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Chinas Multinationals The Resource SectorRovides both a comprehensive overview

Of Activities Including Mergers 
activities including mergers acuisitions and also provides detailed CASE STUDIES OF THE ACTIVITIES OF PARTICULAR CHINESE FIRMS studies of the activities of particular Chinese firms particular countries and specific sectors It of particular Chinese firms in particular countries and specific sectors It that the motivations and competencies of Chinese multinationals are often different from what is regarded as normal behaviour by multinationals in that Chinese firms often do not have the ownership organisational and technological advantages sually associated with successf. Foreign investment by China's multinational companies is growing rapidly with China likely to be the fourth largest global outward investor in the next few years Interestingly about half of China's foreign direct investment is made by firms in the Resource Sector That Is By Firms Involved Gas sector that by firms involved in oil gas metal and other resource based industries book examines the foreign direct investment activities of China's resource sector multinationals and the nfolding impact of these activities It
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Ul multinationals but they do have government support "including in the areas of finance and international "in the areas of finance and international support including in the areas of finance and international support including in the areas of finance and international and they often also have significant host government support in that much of China's firms' investment is in developing countries where Chinese involvement is especially welcomed The book concludes by assessing the likely impact of Chinese foreign investment in resources on China host countries the security and supply of energy and other resources and on the global economy generally.