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Celestial MattersI loved the way the author took early ideas on science and hysics and created working technology around them Describes a world in which Aristotelian Physics are real the Delian League of Alexander the Great never collapsed and they now do battle against the Middle Kingdom China by attempting to st This was definitely worth reading both for the steampunk and silkpunk content and as a speculation on ancient Greek science which we of course ignore now that we have real scientific evidence of how the universe works I have to disclose that I know very little about Greek Celestial Theory And So theory and so of the science was opaue to me but that didn t make the book less enjoyable or less inspiringIn a nutshell the book is about a scientist named Aias commander of a celestial ship in the service of the Delian League the Grecian ruled West whose goal at the beginning of the story is to lead an operation that will allow his team to capture a fragment of the sun s fire and use it as a weapon to destroy the capitol of the Middle Kingdom China and nominal leader of the East who they ve been at war with for hundreds of years Middle Kingdom spies and agents are sent to stop this and the first half of the book is spent trying to solve the mystery of who these spies are and how they Your Life Still Counts: How God Uses Your Past to Create a Beautiful Future plan to sabotage the missionAias and his culture use technology derived from ancient Greek theory and the Middle Kingdom uses Taoist science toroduce technology Piers Plowman: A New Translation of the B-Text powered by Xi Scientists from both sides are constantly hilariously commenting on how incomprehensible the other side s technology is and this seeming gulf of understanding isrobably the most important mystery of the book It is eventually solved but the story ends rather abruptly with the completion of Aias s little The War against Animals political manipulation and we never learn what happened to the characters once that hurdle was overcomeThat s my biggest gripe with the book actually I would ve liked a little closure Ramonojon slight biggest gripe with the book actually I would ve liked a little closure Ramonojon s Fantasy Noir. Übernatürliche Mordfälle plight t really solved and we don t know what reception Aias and Phan receive in their respective homes or even if they try to return at all since Aias slan has been blessed by all of his gods you can imagine the future lays out exactly as he lays it out in the last few aragraphs but we get no indication of what happens to these characters As characters are generally still the most important Diari part of a book for me this was a disappointmentAlso interesting the integration of gods and celestial science Another thing I appreciated was the lack of an authorial or character centric opinion of which belief orhilosophy Greek or Tao was supposed to "be judged correct by the reader The two traditions seem to be given "judged correct by the reader The two traditions seem to be given validityOn the topic of Phan and Middle Kingdom characters in general I think the author did a good job of ortraying them as characters in their own right instead of as stereotypes also that they weren t depicted as clearly in the wrong but that both sides had historical and cultural recedent for their behavior and beliefs My opinion of Persia via Mihradarius isn t as well formed but I mention it because of the A Long the Krommerun: Selected Papers from the Utrecht James Joyce Symposium part helayed in the mystery A really excellent book which I heard of ra. In the world of Celestial Matters Ptolemaic astronomy and Aristotelian Lancelot physics are valid scientific models of the surrounding world and cosmos The Earth lies at the center of the universe surrounded by crystal spheres which hold each of thelanets the sun and the moon all enclosed in the sphere of the fixed stars Earthly matter composed of the classical four elements of earth air fire and water naturally moves in straight lines Heavenly matter naturally rises and moves in circles This is the universe as understood by the ancient GreeksThe science of the ancient Chinese also applies but as the novel is told fr. .

Ndomly through a gaming blog recently I m a bit sad that I d never heard of this book before though I wonder if I would have appreciated it as much if I d read it early though Labour Markets, Identities, Controversies perhaps of the issue is that it demonstrates how much stuff is out there that I wouldrobably really like but which I won t hear of I really like the basic Marrane Et Marronne: La Co-Ecriture Reversible D Andre Et de Simone Schwarz-Bart premise of this story and I feel like the author does a good job of conveying the fact that the world operates according to very distinct laws ofhysics from our world An interesting oint from this is I realized that although the Greeks are often credited with developing the beginning of science and rational inuiry into the world they were not good scientists since most of the major theories came from idealized beliefs about things and not from accurate observation of actual henomenon I also really like the way the gods are incorporated into society in the book I think with modern culture the gods are filtered too much through the lenses of monotheism and rationalism and so the depiction of gods in most fantasy writing feels a bit stiff Here we have a depiction of religion that takes the source material seriously and is reflective of how believers might actually describe their experiences The end is also well done mostly I like that having realized the war is Women's Romantic Theatre and Drama: History, Agency, and Performativity pointless they don t try to force a sudden resolution of hostilities but ratherlant the seeds that may lead to reconciliation down the line But the literal end of the story the final lines are annoyingly abrupt and somewhat ambiguous Up until the end the gods were only resent in subjective experiences and I assumed that the characters invoked the gods as a sort of metaphor for states of mind and flashes of insight and such with a commonality of experience resulting from the characters using the same stories such with a commonality of experience resulting from the characters using the same stories describe and understand their experiences So it is an unwelcome intrusion at the end when the narrator is suddenly taken up to appear before the gods is it some weird metaphor for him dieing of stress and reflecting on his life or are the gods literally real It is just a small bit at the end and the beginning sort of so it doesn t ruin an otherwise very good book but I would have like a better ending Give the author a marginal amount of credit for attempting to be creative That one ositive said all else is bad about this book I Water in Social Imagination: From Technological Optimism to Contemporary Environmentalism presume the author must have believed his audience would have zero familiarity with ancient Greece and zero knowledge of logic as itertains to science Early on at that Sagwitch: Shoshone Chieftain, Mormon Elder, 1822-1887 point where the author ascribes modern American weights and measures to the Greek empire dependent on ancient beliefs it was a matter of attempting to reign in the gag reflex rather than trying to fathom anyleasure from this horrible tome Probably skipped about 100 ages in total and without ever reading the ending I really don t feel like I missed anything The juvenile writing style was a major detraction along with the thorough inanity of the story line itself A simplistic writing style oorly suited to obtuse content For example in describing the no longer operational guns of the ship they jutted defiantly upward what kind of Le rendez-vous phrasing is Om theerspective of the Greeks it is less well understood Xi the Chinese notion of spirit and flow can be manipulated to move objects and energy The Chinese five elements of earth metal water wood and fire are transmuted one into the other Part of the central theme of the book is the two system's mutual misunderstanding and bafflement of each otherIn this world the Delian League Greeks and Middle Kingdom Chinese have been fighting a war for nearly a thousand years ever since the time of Alexander the Great when the warrior culture of Sparta and the Athenian Akademe were fused into a half world conuering forc.
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Hat Gag When naming the heroes of Greece why are they all from a eriod Over A Thousand Years Ago a thousand years ago what does that tell us about the story And the chief rotagonist the captain One would naturally think that one of the two most owerful nations on earth would make some attempt at selecting a erson in such an important All Our Trials: Prisons, Policing, and the Feminist Fight to End Violence position who actually had some knowledge of what they were about and someone who would exhibit some sort of emotional balance However the summaryhrase that leapt to my mind was a solid Discovering Our Past California Edition: Medieval And Early Modern Times portrayal of a blind one legged struttingeacock arbitrarily driven by the whim of nonexistent gods Gag again Not sure it can get much worse than this True rating 0 As every great best science fiction book Celestial Matters is not just science fiction for the sake of itself Scientific fiction or uite literally in this case fictional science is a means to In This Land: The Purple Book, Volume Four point out some otherwiseoorly considered themes of our ordinary World A Strategy To Devise Mental Experiments Which Thanks To a strategy to devise mental experiments which thanks to anomalous appearence draw the readers attention on specific topicsThe main focus of Celestial Matters thus is not What if Aristotelian Physics was true which is of course uite an amazing starting oint nonetheless but Is it true that there s only one correct viewpoint to explain facts or even ambitiously Can two mutually exclusive worldviews be both valid at the same timeGarfinkle s detailed analysis of fictional Aristotelian and Taoist science technology and cosmology and concurrently of Athenian Spartan and Han aka Middler ethos would spark the shadow of technology and cosmology and concurrently of Athenian Spartan and Han aka Middler ethos would spark the shadow of even in the mind of the most inflexible flagbearers of ob Commander Aias of the Celestial Ship Chandra s Tear is charged with heading up operation Sunthief using a ship to steal a iece of the sun and drop it on the capital city of the Middle Kingdom the enemy of the Delian LeagueThis is one of those books that s hard to classify Can something be classified as hard sf if the science in uestion is that of the ancient Greeks and eually ancient Chinese That s right Celestial matters is The Houdini Solution: Put Creativity and Innovation to work by thinking inside the box part hard sfart alternate history The Delia League is a Greek Empire founded on the spurious science of the ancient Greeks which works in this universe Spontaneous Generation farms are used to create animals Space is full of air The humors govern the health of the body The Delian League is at war with the Middle Kingdom which is an eually large empire built upon Taoist scienceAs you can tell the world behind Celestial Matters is a very interesting one once you wrap your head around the science That being said while the story is good the writing drags This is a book I always wanted to exist without realizing it I am so glad someone wrote it in real life A fascinating and very well executed novel of alternate science It s set in a world in which what Aristotle osited about the nature of the world four elements rotating geocentric celestial spheres four humour based medicine etc are actually true Mostly More on this Further it s a novel of alternate history for which t I can t review this objectively because my husband wrote it I think it s brilliant naturally but better check some other eople s reviews. E Their technologies are locked together however and neither empire can gain the upper hand Each side secretly despairs of its chances and has come to consider desperate measuresThe story is narrated by Aias of Tyre a scientist of the Delian League who is reparing to embark on Project Sunthief as scientific commander This roject is an audacious and desperate mission to sail a spaceship carved out of a The Meaning of Difference: American Constructions of Race, Sex and Gender, Social Class, Sexual Orientation, and Disability piece of the moon herself out through the spheres to catch aiece of the sun and bring it back to earth to annihilate the Middler capital city This the league hopes will finally end the war and give it victory.