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Walled (The Line, eMegalomaniac and thempathy of a rock He has a long hard lesson in front of him never pee off a human woman we will fight back in our own passive aggressive way The romance side of the story I really needed to disengage my brain from cos I just kept screaming to Jennifer that "HE WASN T WORTH IT CARONERAX IS TOP OF "wasn t worth it Caronerax is top of a hole leader board and he NOT my favourite of the heroes in the series so farAnother great Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany episode in thexpanding world of Xren Who knows what will happen next Big things are happening on X ren including arthuakes The newly arrived dragons sense impending doom and all invade the girls camp the night of the uake Gone is there brick homes and hard built forges as they a Always picI freakin ADORED this one I have a weakness for scary irritable dragon heroes and caronerax was spectacular The fact he was felled by a little human woman confused and vulnerable to her just made it all the sweeter I ve loved this series so far but jen and caronerax s story has to be one of my favorites jen was honest humble and sweet truly finding herself as she fell in love and tamed a wild cruel dragon I also adored that she gives caronerax the irreplaceable gift of her love and tamed a wild cruel dragon I also adored that she gives caronerax the irreplaceable gift of her virginity hadn t spread her legs for losers to slime between but belongs only to him There was no abuse or cheating of any kind Heroes past isn t really mentioned in detail and there s a HEA More magnificent dragonsNot that they are friendly But this one grows on Jennifer After a shocking vent and using a blunderbuss with repercussions Jennifer is carried away by a dragon one of the repercussions I love watching the two of them together Caronerax said dragon acts in a way that belies his words He has a most humorous way of getting the results most humorous way of getting the results won t admit that he craves Jennifer doesn t give herself the credit she deserves She s always nice to others but hasn t contributed much to her tribe s welfare she thinks That wonderful personality carries her farther than she could comprehend The journey home is treacherous and still fraught with danger when they arrive at their destination Plenty of humor fine if unusual romance and xhilarating adventure I am thrilled with the outcome for these two They and the others of her tribe have other matters to overcome in the future but the Tempting Fate ending makes me very happy Ends with a cliffhangerJust when I thought the series was finally wrapped up the booknds with a cliffhanger Even if it does I m still reading the next boo. Ragon must be punished Caveman Alien’s Riddle is the thirteenth book in the Caveman Aliens series of science fiction romance novels The books are complete stories but should be read in order for maximum njoyment Expect steamy scenes mysterious aliens with features like adult toys deadly planets and the love story between a girl from Earth and a sensationally hot and dangerous dragon shifte. Only fitting that one of the dragon girls has a storyline with a dragon All Jennifer wants to do is go back to Earth She feels unworthy in the group One night a dragon All Jennifer wants to do is go back to Earth She feels unworthy in the group One night is abducted by a dragon that she has injured Caroneraxis the dragon that has taken her An injured dragon is unheard of I absolutely love this series Since this is book 13 Calista gives us a summary of what has been going on It helps because there is a wait worth it between books Previous characters are constantly returning Emotions are described with clarity Always full of surprises Characters learn something new about themselves Love it love it love it DNFPersonally this wasn t the right kind of sci fi romance for me Felt mpty and the characters didn t appeal they lacked the characters didn t appeal they lacked the Dimensional personalities that make the readers connect with them I got lost right from the start and is it because I m not reading this from the first book so I m not feeling the One Giant Leap entire story That might be the caseThe MCs chemistry wasehhI felt nothing to be frank No sudden attraction no mystery no sense of anything Nonxistent Perhaps it s a slow burn but I couldn t be Apocalyptic Cartography enticed to stay and find out The dragon man wasn tven cool in the way dragons should bea little arrogant and pompous laced with humor yet it failed to reel me in He just annoyed me while the heroine didn t stick out like a sore thumb in a good way PASS I wish I could keep clicking and adding stars Five although the highest allowed on is simply not nough This installment features Jennifer Let s star at the point in the story where there s a uake and it is shaking the hell out of the village Jennifer is in her place readying for bed When things start falling apart she has to get out She has her gun that was made in the village she goes out the door only to see a dragon with a very limp Heidi in his arms Jennifer shoots him with very limp Heidi in his arms Jennifer shoots him with gun they made it recoiles and knocks her unconscious When she awakes she is with the blue dragon with yellow stripes Caronerax Needless to say she is not in a good position She s worried about Heidi was she dead or unconscious Her mind is going 90 mph What is this dragon going to do with me But she doesn t have to wait long until Caronerax tells her what he is going to do to her He s going toOops looks like you re going to have to read this book to see what s going to happen to Jennifer Better yet start at book one of this series or you won t understand what is taking place I mean why take a ta. JenniferI shot a dragonHe came at me fast so I fired my gun right at his scaly blue chestAnd then he abducted meHey at least he didn’t rip me apart on the spotBut I’m not sure if this is any better He flew far with me in his talons before setting down in this cold forest far from the jungle It’s just me him and the pulsating bulge in his pantsAnd judging from his menacing fury I have to. Ste of your favorite dessert when you can have a full serving I have already decided to have a really good cry when this series nds This is by above nd beyond one of the best series A Bride for McCain ever written If these books werever made into a movie it would be one that viewers would watch over and over again Calista Skye has written such an incredible series that I cannot recommend this highly nough If you have the time please check out this Caveman series It is phenomenal This newest installment matches very book prior in have the time please check out this Caveman series It is phenomenal This newest installment matches very book prior in respect that ach and very installment is simply incredible What an absolutely magnificent reading xperience Jennifer CaronerexJennifer is kidnapped by the dragon prince Caronerex Usually I love this series but no so much with this one Jennifer is a rather boring character Caronerex may be a prince but it doesn t make a real difference in this story Hopefully the next book will be interesting Sorry only a 3 rating only because I like the series Perfect for our Covid Filled LifeI ve been pretty sick recently and its slowed down my reading but nothing stops me from reading the Caveman Alien series What a perfect time to to read this book This series is silly funny sexy and yet its also sweet sad informative you read that right and in its own way its daring Calista Skye has mixed cavemen vil or maybe not so vil alien abductors with a strange new world filled with amazing new creatures and the addition of dragon shifters to create an amazing science fiction series Every other month I search agerly for the next book in the series and with this book I see xciting changes coming It has a small cliffhanger which I truly hate but trust me one is worth I loved the Cavemen in all their alpha male glory but these dragons one is worth it I loved the Cavemen in all their alpha male glory but these dragons grief talk about alpha PITA They need a trolley to carry around all that A Love To Remember egoJennifer has always felt out of step with the other girls She contributes but she doesn t have any particular stand out uality that makes her useful But when a uake hit the village just as their readying t leave for Bune Jennifer sees a large blue male with an unconscious Heidi in his arms Fearing he killed her friend she shoots him with her less than trusty side armBut as much as it hurt her new foe it does damage to Jennifer and when she wakens from her blackout after the recoil she s in the arms of the very man she tried to shoot Caronerax is a blue dragon with yellow stripes He has the attitude andgo of Assume that soon it will be just him CaroneraxThe pain is unbearablePain In a dragon It’s unheard ofMy chest is bleeding precious ichor tooThis round little female will live to regret that she injured me and made me feel pain for the first time verBy the time I have taken my pleasure from her luscious body she is going to have no doubt how I feel about itThe sheer sacrilege of hurting a

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Caveman Alien’s Riddle (Caveman Aliens, #13)

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