyler Barron and the Dauntless Jovi was the best friend of Commander Altum Katrine Rigellus They have lived played and The Million Dollar Goal (The Million Dollar Series, grew up together on the Rigellus estate since they were very small children The loss of her best friend Kat was very hard on Jovi She was not able to accompany her friend and the Vindictus when they were sent to test the Confederation But now she has made a vow to avenge the death of her friend and all those involved She knows that Captain Tyler Barron and the Dauntless defeated Kat but she assumes something was done thatave the Dauntless an unfair advantage because Kat and her ship were just too The Selected Poems good She also believed that Tarkus Vennius had ordered Kat on the ill fated mission without proper support We know that it was the Council and the Imperatrix herself that made those orders without any input from Commander Maximus VenniusSo now we have a vengeful hot shot pilot out to make those responsible for Kats death pay and pay dearly Her attack suadron is causing havoc with the Grey fighter suadrons Kyle Thunder Jamison and Jake Raptor Stockton noticed this vastly improved Red suadron almost immediately Unfortunately the battle did not allow for a concentrated attack on that Red suadron so she was able to escape that first encounter Little did they know that the false Imperator Calavius also notices Jovi s talents and promotes her to lead the entire Red Alliance fighter wingSo this book kind of has two storiesoing on at the same time One is the background story of how will the Grey Alliance defeat the Red Alliance A Shark Never Sleeps: Wheeling and Dealing with the NFL's Most Ruthless Agent given that the former has so few assets Even with the addition of a few Confederation super battleships things still won to well for the Greys if they can t come up with some kind of wild plan The second story is about the fighter pilots Without My Jihad: The True Story of An American Mujahid's Amazing Journey from Usama Bin Laden's Training Camps to Counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA giving away the story the Grey Alliance and specifically Dauntless s veteran fighter pilots are in extreme danger So while all this isoing on the Confederation is still fighting a war with the Union They have both been on the defense but the Confederation Senate now wants action and has order Admiral Striker to attack He obviously doesn t believe his forces are enough to make a successful attack but orders are orders Unfortunately the Union has been out in the Badlands and found something that might just tip the balance of power in the war So how does all of this end Well you ll read how the CONFEDERATION AND ALLIANCE END UP BUT THE CONFEDERATION AND and Alliance end up but the Confederation and are still at war and will continue to be for uite some time or if the Union does in fact have a dangerous new weapon that war might be over very soon also Okay first off the The Book of Leviathan good I like it uite a lot I m 5 books into the series after all The plot isreat the characters sincere in their actions and the action funNow the bad Please Nine Ghosts get an editor Anyone For the following reasons At least 2 chapter headings thative the wrong locations Like If You Have A you have a heading that Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia gives a location make sure it s the right one Chapters 2247 if I recall maybe The same applies to place character names Several times just totally wrong I ve had to reread sections before just to figure out what names were meant to be thereRepetition Not of plot but of feelings This one had a little less than the previous books and I like knowing that pilot A thinks pilot B could be the one to beat them and pilot B thinking the same about pilot A trying not to use named spoilers What I don t like is being told that same thing OVER and OVER and OVER again At LEAST once per dogfight MANY times throughout the book The same occurs for most characters as if we have to be reminded of their relationships every single time they appear on the page To the point where I started skimming the fighter scenes It s repetitive and feels like paddingEnemy POVs I love them Mostly If you reoing to use opposing POVs for the SAME fight please tighten them up Each on their own are شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى good together it just drags them out way too longEnemy tactics Iet it the protagonists are meant to face overwhelming odds and be vic. A Deadly Fight to the Finish The warrior culture of the Alliance has fragmented and comrade fights comrade brother kills brother The Red Alliance forces backed by the Union and its propaganda machine have the advantage in numbers and position and they are pushing forward driving relentlessly toward the final attack the one that will destroy their enemies The Gray Alliance forces are weaker trapped in the reat Sentinel 2 fortress where they’ve established their headuarters Their enemies have the larger fleets and armies and control of. Cauldron of Fire Blood on the Stars #5Tions This was a literary version of the directions on a shampoo bottle Wash Rinse Repeat Thankfully rinse repeat Thankfully eventually run out of shampoo If you want to read about the the struggles of fighter pilots I would recommend Winged Victory by VM Yeates Its 100 years old and still offers a fresh perspectiveHonestly I started skimmi Barron battles continuesCommodore Barron battles continues can he help to et the Alliance forces to see the truth There will be losses either way but the union has a new weapon He and the confederations forces will need all the help they can Riding Hard get to end this way Was surprisingI really couldn t see the outcome of the book until the last pages The death of so many characters was the first unpredictable turn in all the series With a little attention to building the characters and a little work on building a believable societal structure it might have been stunningI think that a small plane carrier is not a capital ship and has to focus almost exclusively on aerospace launch and retrieval of every kind Asking the same vessel to stand in line of battle with energy weapons missiles or projectile turrets is a dangerously stupid double tasking That s why I think that battleships will make an appearance in any space navy and maybe a dedicated strike craft carrier provided the technology supports them The universe is the sameenetically and culturally bland world that so many of these writers create I wonder if it s laziness lack of creativity or an unconscious political statementFor an afternoon escape it might be OK If you can overlook a lot of flaws in the storytelling and war movie cliches Cauldron of Fire is the fifth novel in the Blood on the Stars series and as you would expect continues the ongoing story of the conflict between the three main powers in this particular area of the Arabian Challenge galaxy The Union and Confederation are pretty much stalemated at this point but the political establishment of the Confederation seeingrowing discontent within the populace are looking to strike uick and hard to finish the Union once and for all Of course the Admirals know that what minor positives will be brought forward by committing major assets are overshadowed by chances of a disaster which mounts as supply lines extend and they dive deeper into Union space They also know that the Union are secretly backing the coup that has fractured the Alliance if the Union secure controlinfluence of that huge military force then the Confederation will be destroyed between two frontsCommodore Barron and his highly respected Dauntless with other destroyer support are supporting the enuine overnment of the Alliance in this civil war but know that in time they will lose unless they do something rather unexpectedCauldron Of Fire continues the excellent military scifi storytelling we ve come to expect from Jay Allan

and builds upon 
builds upon we already know as well as introducing others to add depth and flavour to the story The combat both in space and on the Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students ground is compelling and exciting and leaves us wanting and combine that with the investment in the character then you are onto a winner Fortunately the sixth novel in the series Dauntless is due early in the new year As I have said before the Blood on the Stars series is the best Jay Allan series I ve read which is hard to say as I also have enjoyed Allan s other series as well Cauldron of Fire is the fifth book in the Blood on the Stars series and just like the other books I felt pulled into the story from the very first page The characters are excellent you can t help feeling empathetic towards the characters as they struggle with different experiences and the losses of people they love and care about In the latest book Commodore Tyler Barron and their Gray Alliance allies are in a life and death struggle aware that their cause against the Reds could well end at any time Back home in the Confederation Admiral Van Striker is pushed by the Senate to make one all out effort to end the war with the Union a move he knows might well cost the Confederation Fleet dearly Naturally the Union is at it s devious best as they plot and scheme to bring down the Confederation Great action and battles fill out what is an exceptionally entertaining book So looking forward to picking up the next book in the series Before you start this one please note it is the fifth book in a series you will need to read the others in order or this one won t make much sense as each installment builds upon the otherWithout having a spoiler I enjoyed this one but it was a little slow in parts as there is a lot of personal reflection between many of the characters for both the Alliance and the Confederacy You have your usual big finish with the resolution of the current problem and the introduction of a new one to set the stage for the next book in the series which according to the end notes will be released in January 2018I picked this up for 299 in the Kindle store if you Perate plan to pull victory from the jaws of almost certain defeat It will take all Barron and his people canive and put Dauntless and the ships of his task force to the test But it is the only way to win the victory to prevent the Reds from a triumph that can lead only to a disastrous invasion of the Confederation one that Barron knows he has to stopwhatever the cost Blood on the Stars Book 1 Duel in the Dark Book 2 Call to Arms Book 3 Ruins of Empire Book 4 Echoes of Glory Book 5 Cauldron of Fire Book 6 Dauntless coming January 2018.

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Torious at the end that s just storytelling Against the Union in the earlier books it makes sense that the Enemy Has Terrible Tactics But The Alliance Are Meant To has terrible tactics but the Alliance are meant to eual to the crew of Dauntless and superior to the crew of the other Confed ships Which means instead of overwhelming force which doing some uick math actually made the ENTIRE Alliance stronger than the ENTIRE Confed fleet at the start of the book yet it should be eual fights and tactical fighting from both sides An example of this would be the fighter ambush 150 Alliance interceptors and 100 bombers Vs MAX Confed 150 interceptors 70 of which are supposed to be fresh from the academy and 2 battleships There is no way that an offensive force that large wouldn t take out the battleships in the first wave Like zero chance Especially considering the battleships were too far apart to be able to help each other the entire fight I ot frustrated enough with that fight and the entire fight I ot frustrated enough with that fight and The Mentioned Above To mentioned above to how it would have actually worked But yea better tactics from supposedly competent militant society which I m sure we ll suddenly see in future books American Literature Student Text given how this one turned outSo I liked it I ll continue to read the series at a slow rate since I can t handle this frustration often but please EDIT EDIT EDIT Tyler Barron and the Dauntless aid the Gray Alliance against Calavius and the Red AllianceTyler Barron leads CFS Dauntless and three other Confederation battleships to assist the leader of the Gray Alliance Tarkus Vennius Ironically Vennius had raised and mentored Captain Katrine Rigellus In an unofficial foray into Confederation space Katrine had taken the pride of the Alliance fleet the Invictus into an unfortunate encounter with Captain Tyler Barron commanding CFS Dauntless The epic battle that followed eventually lead to the destruction of the Invictus and the death of Katrine Rigellus Now Barron is allied with the man who had felt like a father to Katrine In a Union engineered coup Commander Calavius had accused Vennius of rebelling abducting and murdering the Imperatrix in his attempted coup Calavius and his supporters held the capital planet Palatia and the communication hub controlling the information shared across the Alliance The action uickly intensifies as Commodore Barron the Dauntless and the rest of the Confed contingent with the small force of ships marshalling the Gray Alliance But controlling the media most of the Alliance forces went to the Red AllianceThe action is amazingly described withlorious detail in both the ship to ship and the man to man combat seuences The characters are lifelike and lively Warm and loving one minute and snarling in your face the next the characters really lead the story but the action I read the last 25% in one sitting couldn t put it down 2 hours later I finished but couldn t stand My legs and butt were completely numb I know TMI but really I loved this book story and series I m pretty sure that you will too It s Cheyenne: A Sweet Historical Romance greatreat military space opera sci fi addition to the Blood on the Stars series 25 star and rounded up because for some reason I do continue reading them The books are action packed I enjoy that The overall story isn t bad The characters are bland it is always of the same they would be fine for the first book but we learn nothing new nothing changes It is of the same This is also true for pretty much everything else There is little depth to the universe in Blood on the Stars It seems that the method to travel to another star system lets you end up at a precise location at your destination the other side of the The Battle of Maldon and Other Old English Poems gate Yet apparently no one has considered fortifying those positions ever Some slight spoilers followingview spoilerFor the first time in the series they actually bother to do anything than charging forward and attacking the enemy from point blank range considering their weapons outrange the enemy weapons this seems criminally stupid But the thing I hate most about this book and the previous one They areoing to help a faction in the Alliance From a realpolitiks pov this makes perfect sense Yet uickly they are best friends E.E. Cummings: The Art of His Poetry great respect for all etc Now it might be me but weren t we still talking about the same Alliance who enslave people by the billions Forcing them to work to their death Who attack their neighbours without any provocation And if civilians surrender to them Then entire villages are tortured executed Not a single word in both books about the main character having any moral issues with having these as allies hide spoiler Two and half stars In my review of Book 3 in this series I commented on the all the amazing engineers This book became a much much of the same story for the fighter pilots The endless repetition ofreat aces struggling against their foes in a drawn out battle for vengeance actually became boring rather uickly The addition of an enemy ace didn t add depth or perspective it just caused another round of repeti. The homeworldbut the Grays have Tyler Barron and Dauntless The Confederation’s celebrated captain and his famous ship have been reinforced and the newly promoted Commodore Barron now commands a small fleet of battleships every vessel Admiral Striker could spare to reinforce the faltering Gray forces One final battle is all that stands between the Red fleet and victory and it seems the Grays have no choice but to stand on the defensive and wait for the fight they know they can’t win Unless they try something else a wild Black Wings of Cthulhu gamble a des.